Edgar Sierra, Project Manager in Guadalajara, Mexico
Edgar Sierra

Project Manager in Guadalajara, Mexico

Member since April 30, 2020
Edgar has a master's in IT management and is a certified scrum master and project manager (Waterfall/Agile) with expertise in infrastructure, manufacturing, finance, retail, and pharmaceuticals. For the past 11 years, he's worked on enterprise IT projects for multinational companies such as PEMEX, Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP Inc., BIMBO, and APH. Edgar is a results-driven, senior PM who's managed multiple projects in five countries and up to 79 resources simultaneously.
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  • Senior Project Manager

    2017 - 2020
    HP, Inc.
    • Completed a multi-million-dollar project that allowed HP to comply with US regulations. Project was successfully managed from vendor selection process, MVP definition to project completion.
    • Saved several thousand man-hours per year by completing a project to automate (RPA) most of the HR support requests.
    • Reduced up to 80% of the penalties and legal matters related to leasing by automating the leasing process. Besides implementing the full scope of the project, we were able to cover 10% more leases.
    • Completed a new HP company code for South Africa. The project was completed approximately 20% faster than was typically the average when it came to creating company codes.
  • Senior Project Manager

    2015 - 2017
    Dextra (Assigned to HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and DXC)
    • Assisted HP on the biggest separation of their corporate history (HP-HPE) and completing it on time and on budget.
    • Delivered a S/4HANA Finance MDM project related to the number one HPE initiative.
    • Assisted HPE in one of the largest divestitures (HPE-DXC) of their corporate history.
  • Project Manager

    2013 - 2014
    Softtek (Assigned to Hewlett Packard)
    • Increased speed of system implementation by 300%. Completed multiple projects that I was running concurrently; these projects were in different countries and involved IT, manufacturing, and infrastructure coordination.
    • Utilized project resources more efficiently by increasing the number of active projects form two to nine.
    • Established a project structure, governance, and methodology that allowed us to complete projects that were stuck for a long time prior to my arrival at HP.
  • Project Manager

    2009 - 2013
    Application Hosting
    • Undertook a buried BI project and created ETLs and 16 BI reports, effectively resurrecting the project.
    • Integrated costs, inventories, sales, and prices into a single retail and finance system by completing an implementation project for a chain of more than 200 drugstores.
    • Integrated costs, inventories, sales, prices, and a distribution center into a single retail system.
    • Acted as an Account Manager on 3 projects for 3 different clients, with a total duration of almost 3 years.

Project History

  • ASC842 Compliance
    Completed a multimillion-dollar project that allowed HP to comply with US regulations.

    This multimillion-dollar SaaS (cloud) project was related to ASC842 compliance. I spearheaded and managed the project from end-to-end, including the vendor selection process, as well as two different vendors, IT, CREWS, and finance teams. This project was part of the leasing program.

  • WW Rent Payment Automation
    Automated the WW lease payment process resulting in a 10% increase.

    The project was part of a program related to leases. I automated the WW payment of leases that included EDI810 and EDI824 interfaces, as well as the finance process on SAP. Besides implementing the project's full scope, we were able to cover 10% more of the total leases. This project was part of the leasing program.

  • Finsights
    Implemented 15 extraction and feed BI processes with no down-time.

    The project was related to the implementation of an extraction/feed process for 15 different BI/data analytics processes. The data had to be extracted without affecting the performance of the company's main finance data warehouse.

  • South Africa Trust
    Added complex company code to the finance system under tight deadlines.

    The project was related to the process of adding a company code from South Africa to the SAP finance system. There was an urgency to add the company code, so the effort started without any project or established framework. I set up processes to ensure we completed the project on time, on budget, and within the required scope. The project was completed approximately 20% faster than the average time it usually takes to create a company code.

  • DMO SAP, Guardian, and BW
    Updated three major systems, enabling the separation of two large companies.

    The project was related to the divestiture between HPE and DXC, which included an update on three major systems (SAP, Guardian, and BW). As the primary project manager, I managed 79 resources, including two project managers. The project was successfully completed on time and on budget.

