Omer Shechter, Product Manager in Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut, Israel
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Omer Shechter

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut, Israel
Toptal Member Since
January 1, 2020

Omer is an innovative product manager with the ability to listen to customers, translate market needs into functional specifications, and drive product strategy. He is highly skilled in developing and prioritizing product roadmaps that lead to successful product launches, as demonstrated in various companies and industries. He has vast experience with web enterprise solutions, IoT, and mobile applications.

Project Highlights

Agile/Scrum Implementation Process for Complex Development
Delivered a project that created $15 million in annual revenues.
Web-based Platform
A web-based platform deployed worldwide in more than 30 countries, bringing in over $20 million in revenue per year.
IoT-enabled Electronic Monitoring for Offender Tracking
Led the work on various certifications for this solution. I also covered the health requirements and risk assessment.


Work Experience

Senior Product Manager

2018 - 2019
Assa Abloy
  • Responsible for the global ownership of product requirements and roadmap. Led the product strategy of a consumer product, which included a digital lock, mobile application, and a SaaS Cloud service covering both hardware and software aspects.
  • Worked with a team of engineers, UX, designers, and a mobile application developer, building a mobile application, and SaaS Cloud services.
  • Led the product role in establishing a new product development process that combined product lifecycle management (PLM) best practices in Agile and Waterfall environments, using Confluence & Jira tools.
  • Built alpha and beta plans for a consumer IoT product covering the entire echo system (IoT devices, mobile applications, and Cloud SaaS software).

Competition Expert

2017 - 2018
  • Won the bronze medal at APTOS 2019, for a project focused on blindness detection and image classification.
  • Awarded the silver medal at SIIM–ACR, for pneumothorax segmentation.
  • Completed the competition in the top 16% for steel defect detection and image segmentation.

Head of Product Management

2015 - 2018
3M Electronic Monitoring
  • Managed a team of product managers, a technical writer, and a marketer.
  • Collaborated with sales teams to deliver high-quality marketing materials that brought fresh ideas into the product positioning and marketing campaigns. This led to the rapid and massive deployment of the new web application platform for both existing and new customers and was implemented in over 20 countries.
  • Led the product strategy and roadmap through a set of inbound and outbound processes and tools, managing multiple new products in different disciplines like a wearable GPS tracking device, a mobile application for officers, and data analytics tools. I also laid the structure for machine learning and predictive analyzes. The product was a complex platform with various types of users, which required deep analysis of behaviors and trends.
  • Led and managed the strategy and definition for the next-generation products, including a new IoT platform, a new database, and Business Intelligence (BI). This process included the recruiting of a CTO to the company and joint work on all technical aspects.
  • Led and defined new disciplines in the company, such as Business Intelligence and a mobile application for law enforcement.
  • Building the infrastructure of Product manager KPI and participated in the creation of global KPI methods to the company.

Senior Product Manager

2011 - 2015
3M Electronic Monitoring
  • Initiated and led the product Agile/Scrum process in the company, as well as defined the product owner (PO) role.
  • Developed and launched two new platforms for electronic monitoring for the law enforcement market. These are now deployed worldwide, and bring in more than 20 million in revenue each year.
  • Participated in various customer-facing and tenders negotiation meetings while providing product demos and technical presentations, which lead to the winning of various global contracts.
  • Won the corporate ($3 million) award for the product and the product launch.
  • Managed a new multidisciplinary (hardware and software) product launch, which secured more than 5 million in annual revenue, while conducting a recovery plan for the old product which suffered from significant core functionality issues. This required exceptional organizational and analytical skills.

Senior Product Manager

2005 - 2010
Bigband Networks (Acquired by ARRIS)
  • Developed and launched a broadband multimedia video platform which included a multi-disciplinary area (hardware, embedded firmware, communication, video, networking, and element and network management systems).
  • Led the design, development, and launch of a new product for the international market, which required video encryption technology and components.
  • Wrote market requirements documents (MRD) and product requirements documents (PRD) based on market and competitive company analysis and feedback from customers.
  • Developed and directed the strategy for the launch of a new pricing model, which was based on new software licenses. Designed sales presentations and product demonstrations for training sales teams on product benefits and offerings.

Senior SW/HW Project Manager

2002 - 2005
Bigband Networks (Acquired by ARRIS)
  • Worked in global organization, with remote departments in multiple global locations (US, China), resolving technical problems and prioritizing resources and tasks.
  • Created internal R&D project development process.

Senior Embedded Software Developer

2000 - 2002
Bigband Networks (Acquired by ARRIS)
  • Developed and implemented a unique video algorithm to provide a variety of video services.

Project Manager

1992 - 2000
  • Managed external (OEM) projects. Oversaw project development.
  • Managed the project budget, schedule, and work during different phases of the project.

