Ryan D. Hatch, Product Manager in Green Bay, WI, United States
Ryan D. Hatch

Product Manager in Green Bay, WI, United States

Member since September 23, 2019
Ryan is a successful SaaS co-founder with 15 years of B2B and B2C product experience. With an incredible blend of customer insights, business know-how, creativity, and tech feasibility, Ryan's led teams to design and grow products that clients love. He’s created $400 million in value from idea to scale and is a firm believer in the usefulness of autonomous teams, customer empathy, funnel metrics, rapid experiments, and customer success.
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  • Product Strategy Consultant

    2016 - PRESENT
    Hatch Ventures
    • Helped enterprise and startup companies launch and grow products; focused on growing SaaS and tech-enabled businesses.
    • Won multiple innovation awards and workshops at Enterprise Innovation.
    • Worked with #1 lean startup consultancy, Moves the Needle.
    • Coached innovation teams ($9 billion enterprise).
    • Rooted out what caused 1,000,000 calls per year and reduced the call volume by 4X (enterprise customer experience).
    • Developed a product at a mid-size corporation which caused a 33% improvement in customer success outcomes.
    • Helped companies with product strategy and B2B and B2C customer acquisition.
    • Set TAM and target market segments for B2B products.
    • Implemented rapid experimentation and identified customer behavior changes.
    • Coached teams to manage using AARRR funnels.
    • Created with teams MVPs in days and scaled up to production.
    • Explored new ventures.
    • Used my deep understanding of the customer experience and user journey to drive innovation and significantly increase conversion rates.
  • Head of Product

    2015 - 2016
    Pulse Platform at CCI Systems
    • Led the product innovation for a $250 million company.
    • Created a $50 million revenue opportunity.
    • Conceptualized and validated new products.
    • Sold $50,000 in preorder contracts for new product concepts—before product investments were made.
    • Unleashed the team's creativity.
    • Implemented OKRs with fast feedback to facilitate the team's progress.
    • Collaborated with the sales teams to understand the distribution.
    • Transitioned the team from features to customer success outcomes.
  • Co-founder | Product Manager

    2012 - 2016
    Dynamis Software Corporation
    • Started, grew, and successfully sold the business to Strategic Buyer.
    • Raised $4 million in venture capital.
    • Managed the growth stage, Mixpanel, marketing automation, outbound SDRs, HubSpot, and Salesforce CRM.
    • Built a sales funnel, implemented A/B testing, and increased conversion rates.
    • Achieved a product-market fit.
    • Designed a product with the CTO, UX team, and development team.
    • Leveraged Outreach.io to increase SDR performance.
    • Sized the market with ideal customer profiles; also created prospect rankings with the sales team.
    • Performed customer discovery, interviews, onsite visits with clients, and more.
    • Managed using LTV:CAC Ratios (by David Skok).
  • Agile Product Coach

    2013 - 2014
    • Coached agile product teams.
    • Created the continuous delivery strategy.
    • Designed the deployment pipelines and stages.
    • Automated the regression suites and deployments.
    • Handled the digital transformation.

Project History

  • Successful Entrepreneurship
    Co-founded a B2B SaaS and had a successful multimillion-dollar exit.

    Dynamis helps employers provide the best health benefits possible for their employees.

    I took $4 million in venture capital and led product through the PMF and growth stages. The clients are top brokers in the US.

  • Lead JTBD Product Management
    Designed a new B2C digital bank—resulting in a multimillion-dollar investment from the CEO.

    I was recruited by the number-one fintech innovation firm to take on this project. As an expert in jobs to be done and product strategy, I designed a disruptive new digital bank with zero retail locations.

    I combined qualitative customer interviews, quantitative market data, competitive positioning, and a new business model. I then created the product strategy and pitch deck for the CEO who funded the new product and is currently building the bank that we've designed in London.

  • Fortune 500 Corporate Innovation
    Generated a $300 million revenue opportunity and coached the top 2 of 30 innovation teams; named as the #1 case study.

    I coached full-time innovation teams within a world-class lean innovation environment. I oversaw problem validation, metered funding, and rapid experimentation along with solution prototyping and validation.

  • New Product Consulting
    Designed a next-generation business for a legacy print company; a new B2B2C digital eCommerce and sales enablement platform.

    I selected the target market. I also oversaw the product strategy, business model, financial projections, and eCommerce platform selection.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    1999 - 2001
    Michigan Technological University - Houghton, MI, USA


  • Rapid Experimentation
    Product Talk
  • Machine Learning
    MARCH 2016 - PRESENT
    Stanford Online
  • Mapping the Challenge
    Product Talk

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