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Aleks Krause

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Android and Flutter Developer

Tallinn, Estonia
Toptal Member Since
November 11, 2022

Aleks is an energetic and curiosity-driven Android and Flutter developer with 5+ years of experience writing top-quality clean code for high-paced businesses. In previous roles, he has worked on the Estonian COVID-19 tracking app with 100,000+ downloads and the Itella Estonian post-office application, which helps users process millions of parcels a year. Aleks is also an instructor at Udemy, teaching advanced Android development, and he loves creating beautiful applications that scale.


True Footage Inc.
Flutter, iOS, Android, LiDAR, Swift, Kotlin, Firebase, Material Design, GraphQL...
Wethinkbeautiful SRL
Flutter, REST APIs, Go, FlutterFlow, Material Design
Android, Android Studio, Java 8, Kotlin, Material Design, Figma, Bluetooth LE...




Preferred Environment

Android Studio, Android SDK, Flutter, Firebase, APIs, SQLite, Material Design, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Dependency Injection

The most amazing...

...and challenging solution I've built is Itella SmartApp, an Android-based application couriers use to deliver millions of parcels every year.

Work Experience

Flutter Developer

2022 - 2024
True Footage Inc.
  • Developed a Flutter app for iOS and Android that allows real-estate appraisers to conduct inspections of a property. The app greatly increased their day to day productivity.
  • Started the project and set up architecture guidelines for a team of seven developers. Developed a Flutter app for iOS and Android that allows real estate appraisers to conduct inspections of a property. The app greatly increased their day-to-day productivity.
  • Used architecture that ensured multiple packages were used (a package for every feature, tool, or functionality). This allowed for a good separation of concerns and clean code.
  • Helped the designers better understand how to use Material Design 3, which meant helping with the Figma designs. We created themes, components, and screens, which we used to build the application.
  • Taught the team how to use Flutter and conducted code reviews for everyone.
  • Set up CI pipelines for iOS and Android. We set up a workflow where merging a feature was not allowed if the pipeline didn't succeed. The pipeline ran lint and unit tests and built the APK and IPA files.
  • Created a PDF generation tool. This tool helped the users create PDFs out of the data they gathered. The tool was built using Dart and Flutter.
  • Optimized the image loading, scrolling, and data loading (Firebase Realtime Database read times) of the application. This made the application much faster.
  • Set up guidelines on how to write unit tests and widget tests for the application. We wrote 350 tests in total, which gave us an idea of the application's health. They ran during every code merge request.
  • Used Jira for daily activity monitoring and Slack for communication with the client. Integrated GitLab with Jira to track MRs and tasks and with Slack to give notifications on MRs.
Technologies: Flutter, iOS, Android, LiDAR, Swift, Kotlin, Firebase, Material Design, GraphQL, Keycloak, PDF, Jira, Slack API, Slack, Figma, Sentry, Grafana

Flutter Developer to Finalize Beta Release

2022 - 2022
Wethinkbeautiful SRL
  • Helped the client verify if FlutterFlow would be a usable tool for creating their new application. Developed a few screens and tidied up the client's existing FlutterFlow screens.
  • Tracked my tasks using Jira. Communicated with the client using slack.
  • Used Figma designs for reference of creating the FlutterFlow screens.
Technologies: Flutter, REST APIs, Go, FlutterFlow, Material Design

Android Developer

2021 - 2022
  • Helped refactor the existing app in a more testable and scalable way.
  • Contributed to setting up the foundations for the team, including Jira, design and release processes, and software development best practices.
  • Hosted weekly knowledge-sharing sessions for the whole company focused on the newest and most significant trends in mobile development.
Technologies: Android, Android Studio, Java 8, Kotlin, Material Design, Figma, Bluetooth LE, APIs, SQLite, Firebase, Bitrise, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Android Jetpack, Mapbox, Bluetooth, Core Bluetooth, Mobile GPS, GPS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Firebase Test Lab, Cloud Firestore, Swagger, Firebase Authentication, Team Management, Knowledge Sharing, UI Animation, MySQL

Android and Flutter Developer

2018 - 2022
Fob Solutions
  • Developed an application for one of the Estonian postal providers, Itella. The app deals with parcels to be delivered to addresses or smart lockers.
  • Helped develop Estonia's COVID-19 contact tracing application used across the country for a given period.
  • Contributed to developing about 20 other applications.
  • Received the newcomer of the year recognition when I joined the company.
  • Won the company's most challenging project four years in a row, which led me to be recruited for additional technical projects the company put in place.
  • Played a key role in Flutter projects as one of the first people in the company to work with Flutter.
Technologies: Android, Android Studio, Kotlin, Java 8, Flutter, Dart, Firebase, Google Play Store, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), Espresso, JUnit, Jira, Trello, Figma, Material Design, SQLite, APIs, Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, Automated UI Testing, Load Testing, Gradle, Scandit, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Beacons, Core Bluetooth, Bitbucket, Bitbucket API, Slack API, GitHub API, Jenkins, Firebase Hosting, Cloud Firestore, Firebase Authentication, Android Jetpack, Realm, WebApp, CI/CD Pipelines, Pipelines, Dagger 2, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), RxJava 2, RxJava, Coroutines

