Cornel Baloleanu, Project Manager in Bucharest, Romania
Cornel Baloleanu

Project Manager in Bucharest, Romania

Member since May 31, 2019
For more than a decade, Cornel has successfully created and managed remote teams. At first, he did this with his own company and then as the head of program management in Optiva. In between he was the zero to hero guy, being involved in shaping the future of the biggest online payment company in Romania and then creating from scratch an entirely new business unit in a company with 10,000 employees.
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Project Highlights

  • Created a new business unit in Telekom Romania and launched the first telco-banking partnership on the Romanian market.
  • Led a team of program/project managers delivering projects with teams of 100+ people and budgets of 10+ million USD per year.
  • Main business driver of a radical shift in the business model, from a credit card company to a payment solution company.




  • VP of Engineering

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Managed a team of around 30 people and a development budget of around $3 million per year focused on migrating monolith Java projects to AWS.
    • Steered the development efforts for applications having over 10 million page views per day, over $10 million hosting costs per year. Provided hands-on experience with Java, Python, AWS.
    • Involved in the team’s decisions in terms of architecture, infrastructure, and operations and applied the best and latest global technologies. Continuously deep dove to understand the platform's capabilities and underlying technologies.
    • Built high-quality systems by empowering engineers to solve problems, fostering a balance of velocity and rigor through scalable, asynchronous decision-making practices.
    • Improved the velocity of production releases by 55%, delivery of maintenance units by 60%.
    • Supervised the yearly delivery of over 1500 development units, more than 600 different production releases.
    • Involved in over 300 system incidents per year, oversaw root cause analysis, and fixed implementation. Reduced the number of incidents by more than 50% YoY.
  • Head of Program Management

    2016 - 2019
    Optiva, (Freelance)
    • Directly managed a team of 6-8 remote project managers.
    • Supervised the development of over 100 projects per year.
    • Delivered projects with an engineering department of around 100 people.
    • Pioneered the PM team. Implemented metrics to track project performance.
    • Reported to senior management on a weekly basis, a first with manual reporting and then automating reports as much as possible.
  • Consultant, Project Manager, Business Unit Head

    2014 - 2016
    Telekom Romania
    • Led a "Payments" business unit, started several initiatives and created business cases to support each of them.
    • Held several management and board of directors presentations per month, to outline new proposals and report on current initiatives updates.
    • Managed several initiatives across 2 years, with a development cost of several million euros and estimated revenues of €50+ million over a period of several years.
    • Created detailed project plans and supervised the implementation process for each new project.
    • Successfully created a new banking business unit, integrated it with existing processes in a company with 7,000+ employees.
  • Implementation, Product and Marketing Manager

    2012 - 2014
    PayU Romania
    • Expanded the product range from less than 5 products by creating 10+ new products.
    • Managed a team of two experts involved in project management and implementation. Worked on all the initiatives from initiation and business case creation phase through project development and implementation.
    • Expanded the customer base, moving from one customer providing more than 50% of the revenues to several big customers, neither being more than 20%.
    • Managed the implementation of the first major reshapes of the payments user experience, combining several products into a much simpler UX.
  • Founder/Head of Project Management

    2004 - 2012
    Web Studio Company
    • Created and managed remote teams of 20+ individual contractors.
    • Managed 100+ projects in several years, while maintaining a customer average satisfaction above 9/10.
    • Kept the team in the top 100 teams worldwide, from a total of 300,000 companies/teams in the marketplace.
    • Managed all the ongoing projects including assigning work to the various teams (UI, dev, DBA); creating work breakdown items for the development team; tracking each work item, removing blockers, and ensuring that it gets done on time/on budget.

Project History

  • Telekom Banking
    Created a new business unit in Telekom Romania and launched the first telco-banking partnership on the Romanian market.

    Working as a consultant in New Business Development department in Telekom, Cornel had the main responsibility to define and implement a completely new business model for the Romanian market: a partnership between a telco company and a bank, under the Telekom brand.

    Cornel had the pleasure of working directly with the Telekom Chief of Staff and the challenge of creating and then implementing a digital banking strategy in a telco company with 7,000+ employees and a complex array of multiple systems to integrate.

    Besides the Telekom Banking project, Cornel also was involved in other projects like bill payments, mPOS initiatives or P2P payments.

    Led a team of program/project managers delivering projects with teams of 100+ people and budgets of 10+ million USD per year.

    Cornel led a team of 5-10 program managers delivering complex telecom cross-functional projects for all Optiva customers.

    Cornel's team was managing between 50-100 active projects across multiple Optiva products and different technologies, with an engineering cost of around $10 million per year. The program managers had the role of driving the engineering developments efforts working directly with engineering managers, engineers, QA team but also with executive teams, external stakeholders or 3rd party suppliers.

    After taking over the management of the team, Cornel started implementing standard metrics to measure the productivity of his team. He then started a process transformation that led to improvements of up to 10x in different areas of the business (like cost per unit delivered). Jira usage was enforced, processes were automated, automatic sheets reading from Jira are just a couple of examples of improvements that lead to major increases in team monitoring and team productivity.

  • PayU Romania
    Main business driver of a radical shift in the business model, from a credit card company to a payment solution company.

    Cornel had the role of creating PayU’s vision for the future and making sure that vision becomes a reality. Being focused on continuous innovation, Cornel has helped PayU migrate from a credit card processing company to a payment management company by launching the widest array of new products in the company’s 10 years history. By understanding his clients' needs, focusing on customer satisfaction, and developing new features that attracted very big customers, Cornel was part of the management team that, in a 2-year period, managed to more than double PayU's revenue.


  • Master's Degree in Engineering
    2002 - 2007
    Politechnics University of Bucharest - Bucharest, Romania


  • Critical Lessons for Entrepreneurs
  • The Lean Startup
    Stanford University
  • International Organization Management
  • Advanced Competitive Strategy
  • Critical Perspectives on Management
    MARCH 2014 - PRESENT

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