Alok Rao, Software Developer in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Alok Rao

Software Developer in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Member since April 28, 2021
In his eight years of coding, Alok has juggled many hats. He's built apps for phones, the web, and desktops and worked on monolithic APIs and interconnected microservices. As a blockchain tech lead, he developed pilot apps on Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda to manage private equity on a blockchain platform. He's coded solo, led teams, and co-founded his own company. He can dig into a codebase quickly or whip one up from scratch. Alok enjoys interesting projects regardless of the tech stack. ​
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  • Fonoa
    Node.js, TypeScript, MongoDB, React, ASP.NET, C#, Docker, Kubernetes...
  • Blend
    Flutter, Node.js, React, Redux, NestJS, MongoDB, Sockets, GitLab, Android...
  • Fidelity Investments
    R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, Spring Boot, Node.js, React, Redux, Angular...



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India



Preferred Environment

VS Code, Git, Windows, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The most amazing...

...codebase I've built is a chat engine for Blend, where I designed a protocol from scratch that sat on top of TCP, letting you transmit any data as a message.


  • Senior Full-stack Developer

    2021 - PRESENT
    • Developed a web app for storing and managing master data for tax calculations in each country, with client specific overrides. The data was served through an API for use during tax calculation and through a UI where it could be updated through an approval-based change process.
    • Assisted with the development of a tax calculation service that executed a complex sequence of taxation rules to determine the applicable tax on a transaction.
    • Created a CI pipeline for testing, code coverage, building, and publishing artifacts using Docker Compose and GitHub Actions.
    Technologies: Node.js, TypeScript, MongoDB, React, ASP.NET, C#, Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Compose
  • Co-founder | Chief Technology Officer | Architect | Developer

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Created a binary-wire protocol on TCP and implemented it on a fully featured chat engine that could route, store, and deliver messages agnostic of their contents.
    • Architected and coded a highly optimized hybrid app in Flutter with seamless transitioning between a chat application and a game board with custom built animations and UI components.
    • Built an abstract state machine for creating turn-based games that brought down the development time of a game to one month, helping us launch six games in a span of eight months.
    • Published the app in both the Play and App Store which went on to get 17,000+ downloads in its first six months.
    • Set up APIs and the website on the cloud with everything from load balancing and SSL, to a CI/CD pipeline.
    • Set up authentication and interceptors for key metrics and captured crash logs using Firebase services and custom rules.
    • Participated in a two-member team, handled designing the rules and gameplay of five original turn-based games inspired by board game mechanics.
    Technologies: Flutter, Node.js, React, Redux, NestJS, MongoDB, Sockets, GitLab, Android, iOS, NGINX, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, Kubernetes, Kotlin, Swift, CSS, SCSS, Webpack, Git, Functional Programming, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), Firebase, Sass, REST APIs, AWS, JavaScript 6
  • Tech Lead | Blockchain Incubator

    2018 - 2019
    Fidelity Investments
    • Developed pilot apps on Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda for managing private equity on a blockchain platform.
    • Set up a private P2P cluster of blockchain nodes across firewalls running voting-based consensus and deployed smart contracts for buying and transferring assets issued on-chain.
    • Evaluated four major blockchain implementations extensively for production readiness and published reports detailing research findings and conclusions.
    • Created a responsive web app with role-based access in React and Redux with visualizations portfolio analysis in D3.js that interfaced with Node.js and REST APIs.
    • Created a custom privacy layer on top of the blockchain in Fabric and Corda to anonymize the sender and receiver from any party performing transaction tracing.
    • Groomed and mentored a team of fresh recruits and junior developers over the course of the project.
    • Gave several talks and demos across the organization on specific and general topics in the blockchain space.
    Technologies: R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, Spring Boot, Node.js, React, Redux, Angular, MongoDB, Kotlin, TypeScript, Go, AMQP, Docker, JavaScript, Protobuf, CSS, SCSS, Webpack, Git, Sass, REST APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS
  • Senior Software Developer

    2015 - 2017
    Fidelity Investments
    • Designed and developed a queue-based asynchronous solution with ActiveMQ and Spring Integration for storing and forwarding account opening transactions with guaranteed delivery and automated failover.
    • Authored an orchestration framework and a domain-specific language (DSL) using the Builder pattern and Spring Boot for web services that allowed the implementor to wire up arbitrarily complex task flows with minimal coding.
    • Created prototypes and POCs using React, Angular, and Node.js in the Innovation Center for financial advisors.
    • Received the President's Award—the most prestigious award in the company—for the category of "thinking differently."
    Technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Integration, ActiveMQ, Apache Kafka, Java, Kotlin, Web Services, RESTful Microservices, React, Redux, Angular, D3.js, TypeScript, Apache Tomcat, Node.js, ArangoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Architecture, Sass, SCSS, REST APIs, AWS
  • Software Developer

    2013 - 2015
    Fidelity Investments
    • Migrated a suite of web services in Java 6, using SOAP, running on the Websphere server on legacy VMs, to RESTful services built on Spring Boot in Java 8 with embedded Apache Tomcat, running on the cloud.
    • Built a prototype for an advisor and customer portal on the Apple TV to manage portfolios and presented it to the CEO.
    • Created an administrative dashboard for a suite of orchestration services to monitor health, availability, logs, and manage client configuration and topology.
    • Participated in yearly hackathons and built a web app on portfolio construction that became a full-fledged application.
    Technologies: Java, Spring, Spring MVC, SOAP, IBM ODM, JavaScript, AngularJS, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS), tvOS, Swift, Apple TV, Spring Boot, Apache Tomcat


  • Blend

    A mobile app for playing group games—right inside a chat.

