Andrey Bezpalenko, Developer in Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
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Andrey Bezpalenko

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Web App Developer

Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Toptal Member Since
June 22, 2014

Andrey has always been very interested in physics and electronics, and would create radios, transmitters, and other interesting things as a child. In 1998, he started programming with a passion. Andrey is an expert in web development, a dedicated engineer, and a great communicator.


Digisec Media
Chrome Developer Tools, SOLID Principles, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)...
Cleverweb, LLC
Chrome Developer Tools, SOLID Principles, Adobe Photoshop...
Cleverweb, LLC
Chrome Developer Tools, SOLID Principles, Adobe Photoshop...




Preferred Environment

Chrome, VirtualBox, Git, IntelliJ IDEA, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is a CAD system for automatic calculation of the best layout for facade systems, considering the design of the facade.

Work Experience


2016 - PRESENT
Digisec Media
  • Led the development team on all the company projects.
  • Managed the Amazon AWS ecosystem and dedicated servers and analyzed bottlenecks. Performed a migration between Amazon AWS and dedicated servers for MySQL databases.
  • Optimized PHP code, loaded listeners, added Pinba for monitoring, made timers in all needed places to understand slow parts, and migrated old legacy PHP code to Symfony 2 and PHP 7.
  • Improved search performance several times and migrated projects to Elasticsearch 5.0.0 from version 0.93.
  • Created a new deployment logic using TeamCity CI with artifacts that upload to AWS servers and can roll back to the old version quickly. I also managed the change for a building agent from standalone to Fargate Grid on AWS that scales automatically.
  • Developed a fraud protection system for company projects using Java Spring as API and Angular 2 on the front end.
  • Prepared Docker containers for speeding up development and a quick start for new developers, including the ability to automatically start a remote container with all needed things to work.
  • Architected, planned, and led a transition from a Symfony 2-only website to a front-end Angular 2 TypeScript one with a back-end API based on Symfony 2.
  • Interviewed many developer candidates, hired and streamlined the development team, and managed development quality.
  • Created most of the company's business intelligence system based on Microsoft SQL Server. Made many connectors for third-party systems, like Geckoboard. Worked on performance improvements of MS SQL and conducted several data research.
Technologies: Chrome Developer Tools, SOLID Principles, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), GitHub, Git, Node.js, Facebook API, HTML5, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Route 53, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS IAM, TypeScript, Test-driven Development (TDD), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Less, CSS3, Agile Software Development, Amazon EC2, Linux, Web App Development, SQL, Elasticsearch, Loggly, TeamCity, MQTT, Systems, SendGrid API, Kickbox API, Angular, Ubuntu, CentOS, Python, JavaScript, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, MySQL, Java, PHP, Symfony 2, Symfony 4

Team Lead

2015 - 2016
Cleverweb, LLC
  • Improved a previously created and launched white-label Symfony 2 platform for a social network to migrate data from another social network. Started the project in new countries with migrated users.
  • Led the development of the back-end (Symfony2) and front-end (Pure JavaScript) parts, Linux server administration, architectural changes, and mobile version development (Ionic).
  • Developed the most crucial parts of the Symfony 2 back-end project. Improved abstract schema to be more understandable.
  • Invented and developed a new Java Spring anti-fraud application for a dedicated server with the Percona database.
  • Tweaked NelmioApiBundle to support versioning of the API and prepared commands to quickly prepare the new version.
  • Configured the TeamCity deployment system for all projects we created.
  • Configured a business intelligence system and integration (Microsoft SQL Server). Created BI formulas for graphs and ETL logic. Created a quick way with Flask (Python) to provide modular JSON data feed for Geckoboard requests.
  • Improved a translation system for two similar projects with the ability to exchange translations between projects.
  • Added asynchronous integration with Google Adwords events.
  • Improved the logic of a Hapi + MongoDB + Swagger application for an additional API server.
Technologies: Chrome Developer Tools, SOLID Principles, Adobe Photoshop, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), SendGrid API, GitHub, Git, Elasticsearch, Node.js, Facebook API, HTML5, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Route 53, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS IAM, TypeScript, Behavior-driven Development (BDD), OAuth 2, Test-driven Development (TDD), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Less, CSS3, Agile Software Development, Backbone.js, Amazon EC2, Web App Development, SQL, Angular, Linux, Amazon, Python, JavaScript, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, MySQL, Java, PHP, Symfony 2

