Shekhar Priyadarshi, Product Manager in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
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Shekhar Priyadarshi

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Toptal Member Since
November 18, 2019

As a product manager, Shekhar has built 15 products/frameworks, 10 of which are still active today with break-even ranging from 15 days to two years, working on shoestring budgets to strategic ones and team sizes from 2-200. He's experienced in healthcare, media, telecom, government, supply chain, and horizontals (HR payroll, finance, and analytics). He has worked for startups, SMB, and top consultancy firms.

Project Highlights

Set up the company from scratch, built, and made profitable as CEO of the company; handed over operations in two years' time.
Telecom in a Box
Built the BSS template solutions with up to 85% reusability and launched it to many customers, including Saudi Telecom.
Transport Aggregator
Created a complete workflow-based solution for road and freight transport and documentation for transport aggregators.


Work Experience

HR Transformation and Tech Owner

2022 - PRESENT
Share YourHR
  • Owned the MVP and achieved the targets of 25 MMPA and 50 install base.
  • Built a tech team of implementers and product managers.
  • Set up the HR shared services and multi-country payroll.

Agile Product Manager

2021 - PRESENT
Toptal Clients
  • Worked with senior leadership to build a product roadmap, product strategy, and MVP. Working with developers to roll out multiple sprints for the product.
  • Worked with MSME to build a custom CRM for a drug distributor in Hongkong.
  • Worked with Multiple stakeholders for merging two independent products due to inorganic expansion and roll out to old and new customers.

Product Owner | Scrum Master

2022 - 2022
Form Assembly
  • Built roadmaps and managed sprints, feature prioritization, and user persona.
  • Presented products to customers and reinforced MVP live business operations and support.
  • Handled sprint planning, product long-term strategy identification, and product positioning and used LaunchDarkly for feature rollout.

Product Owner | Scrum Master

2022 - 2022
FormAssembly, Inc.
  • Handled customers, support teams, and business heads to create an eight Sprint view with the management of six sprints.
  • Collaborated with marketing and training teams to roll out the product in the market.
  • Worked with two developer squads to fix escaping defects and forward-looking customer wow functionalities.

Product Owner

2019 - 2022
Sagacito Technologies Pvt. Ltd,
  • Started as the chief technology officer but got promoted to data analytics lead and later to product manager for retail trade spend and media SaaS suite of products OTT, retail spend optimizer, and media marketing.
  • Automated most of the technical roles and reduced the average experience of tech team members from seven to two years.
  • Pitched for the industry's curated lead tool, created it as an MVP, and got three anchor customers, which resulted in the mature product. Oversaw two new projects on media-specific digital content management and document management.
  • Acted as the trade spend product manager while keeping all the above roles. Led the product to the MVP stage.
  • Added the consultancy wing and hired functional and tech consultants as part of the product front-end team.
  • Built the proof of concept for an advertisers' marketing management tool using the same spend data for media companies and agencies. Maintained the last generation of SaaS products for curated leads and an advertisement optimizer.

MS Dynamics AX Consultant

2021 - 2021
Tech Mahindra
  • Acted as the functional owner for the order management and demand fulfillment module.
  • Involved as customization identification and agile process owner, change management, conference room pilot, A/B Testing, and functional sign-off.
  • Worked on edge cases for ROI justification, got sign-off on 3MMPA out of 15 MMPA, WMS solver-based optimization, DOM zero-touch OM, VMI to reduce inventory cost, stopping early payment in P2P, and unified inventory management.
  • Analyzed their legacy platforms in mainframe, IDMS, and AS-400 to move to Microsoft Dynamics.


2017 - 2018
  • Set up, operated, and transferred MSO operations for an IPA (independent practitioners association) for a San Jose-based healthcare firm.
  • Set up medicare, Obamacare, and Medicaid line of businesses, enrolled doctors including specialists and PCPs, negotiated contracts, and built a network for IPA. Profitable since month 3.
  • Automated most of the operations and passed benefits to providers thus got critical mass and ROI much better.
  • Transferred operations successfully and built a good succession team as part of the exit plan.
  • Identified P4P and value-based care as the next set of opportunities, and ACO as the second source. This is cumbersome to achieve hence IPAs generally shy away from it.
  • Set up billing services and clinic management services for MSO as part of allied companies.

