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Ahmad Raza

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Mobile Application Developer

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Toptal Member Since
January 23, 2022

Ahmad is an expert in mobile application and game development with extensive experience building high-quality apps and games in Android, iOS, Xamarin, Flutter, React Native, Cocos2d, and Unity3D. He has 10+ years of experience building popular social apps, awesome puzzles, business applications, and games. He likes working with a team that cares about maintaining high programming standards and performance. It's always been important to him to build long-term relationships with clients.


Amaze Health
Android, iOS, .NET, .NET Core, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Algorithms, Health Policy...
An Online Freelance Agency
Android, Android Development, iOS, Xamarin, Cocos2d-x, Unity, Swift...
Qadib Technologies
Android, iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Cocos2d-x, Cocos Studio, Cocos Creator, .NET...




Preferred Environment

Android, iOS, Xamarin, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, Flutter, React Native, .NET Core, .NET

The most amazing...

...telemedicine platform I've developed is Amaze Health. It has thousands of active users, live chat, calls, and e-prescriptions, assisting thousands in pandemics.

Work Experience

Vice President, Technology Design and Development

2018 - PRESENT
Amaze Health
  • Acted as the head of design and development, leading the development team, including the user interface, database architecture, and browser and mobile development. Amaze Health provides a patient empowerment platform.
  • Led the development of back end (.NET Core), RESTful APIs, web applications, and Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Managed the daily processes of the development team, working with MDs and PAs to solve their problems and providing solutions as per their requirements.
Technologies: Android, iOS, .NET, .NET Core, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Algorithms, Health Policy, Health, Android Development, REST APIs, SignalR, Insurance APIs

Lead Mobile Developer

2012 - PRESENT
An Online Freelance Agency
  • Acted as a mobile developer at an online freelance agency since early 2012. It has recognized me as their lead mobile developer with a 100% success rate.
  • Completed more than 50 projects on an online freelance agency. My success rate is 100%, with 92% long-term clients and a 100% client recommendation rate.
  • Managed the development, directing system testing and validation procedures, software programming, and documentation development. Consulted with departments or customers on project status and proposals.
  • Worked with customers and departments on technical issues, including software system design and maintenance and analyzing information to recommend and plan the installation of new systems or modifications of an existing system.
Technologies: Android, Android Development, iOS, Xamarin, Cocos2d-x, Unity, Swift, Objective-C, Communication, Cost Estimation, Estimations, Teams, Distributed Team Management, Team Management, Flutter, React Native


2014 - 2018
Qadib Technologies
  • Co-founded Qadib Technologies back in 2014 with three other experts. We provided services in Android, iOS, Unity, Coso2dx, Java, and .NET platforms.
  • Helped design software architecture and lead teams to successful projects for our clients. Qadib also provided services in Unity3D mobile applications and game development to our offshore clients.
  • Created 20+ applications while working at Qadib Technologies for clients from all over the globe, with a 100% success rate.
Technologies: Android, iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Cocos2d-x, Cocos Studio, Cocos Creator, .NET, .NET Core, Xamarin, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin Studio, Unity 3, Communication, Estimations

Visiting Lecturer

2015 - 2016
University of South Asia
  • Served as a visiting lecturer at the University of South Asia in Lahore, educating students and helping them find and choose suitable careers.
  • Delivered my knowledge about computer and software programming to students in the best possible way, as I firmly believe that education is the solution to fight corruption, moral issues, and other major problems of society.
  • Taught software and computer-related subjects to students of different departments. Recently, I've taught computer-specific subjects to MBA classes.
Technologies: Computer Science, Communication, Public Speaking

Senior Software Engineer

2013 - 2014
  • Acted as an Android and iOS application developer at Confiz, one of the best software development companies in the town.
  • Gained a chance to work according to high industry standards, with bigger teams and clients from different parts of the world and on diverse projects.
  • Helped create Android and iOS applications from scratch, delivered the updates to clients, and submitted the reports to higher management.
  • Performed Android app development, iOS app development, project estimation, milestone finalization, client communication, Jira and Git management, team management, and submitted reports to higher management.
Technologies: Android, Android Development, iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Cost Estimation, Communication, Team Management, Jira, Git

Android Developer

2012 - 2013
  • Served as an Android developer at MewApps, I had a chance to work directly with senior industry people and seek their guidance to build a few successful, outstanding Android applications.
  • Got the opportunity to take challenging tasks and complete them with the help of available resources and within the deadline.
  • Developed Android applications, and my responsibilities also included reports submissions, project estimations, and submission.
Technologies: Android, Android Development

Eyelashr | iOS, Android, and Web

Developed a web and mobile app for Eyelashr, the world's first on-demand eyelash extension marketplace.

