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Bibek KC

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Lalitpur, Bagmati Province, Nepal
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April 15, 2022

Bibek is a UI/UX designer who delivers high-end design solutions that help startups and enterprises create user-centric products. He has worked on B2B, B2C, and SaaS platforms and used Lean UX methodologies to conceptualize solutions and align business goals with user needs. Bibek is currently solving problems in HUSSLUP, making the Hollywood entertainment app experience user-friendly. He has extensive design training and a bachelor's in computer engineering.


Work Experience

Senior UI/UX Designer

2022 - PRESENT
  • Collaborated with the product owner to create a web app for HUSSLUP, raising $2.5 million in funding from a seed round.
  • Reduced 40% of design inconsistencies by creating a cross-platform design system for the HUSSLUP web and mobile app (a networking and hiring B2B, B2C, and SaaS app for creative talents in the Hollywood Industry).
  • Reduced the interaction cost of a multi-select dropdown in the onboarding flow by 50%.
  • Managed the folder and file structure and cleaned up around 40% of designs by redesigning the entire iOS app with Figma best practices.
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Figma, iOS App Design, SaaS, Product Design, UI Design, SaaS Design, iOS UI Design, Mobile UI Design, Prototyping, User Interface (UI), iOS, React Native, UI Prototyping, Social Networks, Social Media Apps, App Design, Web App Design, Visual Design, Mobile Design, Mobile Prototypes, Mobile App Design, Sitemaps, Information Architecture (IA), Mobile UI, Redesign, Web App UI, Dashboard Design, Wireframing, Mobile App UI, Mobile, High-fidelity Mockups, Design, Rapid Prototyping, Mobile Apps, Animated Prototypes, Digital Design, Collaboration, Early-stage Startups, Dashboards, Social Media, Social Media Design, Tailwind CSS, Software as a Service (SaaS), Adobe Photoshop, Social Media Platforms, User Experience Design, UX Design, UX Research, Design Systems, High-fidelity Prototypes, Human Interface Design, Apple Human Interface, Competitive Analysis, Screen Flows, Competition Research, Cross-platform, UX Workshops, UX Strategy, Startups, Web UX Design, UI Components, Design Sprints, Content Management Systems (CMS), Confluence, Jira, Web Applications, User Requirements, Best Practices in Design, Social Networking, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Product Designer

2024 - 2024
Bighorn Law
  • Utilized user-centric design principles to create a compelling marketing website, strategically emphasizing product features to effectively communicate the value proposition.
  • Established a comprehensive style guide and component library, providing a cohesive framework for design consistency and scalability.
  • Executed the addition of mobile-responsive views, leveraging industry best practices to adapt website layout and functionalities for optimal performance on mobile devices.
Technologies: UI Design, UX Design, Product Design, User Flows, Wireframing, Mockups, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software as a Service (SaaS), Web, Real Estate, Professional Services, Building & Construction

Product Designer

2024 - 2024
Jhon Pillpe
  • Designed wireframes and high-fidelity screens and validated them with the client.
  • Created user flow for individuals as well as investors.
  • Documented comprehensive styles and component library.
Technologies: Apps, App Design, Product Design, Journey Mapping, User Flows, UX Wireframes, Mockups, Professional Services, Mobile, Consumer Products, Social Networking, MVP Design, Feature Prioritization

UI/UX Designer

2023 - 2023
Theophilus LLC
  • Built a brand identity guide, including logos, colors, typography, and a component library.
  • Validated wireframes and created high-fidelity designs for a client-side mobile app.
  • Designed the wireframes and high-fidelity visuals for the CRM admin portal.
Technologies: Figma, User Flows, UX Wireframes, Layout Design, App Design, Web App Design, Social Networks, CRM Design, Product Design, UI Design, Branding, UI Components, User Requirements, Brand Design, Logo Design

UX/UI Product Designer

2022 - 2023
Liscio INC
  • Designed document management features for the client, both firm-side and mobile app.
  • Proposed three different app navigation structures to improve the information hierarchy.
  • Added global search designs with categorization based on the content type.
Technologies: User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), UI Design, Product Design, UX Design, SaaS, SaaS Design, Web UX Design, Confluence, Jira, Web Applications, User Requirements

