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Jorge Reinoso

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Santiago, Chile
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October 11, 2019

Jorge is an electrical engineer turned software developer specialized in the development of virtual reality experiences and augmented reality applications for both desktop and mobile platforms. He has both a technical and artistic background that allows him to develop both complex and beautiful simulations on his own as well as bridging the gap between developers and artists.


Foundry 45
3D Scenery, Git, GLSL, Unity, C#, HTC Vive, Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Graphics...
3D Scenery, Git, GLSL, Android, Unity3D, C#, HTC Vive, Virtual Reality (VR)...
3D Scenery, Git, GraphQL, MongoDB, GLSL, Vuex, Node.js, Python, Unity3D, C#...




Preferred Environment

Unity3D, Visual Studio, Unreal Engine, Git, Windows, iOS, Android, Meta Quest, Pico

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was a risk assessment VR simulator currently used in Chile for the evaluation of over 120 workers per day for the mining industry.

Work Experience

VR Engineer

2019 - PRESENT
Foundry 45
  • Supported the development of a VR experience for an event organization company to showcase their products.
  • Served as an essential part of the development of a light train simulator, working on various features.
  • Worked on a simulator for sterile room workers implementing localization and refactoring the project to agree with the latest standards.
Technologies: 3D Scenery, Git, GLSL, Unity, C#, HTC Vive, Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Graphics, Mobile Apps

VR and AR Software Engineer

2018 - 2019
  • Worked on a VR simulator to induce new workers in the operation of industrial bakery machinery.
  • Programmed modules and interactions for customization of avatars.
  • Designed and programmed animations for complex machinery operations.
  • Designed and developed a VR experience targeting 60T mobile crane operators and doggers training.
  • Programmed physics for the hook of a mobile crane and elements of the crane.
  • Created 3D models and built 3D environments for real-time virtual reality simulations.
  • Created an AR application for the familiarization of students with precast molds.
Technologies: 3D Scenery, Git, GLSL, Android, Unity3D, C#, HTC Vive, Virtual Reality (VR), JavaScript, Photoshop CC, 3D Graphics, Lighting

Virtual Reality Engineer

2017 - 2018
  • Developed an automated role-play training simulator using virtual reality and artificial intelligence.
  • Designed virtual worlds where users can speak and interact with virtual characters.
  • Programmed AI chat-bots for the characters to respond to the user’s input via speech recognition and speech synthesis.
  • Developed interfaces to interact with web APIs for login, content management, and results' submission.
  • Created a web VR simulation to interact with virtual avatars in an online platform.
Technologies: 3D Scenery, Git, GraphQL, MongoDB, GLSL, Vuex, Node.js, Python, Unity3D, C#, HTC Vive, Virtual Reality (VR), Vue, JavaScript, 3D, 3ds Max, 3D Graphics, Lighting

Project Engineer

2015 - 2017
SINCO Soluciones de Ingenieria y Construccion
  • Worked on the engineering for the installation of two turbo-generator machines GE LM 2500+G4.
  • Designed high, medium, and low voltage power systems.
  • Developed exterior lighting systems and grounding systems.
  • Developed real-time simulations in Unity3D for the illustration of the final project.
  • Developed economic and technical bid documents for the contract of construction projects.
Technologies: 3D Scenery, Unity3D, DIALux, AutoCAD

Electrical Engineering Intern

2014 - 2015
PDVSA Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.
  • Analyzed the dysfunctionalities of the SCADA automatic control system.
  • Supported the equipment maintenance department in its activities.
  • Developed technical reports for the equipment maintenance department.
  • Organized meetings for the discussion of strategies and solutions.
Technologies: SCADA

Risk Assessment Simulator

A virtual reality simulation developed to measure the perception of risk for workers in the mining industry in their daily workspaces, including lifting operations, work at height, electrical and mechanical blockage, maintenance services, and driving. The simulator is currently being used in an institute in Chile to evaluate over 120 participants daily. I acted as the sole developer alongside an amazing 3D designer.

