DevOps Engineer Job Description Template

A DevOps engineer and architect works with software engineering to optimize and improve the performance and implementation of the development process. Often DevOps engineers streamline and automate processes while troubleshooting existing development procedures.


DevOps is an integral part of many companies’ infrastructures. It combines development with operations with the aim of reducing the cost and turnaround time of tech projects, while improving the ability to maintain their infrastructure.

DevOps Engineer - Job Description and Ad Template

Copy this template, and modify it as your own:

Company Introduction

{{ Write a short and catchy paragraph about your company. Make sure to provide information about the company’s culture, perks, and benefits. Mention office hours, remote working possibilities, and everything else that you think makes your company interesting. }}

{{ It is very important to give a precise description of the technology stack that the company uses. While a lot of skills translate nicely between clouds and DevOps positions, others don’t. Engineers may also have preferred cloud or technology stacks they choose to work in. }}

Job Description

{{ Despite the maturity of DevOps, not all companies have moved to a DevOps-centered structure yet. Plus, almost as important as your tech stack is the context you’re hiring for: You’ll want to select from the three alternatives below depending on your company’s needs. }}

{{ For an established DevOps practice. More often than not these companies started in the cloud: }}

We are looking for an experienced engineer to join our DevOps team with experience building and scaling services in a cloud environment. You’ll be working with {{ describe your team size and who the candidate would report to here. }}

{{ For establishing on-premise DevOps practices. Oftentimes companies in this bracket are eyeing the cloud but may not yet use it, because of existing infrastructure, data security, or cost requirements: }}

We are looking for an experienced DevOps engineer that will help our team establish DevOps practice. You will work closely with the technical lead {{ and/or CTO }} to identify and establish DevOps practices in the company.

You will establish configuration management, automate our infrastructure, implement continuous integration, and train the team in DevOps best practices to achieve a continuously deployable system.

{{ For establishing DevOps in a new startup: }}

We are looking for an experienced DevOps engineer that will help our team establish DevOps practice. You will work closely with the technical lead {{ and/or CTO }} to identify and establish DevOps practices in the company.

You will help us build scalable, efficient cloud infrastructure. You’ll implement monitoring for automated system health checks. Lastly, you’ll build our CI pipeline, and train and guide the team in DevOps practices.


{{ Again, select from the three alternatives below depending on your company’s needs. }}

{{ For an established DevOps practice: }}

  • Improve CI/CD tooling.
  • Implement and improve monitoring and alerting.
  • Build and maintain highly available systems.
  • {{ Add the most relevant company specifics here. }}

{{ For establishing on-premise DevOps practices: }}

  • Implement the CI pipeline.
  • Implement and maintain monitoring stacks.
  • Lead and guide the team in identifying and implementing new technologies.
  • {{ Add the most relevant company specifics here. }}

{{ For establishing DevOps in a new startup: }}

  • Implement and own the CI.
  • Manage CD tooling.
  • Implement and maintain monitoring and alerting.
  • Build and maintain highly available production systems.
  • {{ Add the most relevant company specifics here. }}


{{ DevOps is not system administration although a lot of skills may or may not overlap. Good Linux skills are always a valuable addition even if they’re not necessary for the job. }}

  • {{ If the job is exclusively using, orchestrating and optimizing cloud components, Configuration Management experience may not be necessary. For OnPrem this skill is almost always necessary. }} Configuration Management experience such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, or similar.
  • {{ For cloud environments, establishing new DevOps practices: }} Managing production infrastructure with Terraform, CloudFormation, etc.
  • {{ If the Job requires Configuration Management: }} Strong Linux {{ and/or Windows }} system administration background.
  • {{ For establishing new DevOps practices: }} Ability to present and communicate the architecture in a visual form.
  • {{ For cloud environments: }} Strong knowledge of {{ AWS, GCP, or Azure }}
  • {{ Candidates should ideally have experience in your tech stack or something comparable. For a better understanding of how to hire for your tech stack, please see Toptal’s tech-specific resources. }}
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