PV Subramanian, Product Manager in Washington, DC, United States
PV Subramanian

Product Manager in Washington, DC, United States

Member since March 27, 2019
PV brings 15+ years of technology product management experience in networking, mobility, and IoT. His blend of software, hardware, mobile, and cloud experience makes him a unique and valuable addition. PV's pragmatic approach can be invaluable in bringing sales, engineering, and leadership together on conflicting issues, maintaining forward project momentum. He is also a seasoned Java/Android developer with many successful engineering projects.
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Project Highlights


  • Senior Director of Product Management

    2018 - PRESENT
    JDA Software, Inc.
    • Developed AI/ML-based autonomous supply-chain solutions, powered by big data and real-time IoT/edge visibility.
  • Co-founder

    2015 - PRESENT
    VISYBL, Inc.
    • Co-founded Visybl, a B2B SaaS IoT startup with a mission to digitize enterprise assets and interactions, and make critical data available in real time via the Visybl cloud.
    • Handled end-to-end product development including hardware (EE/ME), firmware, software, and cloud.
  • Director of Product Management

    2013 - 2015
    Zebra Technologies
    • Productized Android OS customized for multi-user, enterprise use.
    • Emphasized on security (bootloader) and device management.
    • Built custom APIs for partner enablement.
    • Migrated customer base from Windows to Android.
    • Worked with Fortune 10 companies typically involving large deployments.
  • Mobile Developer

    2012 - 2013
    Yamm Software
    • Reverse-engineered the serial protocol for an animal weight scale.
    • Tested USB-to-serial and serial-Bluetooth adapters for best fit with the application.
    • Developed wireframes for the app.
    • Integrated drivers for USB OTG.
    • Tested and debugged the app remotely.
  • Senior Product Manager | Product Manager

    2004 - 2013
    Motorola Solutions
    • Worked as a product manager with complete P&L responsibility for RFID portfolio: handhelds, fixed devices, antennas, and software.
    • Worked with numerous Fortune 100 companies, globally capturing use cases and developing ROI for RFID applications.
    • Worked on a cradle-to-grave lifecycle with attention to margins, inventory, and obsolescence.
    • Developed APIs and tools to enable ISV partners.

Project History

  • Robotics Software Startup - Product Growth Lead
    This was a startup building a robot management SaaS service. In < six months drove growth from < five to 50 paying customers.

    - Automated daily analytics and actions for customer success team (personally coded this with actions to Slack)
    - Product quality issues affecting adoption
    - Stripe payment integration
    - Overall project management as needed

  • IoT: Track Enterprise Assets and People
    Product-led a turnkey solution to track enterprise assets and people, targeting the SMB market.

    Asset and people-tracking solutions typically target only large companies, hospitals, and so on. Recognizing that the small/medium business market had similar needs, led to the design and development of this out-of-the-box solution. The solution comprised of hardware, mobile, and cloud.

    Small businesses often have little to no specialized tech staff so the product was designed to be self-installing using web and mobile interfaces.

    A go-to-market strategy was based on reseller channels such as CDW as well as Amazon.

    The product team included cloud and mobile app developers, electrical, mechanical engineers, industrial designers, and UI/UX designers.

    My role in the rapid development of this solution led to revenue within 12 months from the start of development.

  • Cloud: Portal for the Amazon Dash Button
    Launched via a successful Kickstarter, acted as the product and marketing lead for a user-configurable Amazon Dash button.

    A number of repetitive, simple tasks can be reduced to the click of a button, such as requesting service for broken down equipment, reserving a conference room, ordering supplies, and so on. Amazon's Dash button made this idea popular but is limited only to ordering products from Amazon.

    Along with my team, I launched a product/portal/service that made it possible for anyone to use these buttons and configure custom actions. The product was launched via Kickstarter and I also led the media effort for maximum exposure close to launch day.

  • Mobile App: Physically Locate Digital Memories
    As a head of product for the MVP phase, I built a working app and back end in six weeks.

    The Beens app lets you electronically pin your digital memories to physical locations so you can enjoy them when you returned to the same place later.

    I developed the MVP requirements for app and cloud, focusing on clearly demonstrating core functionality. I directed UI/UX, mobile, and cloud teams to get to the MVP phase rapidly.


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Marketing
    1996 - 1998
    Indian Institute of Management - India
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Electrical Engineering
    1990 - 1994
    Indian Institute of Technology - India


  • Patent — Method and Apparatus for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Data Transmission
    US PTO
  • Patent — Method and Apparatus for Optimizing Management and Configuration of Radio Frequency Identification Readers
    US PTO
  • New Product Development Professional (NPDP)
    JUNE 2004 - AUGUST 2008
    Product Development and Management Association
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
    JUNE 2004 - AUGUST 2008

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