  • S/4HANA Single ERP Finance MDM
    Completed the setup of S/4HANA finance MDM space.

    The project related to the setup of the S/4HANA finance MDM space. When the project was completed, it was a part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's number one initiative. It was successfully completed on time and on budget.

  • UPS Implementation
    Implemented the system in several manufacturing sites from several countries, including the US, México, Brazil, China, Australia, Czech Republic, Japan, and Australia.

    The program related to the implementation of a system to allow HP and non-HP manufacturing sites to have the client computers and laptops registered under the asset system. I implemented the system in manufacturing sites around the world.

  • LD en Farmacias Union
    Completed the implementation of various modules and the integration of 16 external services providers.

    I implemented all the required modules for a retail company on time and budget. The modules included: costs, inventory, procurement, security, central administration, prices, institutional sales, and POS. We also completed the integration of 16 external services providers and two financial interfaces with SAP.

  • LD en Mass Moda
    Implemented a retail system to manage costs and integrate with the company finance system.

    I implemented a retail system to manage the costs, central administration, inventory, prices, security, CEDI (distribution center), and POS. The implementation included one integration with the financial system and was successfully completed on time and budget.

  • Farmacias ABC BI
    Undertook a buried project and created ETLs and 16 BI reports, effectively resurrecting the project.

    I developed and implemented a BI system from scratch. I developed the end-to-end ETL process to extract information from the transactional database and set up the necessary SQL jobs to deliver the data to a central database where other sets of jobs take the information and further send it to the target database. Finally, I created 16 BI reports and delivered them to the client.

  • HP HR Chatbot
    Implemented the first HP HR chatbot to allow faster and unmanned resolution of basic and nested (two levels) HR-related queries.

    The project consisted of developing and implementing a chatbot that could solve basic and nested (two levels) queries related to HR. For instance, users could ask the chatbot, "How can I know how many days of vacation I still have" and the chatbot would provide a link and step-by-step instructions on how to get the requested info. This project earned the 2018 "Leading the Way" HP award.

  • E&Y Audit Data Extraction
    Automated the process of extracting HP finance audit data for external audit purposes.

    I implemented an automated process for an external entity to be able to pull (FTP) HP finance audit data without impacting the biggest HP finance data warehouse even though GBs of information had to be extracted on a monthly basis.

  • CPQ viewer
    Allowed sales and marketing teams to review the detail, price and approve final quotation in their mobile devices.

    Project to develop a mobile application to allow sales and marketing teams to review the detail (list of each of the items in the deal), the price per item, and approve the final quotation of deals in their mobile devices.

  • LD Help
    The system provided to different types of users an efficient way to report issues and new requirements related to a commercial retail system.

    Project to develop and implement a web application to serve as an operational support system on which users could add issues found on the system and log new requirements. This system allowed the client and vendor to efficiently solve and process new requirements according to the client's priorities.

  • SAP BW Upgrade
    Completed the warranty of the project without a single high or critical issue after the upgrade.

    This project aimed to upgrade the biggest and more important finance data warehouse at HP, Inc. (SAP BW). Due to the importance of the data, a very particular and accurate data validation plan was put in place. After the upgrade was completed, there were no high nor critical issues reported.

  • LD Farmacias ABC
    Completed the implementation of a commercial system

    Completed the implementation of a commercial system (LD) with several modules like: POS, Inventory, Distribution Centers (CEDI), Security, Central Administration, Procurement and Institutional Sales. Completed several integrations between LD and payment services providers (PSP) to allow clients to pay services like gas, electricity, water, phone service, etc. through LD. Completed the interfaces between LD and different data analytics companies like CloseUp and Nielsen. Acted as a Account Manager to review, prioritize and solve/implement issues and new requirements.


  • Master's degree in Information Technology Management
    2016 - 2018
    Universidad TecMilenio - Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering
    1997 - 2007
    Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí - San Luis Potosi, Mexico


  • Scrum Master Accredited Certification
    APRIL 2020 - PRESENT
    International Scrum Institute
  • .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development
    APRIL 2011 - PRESENT
  • .NET Framework Application Development Foundation
    APRIL 2011 - PRESENT

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