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Alexandru Giuseppe Ispas

Alexandru Giuseppe Ispas

Bucharest, Romania
Member since September 12, 2016
Alexandru is a self-taught digital product designer with more than nine years of experience focusing on creating easy-to-use experiences for web and mobile. He started as a front-end developer, and after a few years, he transitioned into the design field. Alexandru also has written for industry-leading publications with over 100,000 followers.
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  • Owner | Designer
    2018 - PRESENT
    • Started a clothing and creative project that was based on the TV show, Seinfeld; due to me being a massive fan.
    • Focused on creating high-quality items in a retro aesthetic that captures the essence of that lifestyle. The items are comfortable and flattering for both men and women. Printed, packed and shipped from the US and Europe.
    • Managed everything from the design/brand to the development of the website.
    • Created the clothing articles.
    Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, WooCommerce, Front-end Development, Sketch, InVision, Principle, After Effects, Marketing
  • UX Designer
    2018 - 2018
    BEAD (via Toptal)
    • Redesigned a platform that analyzes the real-time daily cycle of occupancy, temperature, humidity, electricity and many more metrics to help people manage their buildings.
    • Created a more friendly experience for people, especially for the 40+ audience which is not so “tech-savvy”. Before the redesign, they were overwhelmed by the amount of data and the experience felt complicated.
    • Strove to understand the current problems of the users and then started right away to explore possible solutions for creating a better experience by creating lots of wireframes and iterate upon them.
    • Overcame with design one of the main issues building administrators had with the old design—they always felt intimidated by pushing buttons. They had the impression that everything might break if they do so.
    Technologies: InVision, Sketch, After Effects, Principle
  • Completed credits towards a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Social Work
    2011 - 2013
    University of Bucharest - Bucharest, Romania
  • UI Design8 years
  • UX Design6 years
  • CSS5 years
  • HTML5 years
Bucharest, Romania
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