Eyelash extensions on demand. We come to your home, office, hotel—anywhere. Our eyelash extension stylists bring everything to your place. Relax and sleep during the appointment and wake up rejuvenated in your own home, office, or hotel.

Searching for eyelash extensions nearby? There is no need to waste time going to a salon or spa and paying a premium price to deal with traffic and waiting in the lobby. A licensed lash extension technician comes to you in as little as an hour when you book the next available lash extension technician near you. Book the next available appointment or book an appointment up to 90 days in the future.

Eyelashr’s licensed lash extension stylists are thoroughly vetted. Before being hired, each stylist performs an in-person lash application and is graded on an artistic technique, professionalism, and compassion. View stylist profiles, reviews, and images of work examples.

FLIP Carrier | Xamarin, Android, and iOS

FLIP Carrier is a simple, easy-to-use mobile app that captures real-time transport events.

• Enterprise-grade, camera-based barcode scanning.
• Reads all major barcode types.
• Connects to wireless Bluetooth scanners.
• Add photographs and files to scan events.
• Sign-on glass functionality for proof of delivery.
• Customize your scan event types.

The application runs with the FLIP Carrier portal or independent, integrating with your existing freight management system.

Our innovative mobile barcode scanner provides unparalleled performance, cutting labor costs and streamlining transport event processes.

FLIP Freight Shipper | iOS and Android

FLIP Freight is a modern, streamlined logistics platform that uses the latest technology with existing infrastructure to connect shippers and carriers effectively. The platform provides simple, effective, data-driven systems that work for the user.

FLIP Freight Shipper app enables:
• Real-time item-level tracking.
• Status updates from real-time tracking data.
• Cost savings by utilizing data to optimize carrier selection.
• Increased accountability through partner performance ratings.
• Dynamic service options.
• Risk management.
• Efficiency through the intelligent use of technology.

FLIP Freight is a platform that increases transportation footprint, provides visibility to freight, minimizes the risk of service disruption, and delivers relevant business intelligence on a logistics operation.

FLIP Freight Partner | iOS and Android

FLIP Freight streamlines end-to-end freight management. That means a simplified process, increased efficiency, and fewer headaches for the users. It's a platform that simplifies day-to-day work by making the most of the technology. The project was developed using Xamarin, Android, Java, Swift, iOS Swift, and iOS.

• Minimize your paper trail with digital manifests.
• Share manifests and item details using your smartphone.
• Seamlessly transfer and hand over freight within seconds.

OneFlo | Xamarin, iOS, and Android

OneFlo is a logistics portal in your pocket. Access real-time quotes, track your deliveries, and much more on your phone and tablet.

• Calculate shipping costs on the go with real-time quoting.
• Access all preferred carrier rates in one easy place.
• Keep track of all your outbound and inbound items via connote or reference number, both on your mobile devices and desktop.
• POD tracking verifies when an item has been delivered and signed for.
• Quick address lookup and address validation ensure all postcodes and suburbs are a perfect match.
• View visual reports across all your domestic activities.
• Check and reference your most recent tracking events.
• Scalability, OneFlo’s single portal, is scalable from eCommerce to enterprise, allowing it to grow with your business.
• Direct contact to OneFlo support at any time.


Kid-O-Fun is a platform where organizers can create their events. Users (parents) can come to our site, see and review the events and join them online. They can also see other people joining that event.

Kid-O-Fun | Web

Kid-O-Fun is a platform where the organizer can create events that are being held. Users can come to the site, see the events, and join them online. They can also see other people attending that event.

BigC-Connect | iOS, Android, and Web

The BigC-Connect platform has been designed to help cancer survivors on their journey to survival. The platform has many facets. It provides an update feed regarding day-to-day developments in individual cases. There's a messaging service enabling one-on-one dialogue between participants. It has an explore feature containing up-to-date information derived from news, books, and video. Finally, a story section for survivors to share stories and tributes.

Big C-Connect will divert any profitable income from advertising and other sources to research enterprises around the globe performing vital work in the field.


What running races are there in Turkey and around the world? Where are the runs that you don't know about? Which of your friends running which ones? The answer to these and many more questions is Runnery!

Organizers post their calendars, and you can see in-depth information about those races and stay up-to-date with the running world. When you log in with Facebook, you can see which friends are running which races so you can team up with them. When you log in with Twitter and Instagram, you can post your run tweets-photos and get people to like them in-app. Runnery is a must-have app if you want to go for a run!