UX Designer

2022 - 2022
Global Multivendor eCommerce Platform
  • Analyzed competitor apps to understand some of the complex flows.
  • Designed wireframes for the platform and validated them with the client.
  • Collaborated with the client to break down some of the complex requirements.
Technologies: eCommerce, Responsive Web Design (RWD), User Experience (UX), User Requirements, System Requirements, eCommerce UX, UX Wireframes, System Design, Requirements Analysis, Web Design, Figma, Web UI, UX Strategy, Web UX Design, Web Applications

Mid-level UI/UX Designer

2021 - 2022
  • Created the wireflows for Tip Tool, an iOS tip-management SaaS platform, and validated them with product managers and stakeholders.
  • Designed Tip Tool, an iOS tip-management SaaS app, single-handedly.
  • Arranged components and styles into a design system for Tip Tool.
  • Designed consistent icon sets for OTG flo Xgen, an online food ordering app for airport and terminal restaurants.
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Enterprise Design, iOS App Design, Design Systems, Enterprise SaaS, SaaS, Product Design, UI Design, SaaS Design, iOS UI Design, Mobile UI Design, Prototyping, Component Libraries, User Interface (UI), Food Ordering Platforms, iOS, MVP Design, React Native, UI Prototyping, Visual Design, User Experience (UX), Mobile Design, Mobile Prototypes, Mobile App Design, Information Architecture (IA), Mobile UI, Redesign, Web App UI, Wireframing, Mobile App UI, Mobile, HTML, CSS, High-fidelity Mockups, Design, Rapid Prototyping, Mobile Apps, App Design, Animated Prototypes, Digital Design, Collaboration, Agile, Tablet Design, Software as a Service (SaaS), Enterprise, Web App Design, UX Design, UX Research, Foodtech, Human Interface Design, Apple Human Interface, Competitive Analysis, Tablet UX, Competition Research, Figma, UX Workshops, Bootstrap, UX Strategy, Startups, React, UI Components, Landing Page Design, Confluence, Jira, User Requirements

UI/UX Designer

2019 - 2022
Freelance Clients
  • Increased the sales revenue of Foodish Nepal, an online food delivery app, by around 17% amid COVID-19 by designing an end-to-end mobile app experience.
  • Saved 40% of resources in design and development and 60% of the time by collaborating with the product owner and engineering team to prioritize MVP requirements for DSLR Sewa, a photography service and camera renting app.
  • Conducted one-on-one interviews with five users to design Sultana, a prayer app for Nepali Muslim people; made the app interface community-friendly by conducting moderated UX testing.
Technologies: Figma, Visual Design, Mobile UI Design, UX Research, User Personas, User Experience (UX), Design Systems, Mobile Design, Competition Research, Product Design, Material Design, Mobile Prototypes, Mobile App Design, Sitemaps, Information Architecture (IA), SaaS, UI Design, Android UI Design, Mobile UX, Mobile UI, Prototyping, Google Material Design, Android, Mobile App UI, UI Prototyping, User Interviews, Mobile, Social Networks, High-fidelity Mockups, Design, Mobile Apps, App Design, Animated Prototypes, UX Prototyping, Digital Design, Onboarding, Agile, Design Thinking, User Empathy, Android App Design, Software as a Service (SaaS), UX Flows, Responsive Web Design (RWD), UX Wireframes, Web Design, User Journey Maps, Wireframing, UX Wireflows, Usability Testing, User Experience Design, Mobile UX Design, Digital Product Design, User Journeys, User Onboarding, High-fidelity Prototypes, Journey Mapping, Dashboards, User Testing, Remote User Testing, Web UX, Web Dashboards, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Web Portals, Adobe Photoshop, Web App Design, UX Design, SaaS Design, Web UI, UX Testing, Competitive Analysis, Food Ordering Platforms, UX Strategy, CRM Design, Landing Pages, Questionnaires, UI Components, HTML5, Landing Page Design, User Requirements, Personas, E-learning, Best Practices in Design

UI/UX Designer

2020 - 2021
  • Downsized redundant SCSS code by 30% by implementing atomic design to structure design systems and SCSS files for Wind Telecom, a telecommunication eCommerce platform.
  • Trimmed development times by 40% and design inconsistencies by 30% by introducing React components and Hooks to the design team.
  • Received an accelerated promotion in 9 versus 12 months due to strong performance.
Technologies: React, Atomic Design, Websites, Responsive Design, Responsive Web Design (RWD), HTML, CSS, High-fidelity Mockups, Design, Rapid Prototyping, Responsive Web Apps, Digital Design, Figma, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Front-end Development, HTML5, Best Practices in Design

