Ryan D. Hatch, Product Manager in Green Bay, WI, United States

Ryan D. Hatch

Product Manager

Green Bay, WI, United States
Toptal Member Since
July 26, 2019

Ryan is a product leader and previous SaaS co-founder with ten years of B2B and B2C product experience, growing new products with a blend of GTM strategy, rapid prototyping, customer insights, and data analytics. He firmly believes in the power of autonomous teams, customer empathy, funnel metrics, and continuous experimentation. Ryan leads products from the innovation stage and encourages teams to design and grow products that customers love.

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Project Highlights

Successful Exit – Venture-Backed SaaS Co-Founder
Co-founded a venture-backed B2B SaaS startup from zero through growth stage with a successful exit.
Lead JTBD Product Management
Designed a new B2C digital bank—resulting in a multimillion-dollar investment from the CEO.
Ditto – New Product Launch and Growth
Designed and launched a new B2C subscription company with high iteration cycles to achieve tight market targeting.


Growth StrategyJobs to be Done (JTBD)New ProductsObjectives & Key Results (OKRs)Product StrategyRapid PrototypingSaaSUser Experience (UX)


Bachelor's Degree
Michigan Technological University

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Opportunity Trees
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Machine Learning
Stanford Online

Work Experience

2016 - PRESENT

Product Strategy Consultant

Hatch Ventures
  • Helped VC-backed startups and enterprise launch and grow products and focused on developing SaaS and tech-enabled businesses.
  • Consulted on B2B and B2C customer acquisition and product strategy.
  • Set TAM and target market segments for B2B products.
  • Collaborated with the leading lean startup innovation consultancy, Moves the Needle.
  • Achieved a 33% improvement in business profitability and developed a product at a startup funded by a $250 million service business.
  • Won multiple innovation awards and workshops at Enterprise Innovation.
  • Served as a product coach to innovation teams working across a $9 billion customer base.
  • Implemented rapid experimentation and identified customer behavior changes.
  • Coached teams on how to manage using AARRR funnels and focused on OKRs and leading indicators of growth.
2020 - 2022

Head of Product Strategy

  • Managed and consulted for venture-backed startups, covering Series A, B, and C.
  • Recruited and managed a team of 5 product strategists for venture-backed startups.
  • Developed and defined a process to launch new ventures from zero to traction.
  • Led the launch of a new B2C SaaS startup and the second product for a healthcare startup funded during Series C.
  • Hired by a Series C fintech startup to define the second product's feature sets.
  • Created a ready-to-scale video series for Series S startups and a B2B growth framework.
2015 - 2016

Head of Product

Pulse Platform at CCI Systems
  • Led the product innovation for a $250 million company.
  • Created a $50 million revenue opportunity and presented it to the CEO and CTO.
  • Conceptualized and validated new product market offerings.
  • Sold $50,000 in preorder contracts for new product concepts before product investments were made.
  • Encouraged and fostered the team's creativity and empowered teams by being outcome-based.
  • Implemented OKRs with fast feedback to facilitate the team's progress.
  • Collaborated with the sales teams to understand the distribution.
  • Transitioned the team from features to customer success outcomes.
2012 - 2016

Co-founder | Product Manager

Dynamis Software Corporation
  • Started, grew, and successfully sold the business to Strategic Buyer.
  • Raised $4 million in venture capital.
  • Managed the growth stage, Mixpanel, marketing automation, outbound SDRs, HubSpot, and Salesforce CRM.
  • Built a sales funnel, implemented A/B testing, and increased conversion rates.
  • Achieved a product-market fit.
  • Designed a product with the CTO, UX team, and development team.
  • Leveraged Outreach.io to increase SDR performance.
  • Sized the market with ideal customer profiles; also created prospect rankings with the sales team.
  • Performed customer discovery, interviews, onsite visits with clients, and more.
  • Managed using LTV:CAC Ratios (by David Skok).
2013 - 2014

Agile Product Coach

  • Coached agile product teams.
  • Created the continuous delivery strategy.
  • Designed the deployment pipelines and stages.
  • Automated the regression suites and deployments.
  • Handled the digital transformation.

Project History

Successful Exit – Venture-Backed SaaS Co-Founder


Co-founded a venture-backed B2B SaaS startup from zero through growth stage with a successful exit.

I co-founded a successful B2B SaaS company. We raised venture capital, and I was mentored directly by a CEO and CTO pair that had recently exited. I led the product team from zero to growth and ran funnel metrics, unit economics, the growth model, and revenue projections. I also led the outbound SDR team, market sizing, customer insights, and feature designs.

Our software was used by the top insurance brokerage firms in the USA. We were acquired by Applied Systems, the global market leader, and had a successful exit.

Fortune 500 Corporate Innovation

Generated a $300 million revenue opportunity and coached the top 2 of 30 innovation teams; named as the #1 case study.

I coached full-time innovation teams within a world-class lean innovation environment. I oversaw problem validation, metered funding, and rapid experimentation along with solution prototyping and validation.

Lead JTBD Product Management


Designed a new B2C digital bank—resulting in a multimillion-dollar investment from the CEO.

I was recruited by the number-one fintech innovation firm to take on this project. As an expert in jobs to be done and product strategy, I designed a disruptive new digital bank with zero retail locations.

I combined qualitative customer interviews, quantitative market data, competitive positioning, and a new business model. I then created the product strategy and pitch deck for the CEO who funded the new product and is currently building the bank that we've designed in London.

New Product Consulting

Designed a next-generation business for a legacy print company; a new B2B2C digital eCommerce and sales enablement platform.

I selected the target market. I also oversaw the product strategy, business model, financial projections, and eCommerce platform selection.

D2C Series A Wellness Startup


Advised the CEO on getting a strong product-market fit and increasing the customer lifetime value.

I worked on various project aspects, including growth bottlenecks, OKRs for teams, specific product changes, QualDeEPC customer insights, and quant data analytics.

The company is currently raising Series B funds.

Ditto – New Product Launch and Growth


Designed and launched a new B2C subscription company with high iteration cycles to achieve tight market targeting.

Ditto's company's goal is to help couples grow closer together. To achieve this, we leveraged platforms, including Webflow, Intercom, Segment, and UXCam.

I collaborated on the new product launch, designing a smooth onboarding experience guided by product-led growth, and worked on funnel metrics, campaign attribution, and customer data platform for personalization. The session recordings on mobile devices allowed us to quickly see where users were getting stuck.


1999 - 2001

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Michigan Technological University - Houghton, MI, USA



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