Sean Bhardwaj

Sean Bhardwaj

Camarillo, CA, United States
Member since May 6, 2019
Sean brings over a decade of experience leading product innovation and development to create high-performing products for clients of all sizes. He has successfully developed products for the consumer, business, education, government, and nonprofit markets that include content delivery, training, gamification, community engagement, and process automation to solve complex challenges, delight customers, and grow revenues.
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Project Highlights
  • Led the development of high performing product innovation and marketing roadmap creating a 15% increase in client engagements
  • Innovated on product processes and restructured revenue models increasing the customer base by 40% and retention by 50%.
  • Designed and built a digital platform to develop early-stage entrepreneurs from idea through pre-acceleration and launch.
  • Agile Product Management
  • Coaching
  • Education
  • Gamification
  • Product Management
  • Product Owner
  • Founding Partner
    2017 - PRESENT
    Pharos Center for Innovation
    • Set vision, strategy, and recruited cross-sector strategic partners for a regional effort to promote workforce and economic development, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
    • Led development of organizational outreach strategies, programs, and processes.
    • Built regional network across business, government, community, and education sectors leading to 800+ entrepreneurs involved over the first year.
  • CEO & Founder
    2012 - PRESENT
    Aspire 3
    • Headed cross-sector strategic planning efforts to map the needs of regional startups, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Created a roadmap for new program development to address areas of need by reducing redundant efforts and re-prioritizing budgets.
    • Designed and built a digital platform to develop early stage entrepreneurs and startups from idea through pre-acceleration and into a product launch.
    • Led business development for a technology startup by analyzing existing and emerging clients, products, technologies, and market trends. Led to a strategic partnership with a large vehicle manufacturer.
    • Identified opportunities for product innovations and restructured revenue models for a professional services startup. Led to a 40% growth in customer base and 50% increase in customer retention rate.
    • Successfully led multiple client pitches for startups to SMEs by coaching teams on presentation skills and guiding the development of materials. Delivered RFP presentation for a mid-sized organization securing a $35 million contract.
    • Evaluated business strategy for a mid-sized membership-based organization. Increased membership by 20% as a result of adjusting product features through the voice of the customer methodologies and launching a new marketing strategy.
    • Built collaborative relationships with local educational institutions to embed entrepreneurship training within classrooms, training over 5,000 student entrepreneurs to date.
  • Executive Director
    2013 - 2017
    Ventura Ventures Technology Center
    • Developed an early stage technology startup incubator and accelerator through a public-private partnership with the City Economic Development Office.
    • Created stakeholder engagement to create a startup ecosystem and culture of entrepreneurship in the region.
    • Defined growth strategy for the incubator leading to an increase in membership and community engagement by 15x.
    • Built strategic partnerships with higher-education institutions, economic development agencies, and business development groups to attract and retain startups, entrepreneurs, and tech talent leading to a regional network of supporting resources.
    • Attracted and retained startups, entrepreneurs, and tech talent by building a network of supporting resources.
    • Created and coordinated educational initiatives around entrepreneurship and STEM-based workforce development in the county.
  • Lead Strategy Consultant
    2011 - 2014
    SB & Associates
    • Oversaw client engagement and managed a group of consultants developing marketing and product strategy for early-stage startups.
    • Presented business plans and pitched startups and products to investors and potential strategic partners.
    • Established data-driven product development by identifying KPIs and setting processes for collecting, analyzing, and acting on data.
    • Increased users 5x and daily active users 10x through lead generation, sales, and outreach efforts for web app products.
    • Optimized messaging to improve conversion rates on all user-facing materials.
    • Led all major accounts through the sales cycle and developed product evangelists.
  • Product Manager: Consumer & International Divisions
    2009 - 2011
    • Led $6 million personal-safety product consumer business unit to record sales.
    • Improved profitability 20% by redesigning distribution structure.
    • Reduced budget 80% by simplifying messaging, materials, and packaging.
    • Created a data-driven culture to guide product focus and decision making across departments.
    • Increased social media engagement 4x through creation of social media strategy.
    • Reduced sales bid response time 75% by developing a more efficient process.
    • Analyzed quality issues on key product lines and implemented process improvements.
Project History
  • Product Innovation Roadmap
    Led the development of high performing product innovation and marketing roadmap creating a 15% increase in client engagements

    I was initially engaged by a cross-sector regional consortium of business service providers to determine opportunities they had for growth in their market. In this role, I guided research for comparative and gap analyses to evaluate the market opportunity and areas of need and reported on the aggregate and individual findings.

    After presenting the initial research, I was brought in to work with individual member organizations to implement the recommendations by leading their product development and marketing functions to build their internal capacity. As part of these efforts, I had to persuade and invite collaboration from competing organizations to streamline their service offerings. To achieve this, I defined the specific target market and product offering matches enabling members to reduce redundant efforts and re-prioritize budgets to more effective programs and marketing efforts. As a result, I was able to get buy in to develop sales funnels, implement marketing analytics, and processes for standardizing client engagement tracking for the organizations.

    These aggregate efforts led to an increase in leads by 50% and client engagements by 15% over 12 months and growth in member applications to the consortium by 22%.

  • Revenue Model Restructuring
    Innovated on product processes and restructured revenue models increasing the customer base by 40% and retention by 50%.

    I was brought in by a professional services company with an hourly consulting model to evaluate their growth options in a market efficient way. I evaluated their service offerings and client usage and identified opportunities to automate reporting and certain client-facing functions. Based on client needs, I developed a tiered pricing strategy which allowed the company to onboard and retain more clients at lower service levels while focusing staff time on the high price tier clients that required more customization and interaction. I also advised on the marketing rollout of the new structure which would save clients time and money while putting them on a monthly retainer.

    This resulted in a significant increase in the customer base and client retention as well as a freed up staff time for high billable projects.

  • Digital Platform
    Designed and built a digital platform to develop early-stage entrepreneurs from idea through pre-acceleration and launch.

    This project was initiated by education and workforce development agencies who had identified a need for developing more entrepreneurs. Initially, I led market exploration and developed a proof of concept for various solution types that could be leveraged for training at various levels of knowledge, stages of development, and still lead to high fidelity in outcomes.

    My recommendation of a digital platform with customizable and modular content was well received and I became the founder and led the design and development from the ground up. As the product owner, I was responsible for everything from talking to stakeholders, developing the team, overseeing the design of the content, and training for each of the agencies to launch the product in their own service offering.

    We conducted our initial pilot with three agencies and, only through word of mouth, have doubled the number of participating agencies every year. Currently, the platform and content are successfully used by middle schools, high schools, colleges, non-profit agencies, workforce education groups, and economic development agencies.

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration
    2005 - 2009
    University of Southern California - Los Angeles, California

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