UI Designer

2019 - 2020
  • Simplified the developer handoff by delivering style guides for the Shailee Crafts, Surya Paints, and Annapurna Cable Car website designs. Reduced design inconsistencies by 30%.
  • Coordinated with the front‑end team to ensure that the design for Annapurna Cable Car, a cable car ticket booking and promotion website, was shaped as intended.
  • Streamlined the design for Shailee Crafts, a handicraft showcase website.
  • Designed and developed the UI for Surya Paints, a chemical manufacturing company, by creating an interactive interface.
Technologies: CSS, Web UI Design, Visual Design, Web Design, Style Guides, Websites, Responsive Design, UI Prototyping, HTML, High-fidelity Mockups, Design, Rapid Prototyping, Web UI, Landing Pages, Web App UX, Responsive UI, Early-stage Startups, High-fidelity Prototypes, Branding, HTML5, Landing Page Design
2015 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

Kathmandu University - Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal


Conducting Usability Testing

Interaction Design Foundation


UI Components II: Advanced



Design Terminology



UX Design Foundations



UI Components I: Basic



Design Composition



Common Design Patterns



Color Psychology



EFSET English Certificate 68/100 (C1 Advanced)

EF Standard English Test (EF SET)


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Confluence, Jira


HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript

Industry Expertise

Social Networking, Education Technology (Edtech), Professional Services, Consumer Products, Real Estate, Building & Construction


Android, iOS, Mobile, Web


UX Design, Product Design, UI Design, Mobile Design, Mobile App UI, SaaS, Wireframing, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Web Design, Design Systems, Mobile UI, Responsive Design, Google Material Design, Mobile UI Design, High-fidelity Mockups, High-fidelity Prototypes, Responsive Web Design (RWD), User Flows, iOS App Design, Digital Product Design, Mobile App Design, Responsive Web Apps, MVP Design, Prototyping, Visual Design, Websites, B2B, iOS UI Design, User Experience Design, UI Prototyping, User Interviews, Mobile Prototypes, Android UI Design, Mobile UX, Mobile UX Design, User Requirements, Web App Design, SaaS Design, Social Networks, Enterprise SaaS, UX Research, B2C, Digital Design, Dashboard Design, User Journey Maps, UX Prototyping, Component Libraries, App Design, Design Thinking, eCommerce, Sitemaps, UI Style Guides, Social Media Apps, Web App UX, Agile, UX Flows, Interaction Design (IxD), Early-stage Startups, UX Wireframes, Native Mobile Apps, Web Portals, Software as a Service (SaaS), Apple Human Interface, Web UX, Journey Mapping, Mobile Mockups, User Onboarding, Rapid Prototyping, Competitive Analysis, Screen Flows, Food Ordering Platforms, Style Guides, Web App UI, Collaboration, Animated Prototypes, Web UI Design, Mockups, Information Architecture (IA), User Personas, UX Wireflows, Mobile Apps, User Journeys, Android App Design, Data Visualization, Product Discovery, Design, Responsive UI, Material Design, User Research, Atomic Design, Competition Research, Onboarding, Bootstrap, UX Strategy, Startups, React, Web UX Design, Human-computer Interaction (HCI), Color Theory, UI Components, Front-end Development, Landing Page Design, Web Applications, Low-fidelity Mockups, Personas, Best Practices in Design, UX Testing, Business to Business (B2B), A/B Testing, User Empathy, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Foodtech, Interactive Prototypes, Web Dashboards, Enterprise, User Testing, System Requirements, Dark UIs, Human Interface Design, iOS UX Design, Workflow, Enterprise Design, Tablet UX, Tablet UI, Social Media Platforms, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Tailwind CSS, Social Media Design, Dashboards, System Design, Usability Testing, Social Media, Tablet Design, eCommerce UX, Remote User Testing, Requirements Analysis, Admin Panels, Food Ordering, CRM Design, Redesign, Cross-platform, Web UI, UX Documentation, UX Workshops, Communication, Lean, Design Collaboration, React Native, Heuristic Analysis, Landing Pages, Layout Design, Branding, Questionnaires, Computer Graphics, Design Sprints, Content Management Systems (CMS), Brand Design, Logo Design, E-learning, Edtech Design, ChatGPT, AI Design, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Apps, Feature Prioritization

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