Developed a parental control app that lets you monitor your kids' device usage, app downloads, and location.

TimeAway helps you balance the awesome educational opportunities your kids get from the internet while preventing addiction. It lets you set and enforce an agreement with your child about their daily internet time.

Install TimeAway on both the parent and kids' devices. After installing, you can remotely:
• Monitor your kids' device usage and app downloads.
• Locate your kids when they are on the go.
• Pause all devices for family events like dinner time.
• Set TimeAway schedules, like school time or bedtime.
• Create time limits for apps like Instagram or Angry Birds.
• Block apps like Snapchat.


Pegasus is an image detection application for Android. It takes input from the CCTV camera and points out the object as per user configuration while playing that video. Also, track of that object's movement is highlighted.


Memory Race was created based on the belief that learning can be tedious, but learning while competing against your friends is always fun. We created a game where you can challenge your friends and classmates to learn just about anything, but you're not just sitting around repeating terms over and over in your head.


Monasbat was developed in late 2013 for a client from the Middle East. It was an Arabic event management application for Kuwait City. Users can post the event happening in their surroundings, and others can see it and talk about it.

Guess Me!

Guess Me! was a similar application like four pics one word. Four pictures were displayed to the users, and the users had to guess the word to win the level. As the users keep winning, they get more rewards and use them to any level where they are stuck.

StudyMode | Android

StudyMode is a website that helps its users in education. I have created the StudyMode Android application. It was published on the Play Store and has a handsome number of installs so far.

LOL Lah | Website

Created a fantastic video-sharing website. The main idea of LOL Lah was sharing funny short videos on a website that other people could watch them. Users get some benefits on the number of views that each video receives.

Trabalhos Feitos

Trabalhos Feitos is an online research database of over two million documents to help you jump-start your research. Bring all the features you know and love about Trabalhos Feitos to your device.

When you log into your account, the app automatically downloads your account information, including your uploaded documents, favorite documents, and the documents you've studied most recently.

• Completely free and easy to use.
• Syncs with your Trabalhos Feitos account.
• Get access to over two million documents
• Share documents with your friends via email, text, or social.


• Post and search jobs globally. Features include live chat, hiring, review pros, searching verified multi-media work examples, as well as commenting, liking, and saving to favorites.
• Users can create profiles, blog, network, follow. Live activity feed and notifications.
• The project was developed using Android, Java, Flutter, React Native, iOS, Swift, C#, Xamarin, and JSON.

Mario Alphabet

Developed the best app for learning to read. Kids learn to read all the letters in a game that encourages play, exploration, and fun. The game is based upon the Montessori Method which allows kids to learn faster. Roll, jump, fly or sail around Mario´s Alphabet app.

iOS development, Android development, and Unity.

Ball'n Trash

The objective of Ball's Trash is to try to lead the selected ball into the trash can. By dragging shapes onto the screen, the users must think of the best ways to get the ball in the trash. The shapes must be placed and rotated correctly to lead the ball into the trash can at each level. The users may also get lucky by placing shapes in random places. There are 30 levels in each difficulty and many ways to score the ball. The users will have a hard time as they go through each level.

atEvent Check-In

The atEvent Check-In app is a customizable app that enables corporate marketers to check in guests at their event booth, capture the discussions they engaged in with prospects, and drive real-time qualified lead follow-up while at the event. Traditionally, leads generated at events have always been unqualified and lacked context for the corporate staffers. The atEvent Check-In app solves this problem by providing a level of event and prospect intelligence into the lead that never existed before. The app enables corporate staffers to capture topics discussed and specific follow-up actions to nurture leads in a more impactful way.

atEvent Card Scanner

The atEvent Card Scanner app enhances and automates lead capture at events by enabling marketing, event, and field sales staff to scan business cards, add follow-up actions and another context about the prospect interaction, and automatically send the information to their CRM or marketing automation system. Traditionally, business cards collected at events must be manually transcribed, a tedious and error-prone process. Additionally, leads generated at events are typically unqualified and lack context. The atEvent Card Scanner app solves these problems by automating the card capture process and allowing users to easily add information around each prospect interaction.

Too Noisy Lite

Anyone who has attempted to keep the noise levels under the control of a group of youngsters will appreciate this simple, fun, and engaging app. This is a fun app that children enjoy and respond to. It's a real boon to any adult who needs to control the noise levels of a group of children.

