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Andreas Trantidis

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WebSockets Developer

Thessaloniki, Greece
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May 25, 2014

Andreas is a top full-stack web developer with proven experience in developing cutting edge, high quality, complex web applications. He has a strong academic background in software engineering and 10 years of experience in leading all development phases, including requirements analysis and design.



Preferred Environment

WebStorm, Git, Linux, MacOS

The most amazing...

...piece of software I've developed is a custom WebGIS platform developed years before Google Maps first appeared.

Work Experience

Owner, GM

2004 - PRESENT
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  • Designed and developed a custom web GIS platform supporting (almost all) GIS vector formats and raster images.
  • Designed and developed the first WebRTC video chat application ever for Facebook.
  • Designed and developed a custom Joomla conference management plugin for the most important medical society in Greece.
  • Created a reusable front-end framework based on Bootstrap and Twitter Flight.
  • Designed and developed a real-time participation time monitoring tool to be used during conferences.
  • Designed and developed software for poster presentations for conferences. Implemented a dual monitor (one major and one for controlling posters) to be touch and mobile friendly.
  • Created a live streaming web application supporting multiple events, sessions, and streams.
  • Developed vLine's WebRTC API ( for a PHP and Node.js example), open sourced on GitHub and provided to users of the API.
  • Built a video collaboration platform embedding a whiteboard for real-time interaction between users (PDF load, page change, image load, PDF and image drag, pointer synchronization, and more).
  • Participated in the development of a prototype of a very exciting fitness-related WebRTC startup.
  • Designed and developed a mobile-friendly member management system that has been used by three different medical societies in Greece.
  • Wrote an IVCi Accordent streaming JavaScript plugin to convert Accordent on-demand videos to a mobile friendly HTML5 version.
Technologies: WebRTC, Less, CSS2, HTML5, MySQL, MongoDB, Node.js, React, Angular

Lead Developer

2003 - 2004
  • Designed and developed a routing Java app to be used on WebGIS apps. Allowed the application to load a network from any spatial vector format and calculate the best route between given points in the network. Based it on Dijkstra's algorithm and utilized the Singleton pattern.
  • Managed the project, designing and developing the waste collection management system of one of the most important municipalities of Greece. Implemented amazing features including real-time fleet monitoring and high quality and variety of exported reports.
  • Designed and developed the very first WebGIS application in Greece based on UMN MapServer. Implemented a complete and interactive city guide of one of the most important municipalities in Greece.
  • Analyzed and designed the algorithm for a demanding logistics application that exported the schedule and routes of all available garbage collection vehicles collecting medical waste from hospitals. Exported the results while accounting for the waste weight, the number of available vehicles, and the geographical distribution of the hospitals.
  • Developed a touch screen-based city guide hosted on info kiosks placed in five of the most crowded points of a very large Greek city.
Technologies: MapServer, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Java, PHP

App for Posts and Comments

I developed a small app using the Flight framework by Twitter and jQuery that utilizes the unofficial Hacker News JSON Processing (JSON-P) API and displays the latest posts and comments. To view it, a user has to open the index.html file in a browser.

Mapflash WebGIS platform

Mapflash WebGIS platform is a custom WebGIS platform developed in 2004 and maintained and updated up to the middle of 2007. The platform was developed using a number of open source GIS libraries and was compatible with any spatial vector and raster format, providing a gridded interactive map. The platform was mainly competing with products from UMN MapServer, ESRI, and Autodesk. Its reach features and capabilities list combined with its low price made it popular in Greece, as it was used in more than 5 major projects by 5 big municipalities and prefectures across the country.
The technologies used were Python, Java, MySQL spatial, GDAL/OGR, PROJ.4, EPSG, and ActionScript 3.