I also worked on a mobile AR version of this project initially developed in Unity for desktop VR, now running on iPads and Android tablets. I also contributed to the development of an optimized WebGL version and ported it to Unreal Engine to get the best quality for a desktop-only version.

Rampex VR Platform

I acted as the sole developer of the virtual reality simulator to train employees' soft skills, with multiple customizable scenarios where the user can speak and show presentations to virtual avatars. These responded to the user's speech and actions with a combination of artificial intelligence and programmed responses. I worked alongside the web developer to connect it via an API to the web platform where the instructors could design these scenarios.

Crane Simulator

I worked with an amazing global team to create a multipurpose crane simulator for the instruction of both operators and doggers in the operation/guidance of 60T mobile cranes.

I programmed hook physics and hooked up the levers or joysticks of the crane to control the crane's movements. I also built 3D models for the environment and did optimization tasks to ensure peak performance.

Elles - Dans L'oeil De Clouzot
A virtual reality experience for an art exposition in Paris in homage to French film director Henri-Georges Clouzot, from the mind of the artist Alexandra Mas.

The experience is a surreal journey through the filmmaker's mind with fragments of his movies and testimonials from the woman who inspired him.

I worked as the only developer and created the experience with the direction and materials provided by the artist.

Fryer Simulator

Tool for familiarization of new workers in the correct operation of the fryer in a papadum bakery, created as a member of a team.

I coded the player's interactions with the environment (grabbing of objects, teleportation, opening doors, hatches, buttons, clothing), plus I created all the 3D graphics in the project.

Density Measuring Simulator

Virtual reality tool for the teaching and standardization of the correct steps for measuring the density of explosive materials.

This project required many unique features, such as simulating powdery materials filling a bowl whose densities vary over time and permitting it to be leveled by a spatula. I created computed shaders that allowed these properties.

I was the only developer for this simulation alongside a 3D graphics designer for the art.

Precast Mold AR

A multi-platform AR mobile application for the familiarization of students with the process and functions of a precast mold. Allowing the user to see in real-time and from any angle they desire the different steps that go in the creation of concrete pieces from the molds.

I worked on the programming of the AR functionality together with the step manager and associated 3D models. Using Unity + AR Foundation leveraging ARCore and ARKit libraries.

Party Lab 360

Worked on a collection of AR experiences for custom Unity apps using a variety of SDKs including Vuforia, EasyAR and AR Foundation, Instagram filters using Spark AR Studio for multiple use cases, for aiding the sales of party related products. My tasks involved the design and programming of animated face masks, 3D animated characters, and stories, particle effects, custom shaders for visual effects, AR portals, geo-located experiences, and many more.

Mobile Apps for Training and Capacitation Institute

The project involved the creation of a series of native android apps developed using Kotlin to facilitate the tasks of the institute's personal and explore technologies such as AR in the teaching of concepts to the students. These apps involved.
- An AR electrical manual that teaches the concepts of electricity using different multimedia formats including augmented reality, developed using Unity as a submodule.
- A tool for the heads of each specialty to manage teachers, classes, and students efficiently on their phones.


C#, Python, Pico, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, GLSL, C++, HLSL, GraphQL


Unity, Unity3D, Spark, Unreal Engine, Photon Unity Networking (PUN), React Native


SteamVR, Oculus, ARCore, Windows, Android, iOS


3D Scenery, 3D, HTC Vive, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Meta Quest, AR Foundation, Lighting, Animation, Performance Optimization, 3D Graphics, Multiplayer, Shaders, Autodesk Maya, Mobile Apps, Art, SCADA, MetaSpark


Vue, Vuex, Node.js, WebGL, OpenGL


3ds Max, Maya, Photoshop CC, Visual Studio, AutoCAD, DIALux Evo, MATLAB, Git, DIALux


Agile Software Development, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)


MongoDB, MySQL

2011 - 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engeneering

Universidad Rafael Urdaneta - Maracaibo, Venezuela