Business Intelligence Product for Law Enforcement Agencies

Managed the full product lifecycle from definition to launch, enabling the company to bring an innovative product to market.

Led the company's efforts to build a business intelligence infrastructure for the company. Oversaw a team of nine BI engineers in the creation of a full BI and launch of a set of products.

My responsibilities included:
• Market research and customer interviews.
• Defining business needs and priorities.
• Selecting relevant technologies such as the data warehouse and UX for the client.
• Creating wireframes and GUI prototypes.
• Working with R&D resources, designers, and UX experts.
• Developing the rate plan and go-to-market strategy.

Agile/Scrum Implementation Process for Complex Development

Delivered a project that created $15 million in annual revenues.

Initiated a new product management infrastructure (new product introduction NPI process, customer-facing document templates, trade-offs, and product prioritization processes), competitor analysis tools and presentations, as well as defined the product owner (agile/scrum) methodology.

Mobile Application for Law Enforcement Agencies

Created the first set of mobile applications in the company. Lay down the infrastructure for entire family of mobile apps.

Created and developed the mobile application infrastructure of the company. Designed various applications for law enforcement agencies, working with UX, designers, and mobile software developers.

Broadband Multimedia Router System

Led the entire product lifecycle of Bigband BMR.

Broadband Multimedia Service Router (BMR) is a new class of cable infrastructure. It’s an intelligent, highly versatile routing and switching platform with the industry’s most powerful media processing engine. This breakthrough programmable platform delivers broadcast or on-demand video services with the utmost flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

ENTR Smart Lock

Product manager of a smart home system.

ENTR Smart Lock is a smart, mobile-enabled, auto-locking access control solution that integrates with high-security mechanical cylinder strength with a keyless, digital intelligence platform. The system includes IoT devices, a mobile application, and cloud-based SaaS software.

Web-based Platform

A web-based platform deployed worldwide in more than 30 countries, bringing in over $20 million in revenue per year.

The web IT platform was made for law enforcement and government agencies for use as real-time tracking of offenders, live events, as well as interacting with other government systems.

The platform is based on client-server web architecture.
The product is a complex web platform. It includes various GUI screens which enable different user-level authentication (with maximum security),
the creation of a CRM record of offenders (which are under supervision), the searching and viewing of these records, the configuration of field sensors, schedule setting, geofencing, zone setting, presenting the related event trails, and animation on maps.

It also includes multiple business rules, interfaces, and API to external systems and the field units. The data is kept in several databases. As the product manager, I was responsible for the entire lifecycle of this project, which included:

-Scoping the product requirements.
-Writing and reviewing product documentation.
-Creating wireframes, the initial backlog, and roadmap.
-Creating the required release documentation.

Business Marketing Plan

Presented work to the company division which served as part of the effort to sell the company.

Led and facilitated the entire management team in the development of a business marketing plan for the company. The plan used various marketing and operation tools and was formed after an in-depth review of all the company departments.

The plan deliverables included :
-An in-depth review of all the company product status.
-Market and competitor review.
-Recommendations for new KPI's for the company.
-Identify areas for improvement.
-Sales forecast.

IoT-enabled Electronic Monitoring for Offender Tracking

Led the work on various certifications for this solution. I also covered the health requirements and risk assessment.

This project included a suite of IoT-enabled electronic monitoring solutions that provided capabilities to track persons.

The solution included:
-Wearable devices
-Device-to-cloud connectivity and integrated GPS technology
-Cellular devices
-Back-end web applications
-Business Intelligence
-Predictive analysis tools

RFP Template for High-security Government Projects for Offender Tracking

This project helped the company win global tenders in more than ten countries and bring more than $5 million in revenues.

This RFP template was created for high-security government projects specifically for offender tracking. The template project was aimed to create a common company template for the technical response of government tender with emphasis on IT security, and general security, as expected from project and solution, which includes offender tracking.
The template covered all aspects of data security, data flow, data encryption in rest, and a move (communication) of all components of the solution.
1988 - 1992

Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology - Haifa, Israel


Micro Master: Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods

Georgia Tech, United States | Institute Of Technology and edX


Applied Data Science with Python

Unversity of Michigan and Coursera


Data Science

Johns Hopkins Unversity and Coursear


Deep Learning and Coursera


Mobile Cloud Computing with Android

Unversity of Maryland and Coursera


Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship

University of Maryland and Coursera



Industry Expertise

Government, Telecommunications, Consumer Products


Agile, Scrum, Agile Product Management, B2B2C, Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C)


Product Owner, B2B, Internet of Things (IoT), Law Enforcement, Product Management, Go-to-market Plans, Product Roadmaps, Technical Product Management, Project Management, Digital Video, Sales Pipelines, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Smart Homes, Data Analytics, SaaS, Data Engineering, B2B Sales Pipeline, Cybersecurity, Encryption, IT Security

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