Android Developer

2017 - 2018
  • Created a new company app called Timbeter Container.
  • Built tests for the company's applications using JUnit and Espresso testing frameworks.
  • Handled all Crashlytics data and managed all application releases using the Google Play store.
Technologies: Android Studio, Android, Android NDK, Espresso, Model View Presenter (MVP), Unit Testing, Google Play Store, Crashlytics, Algorithms

A Flutter-based Android project. The application allows users to challenge their friends to do fun activities using their phone's sensors.

I was the sole developer of this project and made it in my free time.

Comodule White-label Application
An Android-based white-label application used by the Comodule company to create micro-mobility applications for customers of their IoT modules. It is currently used by various brands, including Super73, Mate Bike, Fazua, and BMZ.

The application has Bluetooth and theming as its core products. It provides information about the user's IoT module and allows quick theming according to the client's needs to fit their brand.

Glia Widgets SDK
While collaborating with Mooncascade, I was asked to be the lead developer of the Android widgets SDK for Glia.

Glia specializes in helpdesk software, and they wanted an out-of-the-box product their customers could easily integrate into their existing Android apps. The solution was a white-label product that could be added to the client's app as a library, only needing to be styled through some parameters to get a beautiful working helpdesk area in their app.

I took responsibility for building the app according to the client's requirements and figuring out all the technical elements involved.

Elisa Store Demo Applications

A set of Android-based applications for a local phone reseller to put Android devices on display in its shops beautifully. The applications were an Android TV app for bigger resolution screens, a tablet app for their products catalog, and a phone app. The phone app was built using the Android device owner mode capabilities to allow users to try out some phone functionalities but not others that might harm the store's business. For example, we allowed using the camera, but we restricted entering the phone's settings so that customers couldn't lock the phone for fun. The apps can only be seen in Elisa stores.

I've created these Android applications alongside a design and a back-end team.

Timbeter determines the number of logs and the volume and diameter of each log, whether in a pile, on a truck, or in a container. The app did all of its image processing on an Android device using image processing backed by machine learning.

I was the Android developer in a team of machine learning and back-end developers.

Itella SmartApp

An Android-based application used by Itella company's couriers and sorting terminal operators around the Baltics and Scandinavia to do their tasks.

The application was built for performance and handling significant amounts of data using the device's camera or a Bluetooth barcode scanner to scan barcodes. It used Bluetooth to also connect to an Ingenico payment terminal so that couriers could accept bank payments at a client's doorstep.

The app used the Android Room library to help maintain the app's local database, although many SQL queries were still built from scratch. It was also heavily focused on offline caching, so a huge system was created for that. The whole application was constantly getting unit tests and Espresso screen tests.

I was the Android developer in a team of back-end developers, designers, and project managers. It is probably the most amazing app I have built yet in terms of complexity. It can't be shown externally, as it is an in-house project.

Ömsen Hälsa
A Flutter-based insurance application that was created when Flutter became stable. The team had three developers, two of which were Flutter developers and one was back-end developer. I was one of the Flutter engineers responsible for the UI.
2011 - 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems and Networks

TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology - Tallinn, Estonia


REST APIs, Camera API, Google Maps, RxJava 2, Bitbucket API, Slack API, GitHub API, RxJava


Android Studio, Android Jetpack, Jira, Figma, Android NDK, Trello, Firebase Test Lab, Firebase Authentication, Gradle, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Crashlytics, Keycloak, Slack, Sentry, Grafana


Android SDK, Flutter, JUnit, Core Bluetooth, Espresso, Scandit, Swagger, WebApp, Dagger 2


Java 8, Kotlin, Dart, Java, C, XML, Go, Swift, GraphQL


Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Dependency Injection, Model View Presenter (MVP), Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), Unit Testing, Model View Intent (MVI), Load Testing


Firebase, Android, Bluetooth LE, Bitrise, Mapbox, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Raspberry Pi, Twilio, Android TV, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), FlutterFlow, iOS


SQLite, Cloud Firestore, MySQL, Realm


APIs, Material Design, Google Play Store, CI/CD Pipelines, Ingenico, RFID, Linear Algebra, Bluetooth Beacons, Mobile GPS, Speech to Text, SDKs, Bluetooth, GPS, Team Management, Knowledge Sharing, UI Animation, Automated UI Testing, Firebase Hosting, Algorithms, Pipelines, Coroutines, LiDAR, PDF, Text to Speech (TTS)

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