Rodolfo Biglie, Designer in Prague, Czech Republic

Rodolfo Biglie


Prague, Czech Republic
Toptal Member Since
May 27, 2016

Rodolfo's approach to design is focused on deeply analyzing and understanding the problems and needs of any given project, then executing in a way that strategically, logically, functionally, and visually delivers the desired results. The main focus of Rodolfo's work is the purpose and finding out the characteristics of the project to understand how far we can go.

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Work Experience

2021 - PRESENT

UX and UI Lead Designer

  • Identified the patterns and logic of several products. Systematized processes and allowed the user to interact with the product as soon as possible.
  • Created and managed design and illustration systems.
  • Mentored junior designers in their daily tasks and objectives.
  • Worked on the rebrand of the company, creating the visual foundations.
Technologies: Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Miro
2020 - 2022

UX and UI Lead Designer

  • Developed tailored user experience solutions combining software, hardware, and physical real estate to excel processes and experiences while improving employee engagement and safety.
  • Took care of the branding and strategy of the digital products portfolio.
  • Took charge of the brand facelift of the company and the branding of the incoming products.
Technologies: Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Miro
2017 - 2022

Design Director · UI and UX Product Designer

  • Merged the logic, UX, and UI of two existing digital products successfully into one solution, helping users process millions of documents monthly faster, clearer, and more accessible.
  • Cooperated closely with stakeholders, product owners, developers, engineers, and final users to drive the design process.
  • Built and kept general guidelines and design systems for large and complex environments.
Technologies: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch
2019 - 2021

Senior UX and UI Designer
  • Managed an offshore team of UX/UI designers remotely.
  • Designed a modular, systemic design library where components and behaviors covered the current needs and branding rules. The result was a reliable, safe, and fast way to build interfaces and flows for designers of every level and expertise.
  • Enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the product owners, managers, marketing team, developers, and designers to produce high-fidelity designs, concepts, and solutions for the development team.
  • Served as part of a three-person team that flew to India during a working week and successfully negotiated a reduction in development effort estimation by over 50%, saving Hilti over $1.5 million for the quarter.
Technologies: Sketch, Miro
2016 - 2020

UI and UX Product Designer · Visual Designer

  • Worked remotely and designed solutions for automotive, aeronautic, governmental, and IT industries, supporting and working closely with different team members.
  • Contributed to FlyDesk, one of the projects I was involved in. Professionals within the airline industry use FlyDesk to solve complex operations problems. I developed the logic, patterns, and UI of their main app.
  • Kept fluent communication between different teams and their members offshore.
Technologies: Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite
2018 - 2019

Lead UI and UX Product Designer

Creative Dock for E-ON
  • Mapped and documented the complexity of the existing products in a clear, logical, and visual way. This effort helped the different stakeholders, developers, and designers to share a common language and unify concepts.
  • Created wireframes, functional prototypes, and interface designs for the related products.
  • Recognized issues, problems, and opportunities within the current user interface and experiences and offered better, more flexible, and more elegant solutions.
Technologies: Sketch, Adobe Experience Design (XD), Adobe Creative Suite, Zeplin
2017 - 2017

Lead UI and UX Product Designer · Team Leader

  • Managed a team, did the UX/UI daily design work, and provided our support by continually checking and upgrading the quality of the product before its release.
  • Designed, with the team, the product interface, covering customers and business needs.
  • Added solutions, researched, analyzed, mapped, and documented the whole product.
Technologies: Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite
2015 - 2016

Digital Creative Director · UI and UX Product Designer

Red Fuse
  • Contributed to the analysis, conceptualization, user thinking, and design for online campaigns worldwide for Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.
  • Built, together with the chief of developers, a new approach for the global website, optimizing costs and complexity while adding personalization per country, supported by the technological and design standards.
  • Designed the first vet app, where users could identify a few feline conditions, communicate with the pet owner, and access training and information.
Technologies: Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite
2014 - 2016

Digital Creative Director · Lead UI and UX Designer

Swimming Pool (Y&R)
  • Built and led the international design team with members from all over the world.
  • Did branding, research, analysis, conceptualization, and user thinking solutions for clients like Colgate Palmolive, Zeiss, Teta, Benzina, Wunderman, and Y&R.
  • Managed several B2C accounts across Europe, offering strategy, concepts, user experience, and design for several campaigns, projects, and products.
Technologies: Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite
2014 - 2015

Digital Creative Director · Team Leader

  • Led the Czech design team maintaining fluent communication with the team in Germany.
  • Did user research and design solutions for clients like Tchibo, BMW,, and several German eCommerce sites.
  • Kept researching new possibilities, options, and ways to expand the business locally and internationally.
Technologies: Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch
2007 - 2012

Digital Creative Director · Team Leader · Production and Art Director

Ogilvy & Mather (Advertures)
  • Led an international team of approximately 30 designers, copywriters, animators, developers, and project managers.
  • Maintained fluent communication with key stakeholders of the main accounts, ensuring a precise understanding of their needs and goals.
  • Took responsibility for delivering concepts, strategies, analysis, and design solutions for Air Bank, Czech Airlines, Vodafone, Kraft, CEZ, and many other international clients.
Technologies: Adobe Creative Suite