CongressValue is a tool for monitoring conference participation. Combined with a bar-code or RFID scanner for scanning participants' ID tags, CongressValue records the time of entrance and exit of each participant. The software automatically calculates the duration between two subsequent scans and stores information about the total amount of time the participant has spent in various conference rooms. It additionally maintains a log of all scans, presents the data in real-time, and stores it for subsequent analysis.
Technologies used include Node.js, MongoDB, offline HTML5 API, WebSockets, and Backbone.js.

MedSchool is a webinar / educational platform providing a complete series of classes to doctors of various specialities.
Each class consists of a number of video courses, tests, and a final exam that each participant should take in order to gain the graduation certificate. The system embeds an online payment system through PayPal, and uses an ad banner management system, a test and question management system, and more. It is fully responsive and mobile friendly.
Technologies used: Node.js, MongoDB, Twitter Flight, Bootstrap

j-congress is a custom Joomla conference management component. It was developed on behalf of the Hellenic Cardiological Society and has been serving its conference needs since 2008.
The system supports a number of access levels:
- Super Admin
- Conference Admin
- Secretariat
- Tourist Agent
- Abstracts Judge
- Participant
- Organization
- Visitor
and provides a number of capabilities including:
- Fully customizable conference creation
- Online registration
- Online abstract submission and evaluation
- Accommodation and reservations management
- Online payments
- Data presentation and manipulation (program, venue etc)

Technologies used: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL


JustKnock™ is a WebRTC video collaboration service. We designed JustKnock to serve as a mobile professional’s virtual office. Functioning just like a physical office, when someone “Knocks”, users can see who is behind the door and decide whether to speak with them right away or park them in a (virtual) waiting room. With our Defined Availability feature, only select people will know that users are “available”.
Here are just a few of its amazing features:
-100% browser-based real-time video communications (compatible with Chrome or FireFox at the moment)
-No downloads
-Crystal clear, echo free audio combined with HD video
-Instant on/off
-Virtual Waiting Room: See who is waiting to video chat with you
-Defined Availability lets you decide in real-time who gets to see if you are online. For example: Family and co-workers can Knock on your door, but the general public sees you as offline.
-Integrated whiteboard allows you to share PowerPoints and other documents
-Extremely user friendly

Posters Project

The Posters Project provides an alternative way of presenting posters on scientific conferences in a digital format.
The project consists of two distinct parts:
- The poster management system
- The poster presentation system
The poster management system is a web based application by which the administrator can add, edit, and manage all the posters of a conference. Each poster may consist of more than one slide and supports video. Each poster belongs to one or more categories supported by the conference.
Besides the poster management tools provided by the application's UI, the Posters Project is designed and developed to (both) provide and support web services. Any web based conference management system can be "chained" with the Posters Project by a two-legs authorization mechanism.
The second part of of the project is the poster presentation system. All the approved posters are presented and made available on the conference through a number of different interfaces that the Posters Project supports:.
- Large (main) monitors iterating through the posters
- Touch screen optimized UI that provides full search capabilities and control of the main monitors
- Mobile-optimized web page with full search capabilities
- PC-optimized interface available to the users through the conference's network


MotorCortex is an open source project/library that makes web animations easy, providing the ability to describe them through CSS-like syntax and stop messing animation logic with the actual javascript code.


JavaScript, CSS3, Less, HTML5, SQL, CSS2, PHP, Java, HTML, CSS


Vanilla JS, Bootstrap, Express.js, Angular, Flight


React, Google Maps, Web Worker, HTML5 Canvas, HTML Offline API, Raphaël, RequireJS, WebRTC, EasyRTC, Facebook API, Backbone.js, Three.js, Gigya, D3.js, Node.js


WebStorm, Git, Adobe Photoshop


Functional Programming, Design Patterns, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP)




SaaS, WebSockets, Architecture


MapServer, MacOS, Linux

2002 - 2003

Master's Degree in Software Engineering and Telecommunications

University of Sheffield - Sheffield, UK

1995 - 2002

Bachelor's Degree in Physics

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki, Greece