Senior Developer

2012 - 2015
Cleverweb, LLC
  • Improved my Symfony 2 skills. Created a web service for parsing RSS channels and providing a REST interface for the mobile application.
  • Gained experience in big team collaboration with JIRA, code review on Bitbucket and GitHub, daily meetings, and time tracking.
  • Got used to various rule systems including SOLID, KISS, DRY, and YAGNI.
  • Improved my English knowledge through daily meetings in English and weekly lessons.
  • Created a big project for selling things from scratch.
  • Worked on different big projects with the Symfony 2 framework.
  • Taught students to use our technologies.
Technologies: Chrome Developer Tools, SOLID Principles, Adobe Photoshop, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), SendGrid API, Mailchimp API, Android, JavaFX, Facebook API, HTML5, Angular, Behavior-driven Development (BDD), OAuth 2, Java, Test-driven Development (TDD), Less, CSS3, Agile Software Development, Amazon EC2, Linux, Web App Development, SQL, Bamboo, Jenkins, Behat, PHPUnit, GitHub, Bitbucket, Git, Ruby, Vagrant, Bower, Composer, Grunt, Elasticsearch, Node.js, Masonry, AngularJS, Marionette.js, Backbone.js, Varnish, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Symfony 2

Software Engineer

2008 - 2012
Metallprofil, LLC
  • Created a MPCAD application for automatic calculation of facade construction. Supported all steps of construction, from drawing walls and selecting parameters for calculation to exporting tables of data for different departments (factory schemas, delivery schemas, client workers).
  • Created the system to support DXF AutoCAD files (import-export), XLS, PDF formats, and our own file formats.
  • Developed multithreading functions for facade calculation. Included many parameters for calculation in the algorithm, including type of facade cassette, thickness of metal, colors, preferred type of automatic calculations, type of building corners, and more. Included many geometry rules and algorithms for calculation and considered all rules of creating and assembling the product. Used a complex algorithm for calculation of substructure elements and another one for finding the best way to load the product into big rigs.
  • Created my own debugging memory manager for finding memory leaks. Made my own compression and encrypting algorithms for inner files format.
  • Made an antitheft protection system based on an encrypted TCP connection to a local server that provided inner memory schema for the application.
  • Created a system for automatic updates and rollback.
  • Optimized a program working on my own software engine, allowing it to approach the speed of the AutoCAD software engine. Added OpenGL to speed up the graphic system.
Technologies: Object-oriented Programming (OOP), HTML5, Blender, CSS3, Delphi, Linux, Citrix, Cisco, DXF, XLST, TCP/IP, Encryption, OpenGL, Delphi 7

Web Developer

2006 - 2012
HED Group
  • Created my own PHP and MySQL CMS for quick web-site creation.
  • Developed systems for statistics, users, and templating. Used modules for web sites (product catalog, eCommerce functions, static pages, news, guest book, CAPTCHA, and more).
  • Made many small websites and several eCommerce websites.
  • Made watermark scripts, auto-resized images, edited catalogs via CSV files, and more.
  • Integrated different services such as payments via RBKMoney, automatic generation of XML data for Yandex.Market, autogeneration of sitemap.XML, and more.
  • Developed several HTML parsers for HTML data from different websites.
  • Created Python scripts for very quick preparation, deployment, and updating of new projects.
  • Created a PHP-MySQL billing system for a cable TV Provider company.
  • Developed a PHP-MySQL-DHTMLX inner trade accounting system for an automobile parts shop. Supported preparation of barcode images and worked with a barcode scanner.
Technologies: Chrome Developer Tools, Adobe Photoshop, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Git, Yandex Maps API, Blender, Symfony 2, Linux, SQL, Python, NGINX, Apache, DHTMLX, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, MySQL, PHP