    On its surface, Blend is a fully-featured chat app. You can create groups and have conversations—the whole shebang. But what you can also do is select a game, send it as a message, and see your chat screen turn into a game board!

    In Blend, each action you take in a game, whether playing a card or casting a vote, is transmitted as a message. It travels as a protobuf packet, using a home-grown binary-wire protocol implemented on top of TCP. On the server is a chat engine built to route messages to members, utterly agnostic of their contents.

    In the app, games are implemented on an extensible turn-based state machine with re-usable actions. It currently has five completely original games of multiple genres and mechanics, with two more in the works.

    The app is built on Flutter, and the chat engine and API are coded in Node.js, NestJS, MongoDB, and Redis.

  • CSAP—Crypto Securities and Assets Platform

    A blockchain platform for issuing, transferring, and trading financial instruments such as ETFs and private equity.

    With two flavors, one built on Hyperledger Fabric, and the other on R3 Corda, the platform runs a permissioned, private blockchain network across organizations of interest. The blockchain has smart contracts written in Go/Kotlin for administration, on-boarding, matching, and similar functions.

    The platform has a privacy layer built on top of the implementation to obfuscate transactions and anonymize participants.

    The web app is built on React and Node.js, and the platform runs on Docker containers in a Kubernetes cluster, communicating through a P2P network that uses GRPC/AMQP.

  • Stitch

    A composition framework for web services.

    Written in Spring Boot, this framework provides a DSL for rapidly wiring up complex flows with several integration points. The primary abstraction of the framework is a "Task Chain." The implementor uses the DSL to declaratively define the flow of the service. Each task in the chain is a bean that implements a "task processor." Task processors can be extended from off-the-shelf components that simplify calling an API, connecting to a database, or an MQ.

    The framework was internally implemented across teams and shaved over 50% of the development time of several APIs.

  • Nucleus

    A fully functional prototype on the Apple TV for financial advisors and clients.

    Built on tvOS, the application is a productivity hub for Advisors with several spokes. One is a conversation screen that aggregates your communications with clients across providers such as Email, Facebook, and Twitter. Another is a news source with intelligent summarizations and insights on impact to portfolios. It also has other features such as customer insights, portfolio, and monitoring.

    The app was built with Swift and fetched data through REST APIs coded with Node.js connected to a PostgreSQL instance.

  • Async Processing Framework—APF

    A utility service to store, throttle, and guarantee delivery of transactions.

    Backed by an ActiveMQ cluster, APF guaranteed high availability through automatic failover and instantaneous message replication. It was a multi-tenant platform that could be configured to transmit transactions in parallel or sequence and formed the bridge for several interactions between mainframe apps and distributed services.

    The service was written in Java using Spring Integration and Spring Boot and used ActiveMQ and later Kafka for persisting transactions.

  • Rudder

    A portfolio tracker for historic analysis.

    The app lets you create portfolios from existing financial instruments and track their value across time ranges. Historic data was run through financial models to predict the success of portfolios and tweak their composition.

    The app was built in AngularJS with a REST API in Spring MVC.

  • Business Process Orchestration

    A suite of Java and .NET web services for processing account opening and transfer of asset transactions.

    At the core of the account opening pipeline, the services orchestrated several utilities such as eSignature collection, rule engine validation, faxing and mailing integrations, and manual workflow interactions.

    The suite was a collection of services ranging from top-of-the-line ASP.NET core and Spring Boot REST APIs to legacy services running Spring MVC with XML configurations using SOAP.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, HTML, JavaScript 6, Java, C#, CSS, SCSS, Sass, Kotlin, Go, Swift, SQL
  • Frameworks

    Flutter, Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Express.js, Spring MVC, Angular, ASP.NET Core, Redux, NestJS, Spring, AngularJS, ASP.NET, Jest, ASP.NET MVC
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, React, Protobuf, REST APIs, React Router, Sockets, AMQP, D3.js, jQuery
  • Storage

    MongoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), ArangoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Tools

    ActiveMQ, Apache Tomcat, VS Code, GitLab, NGINX, Webpack, Splunk, Jira, IntelliJ IDEA, Docker Compose
  • Paradigms

    Functional Programming, Agile, DevOps, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Unit Testing
  • Platforms

    Blockchain Platforms, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Docker, Apache Kafka, Ethereum, Android, Linux, Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), Ubuntu, Amazon Web Services (AWS), WebSphere MQ, Firebase, Kubernetes, iOS, tvOS, Apple TV
  • Other

    Quorum, CI/CD Pipelines, Full-stack, Architecture, Design, Web Development, Web Services, RESTful Microservices, IBM ODM, Frameworks, AWS, Bitcoin, Entrepreneurship, SOAP, DocuSign


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2009 - 2013
    Bangalore Institute of Technology - Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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