Product Manager

2015 - 2016
  • Served as the product manager for a complex claims management system where rules were rapidly changing.
  • Changed architecture from old legacy and fit only for two states to US-wide operations. Added Medicare and Obamacare key functionalities completing end-to-end.
  • Inorganically-integrated stand-alone portal and care management by buying out another company - Health access services.
  • Integrated claims management with key provider EMRs for a seamless process.
  • Was deputed as part of the board for more than 5 IPA - one of which hired me as their CEO for the next assignment.

Product Manager

2014 - 2016
Meditab Software
  • Took over this product as the product manager for an EHR, mostly for the technical upgrade from old legacy tech to new tech.
  • Managed ICD 10 migration and roll out to 200+ install-base. Built a set of reusable tools to automate roll-outs and migration from other EMRs.
  • Integrated with pharmacy and robotic pharmacy solutions.
  • Rolled out three new specialties - IVF, FQHC, and Cosmetic.
  • Revamped the patient portal and mobile patient care.

Product Manager

1996 - 2014
Tata Consultancy Services
  • Started as a BSS solution owner for the telecom and rolled out in Saudi Telecom.
  • Built an international payroll solution based on SAP and onboarded many customers. Owned the operation for more than 100 million payrolls for two years and handed over to BPO.
  • Built the finance, procurement, and analytics solution to expand the PAAS product.
  • Built the media analytics product based on Nielsen Data.
  • Built the taxation framework product for VAT, which is the highlight of my 25-year career where states witnessed near double tax revenues. After building the framework for one state, nearly every state in India asked for it within the year of launch.
  • Built the government agency automation products for state agencies.
  • Participated in the product team for remote monitoring and diagnostics for General Electric Energy.

RevX—Machine Learning-based Advertising Optimizer

Led MVP's product design, development, and rollout to two anchor customers and led self-funded version 2.

The curated media advertisers led scouting through the web, social media, industry news, and advertisement data. The project goal was to enable NLP and AI-based curation and manual intervention. It was a complete identification of contract lifecycle managed PAAS.


Set up the company from scratch, built, and made profitable as CEO of the company; handed over operations in two years' time.

CapitolMSO is the service arm of California IPA. Due to the boutique nature of operations, no product in the market fit so took over product management for this; added providers, insurance, and members; and extended corollary operations like provider billing services and care management. Now it is being extended to ACO and value-based care like P4P.


Transitioned from an old custom solution for two states to global multi-state, multi-LOB solutions with lot of automation.

The old version of Quickcap was custom designed for a few customers. It was generalized and extended to multiple lines of business, advanced EDI solutions, automation, and completely configurable business module. It was an actual rewrite and it is now rolled out to more than 25 customers now. Also integrated inorganic solutions like Health access solutions


Rolled out ICD10, MU2 certification for IMS EHR solution. Added patient portal, technology upgrade and mobile solution

IMS is one of the leading EHR solutions with more than 1,000 providers. It was built over time making it brittle. Upgraded the tech stack and two large certifications. Also added patient portal and mobile version for both patients and providers.

Telecom in a Box

Built the BSS template solutions with up to 85% reusability and launched it to many customers, including Saudi Telecom.

The years 2005-2010 were busy for telecom with implementing many large-scale CRM and BSS solutions with complex integrations. TCS offered template implementation with many flavors.

I built the first anchor solution and later served as the product manager for the template for a subsequent solution.

Transport Aggregator

Created a complete workflow-based solution for road and freight transport and documentation for transport aggregators.

A freelance project that later converted to a full-time task.

I built, rolled out, and automated the solution for significant transport companies. It had documentation for export, import, workshop, and transport module. The solution was available on the web and mobile and integrations with federal agencies, EDI, shipping companies, and truck GPS.

Digital Video Marketing Product Manager

Worked for a Toptal client to build a comprehensive video-based product marketing tool. Its features include hosting, editing and webinars.

Customer (confidential) is a B2B2C eCommerce company that publishes video-based tools for marketing. It is currently building an end-to-end video experience tool for corporates. It is also an inorganic mix of a few products. A new comprehensive tool is being rolled out to address all white spaces in the offering
1994 - 1995

Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering

Regional Engineering College - Nagpur, India

1988 - 1992

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Chandrapur Engg College - Chandrapur, India


Apache Pulsar Developer

Streamnative Academy


Six Sigma Green Belt


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