Eyelashr For Stylists

With Eyelashr, lash extension technicians earn 2-4x the industry standard as an Eyelashr lash extension stylist. Clients pay a premium to book concierge service with vetted, five-star Eyelashr lash stylists. They can apply to join the Eyelashr network of the top lash extension stylists in your city.

Users get a lash stylist profile with images of their work examples, bio, and customer reviews that are SEO optimized and polished by our digital marketing experts. We invest heavily in local advertising and marketing to bring bookings to our clients.

Sales, scheduling, cancelations, customer service calls, re-scheduling, billing—users get a full support team to take care of the clients and support them seven days per week.

PikPark | Cocos2d-x, iOS, and Android

A simple, easy-to-use graphic design app with the option to share your art or have it printed on merchandise and products. The application was developed in Cocos2d-x, and it has in-app purchases for our users.

Cash4Ads | iOS and Android

Cash4Ads is an innovative product of its time. The main idea of Cash4Ads is to sell ads to users and pay them for watching those ads. We developed this product for Android and iOS. A server was built to host the application's ads, user data, and other financial transactions.

My responsibilities in this project include:
• Android application development.
• iOS application development.
• Team management.
• Communication with server team.
• Communication with higher management and project estimation.


Developed Pullcar, a product that connects you with people in your vicinity to make pooling safe. Pullcar is the revolution in the pooling of daily or short trips! Post your travel plans via Pullcar to see and choose with whom you are traveling. It is the easiest and safest way to share your car with people nearby. It accepts people's travel plans and coordinates with them via chat. This app works to coordinate your journeys. It's ecological, economic, and social!

Illustration Guess | Picture Quiz

Developed Illustration Guess, a game unlike any other picture guessing game or trivia game out there. Test your imagination skills with a wide variety of whimsical and engaging picture puzzles games; guess the word by seeing the illustration.

Illustration Guess goes beyond your traditional trivia game or casual games. From idiomatic phrases to compound words and pop culture references, Illustration Guess is an insanely addictive pics puzzler that’s hard to put down.


PakWheels app is the best car app in Pakistan. Users can do their car research and find out about the latest cars and bike prices, reviews and specifications, upcoming cars and bikes, popular car and bike models, and watch cars and bikes review videos. They can also calculate on-road new car prices, compare car and bike features, and get assistance with an auto loan and car finance.

• Search from 200,000+ used cars, used bikes, auto parts, and car accessories.
• Smart search filter—search cars by budget, city, category, make, model, transmission, CC, body type generation, color, and registration city.
• Save favorite used car and bike ads to access them later.
• Calculate accurate on-road prices for domestic cars in Pakistan.
• Search cars by category—Japanese cars, hybrid cars, imported cars, luxury cars, automatic cars, 1000cc cars, sports cars, and modified cars.
• PakWheels offers various auto parts and car accessories. Buy genuine spare parts online.
• PakWheels auto store has Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota Spare parts and accessories.
• Book car inspection service with 200+ checkpoints using PakWheels app.
• Get the original Japanese and imported auction sheet verified using the PakWheels app.

Determine Your Success (DYS)

Determine Your Success (DYS) provides a standalone solution to leadership team development (LTD) to recruit new prospects. It includes Urban Airship push notifications, Amazon S3, video download and streaming, sending emails, communication with web services, and a complete live chat implementation with Firebase.
2009 - 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering

University of Punjab - Lahore, Pakistan


IELTS – English Proficiency Exam

British Council


Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, REST APIs, SignalR


Jira, Git, Cocos Studio, Cocos Creator, Android Studio, GitHub


Swift, Java, Objective-C, VB, C, C++, C#, Kotlin, JavaScript, SQL, HTML


Android, iOS, Xamarin, WordPress, Firebase, Parse, Eclipse, Web, Mobile




Flutter, React Native, .NET Core, .NET, Cocos2d-x, Unity 3, Unity, Xamarin.UITest, ASP.NET, Angular


Unit Testing, Web App Design, Mobile App Design


Xamarin.Forms, Android Development, Xamarin Studio, Algorithms, Xamarin.Mac, Estimations, Teams, Distributed Team Management, English, Cost Estimation, Communication, Team Management, IT Project Management, Mobile Apps, User Interface (UI), Global Team Management, eCommerce, HTTPS, Web Project Management, Android App Design, Mobile App UI, Puzzle Design, In-app Purchases, Responsive Web Apps, Google In-app Billing, Mobile App Development, Offshore Team Management, Offshore Development, Health Policy, Health, Insurance APIs, Computer Science, Public Speaking

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