Senior Engineer

2006 - 2008
Sberbank Rossii, JSC
  • Installed, supported, and repaired ATMs. Worked with NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, and Verifone POS terminals.
  • Made our own VBSScripts to speed up our work.
  • Got an award for improving the software situation with ATMs and sped up the support system.
  • Invented new regulations for using our own cars to speed up processes.
  • Supported Windows networks, crypto systems, and Unix servers.
Technologies: RAID, Unix, VBScript, Windows Registry Editor (Regedit), POS, SCS


2005 - 2006
Armavir State Pedagogical University (AGPU)
  • Configured a quick backup-restore system in the university network.
  • Configured a website server on FreeBSD and allowed access rights to FTP directories for our departments and teachers.
  • Made PHP scripts for cleaning up a HTML page saved from Microsoft Word, caching it, and including it in a web site on the fly.
  • Configured inner Wi-Fi 802.11b access points on a net and wireless channel between affiliates with 24dBi directed antennas.
  • Configured and worked with an active directory on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 servers.
Technologies: Apache, jQuery, Linux, MySQL, PHP, FreeBSD, FTP Servers, DNS, Delphi

Developer, System Administrator

2005 - 2006
ISP Rona
  • Configured a FreeBSD router for a small ISP.
  • Created my own billing system for ISP on Perl, PHP, MySQL, and ipfw.
  • Created a 2-step authenticating program on Delphi using the Bluefish crypto algorithm by key from server.
  • Configured a DSL channel for upstream and DSL channels for our Wi-Fi access points.
  • Created our own antennas for the access points and installed them for clients as well.
  • Soldered access points to enlarge power.
  • Worked with outdoor Wi-Fi systems.
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Apache, jQuery, Linux, SQL, Delphi, WiFi, MySQL, PHP, Perl, FreeBSD

Web Developer

2004 - 2005
  • Created several eMarkets for Hi-Fi sound systems.
  • Developed my first searching system with a huge MySQL database and heavy optimization work.
  • Built my first eMarket PHP-MySQL engine.
  • Worked remotely for the first time with a Moscow company.
  • Optimized web sites for different browsers.
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Apache, Perl, jQuery, SQL, CSS, HTML, MySQL, PHP


2003 - 2004
  • Worked for the first time with PHP and MySQL.
  • Developed my own PHP-MySQL engine.
  • Implemented a slicing layout with Photoshop 5.
  • Created an email sending scripts for feedback forms.
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Apache, SQL, HTML, MySQL, PHP


An Australian project for buying and selling online. It uses Symfony 2, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Backbone.js, Marionette, AWS, Masonry, database migrations, PHPUnit, and Jenkins. and Git flow.

I created the back-end parts, including back-end search algorithms, community logic, and MailChimp integration. I also developed the front-end, including geolocation detection and search filters. Development required skills with Symfony 2, high-load web applications, and Git flow.

A system for searching for new apartments from building companies. Technologies used include Symfony2, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Backbone.js, AWS (EC2, S3, CloudFront, RDS), and Yandex.Maps.

My work included:
• Integrating Yandex.Maps
• Improving search by ElasticSearch
• Creating a mailer subscription system as an external Symfony bundle
• Adding the ability to hide companies
• Creating a quick editor of static texts on pages for the copyrighter
• Creating the ability to use search functionality without JavaScript for Google and Yandex spiders


A RSS feeds aggregator with functionality for searching by tags and a mobile application.

My work included:
• Database design
• Elasticsearch connection and searching
• Fetching RSS feeds from added channels
• Mobile REST API
• Additional Symfony 2 firewall to work with mobile tokens
• Registering and login forms


A German project for searching for things that users want to buy.
The project was frozen.

It uses Symfony2, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Grunt, Sprites, Backbone.js, Marionette, Masonry, Select2, jQuery, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Bamboo, capifony, Bower, Stash, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Fine Uploader, and Moment.js.

My work included:
• Starting the project and creating the first pre-registration part (
• Slicing PSD files to a HTML layout
• Configuring the Symfony2 framework
• Creating database structure (entities)
• User related actions
• Product-related actions
• Integrating Elasticsearch
• Parsing websites to get images
• Additional Symfony 2 firewall for a REST API bundle and mobile application
• Writing Backbone.js and Marionette code and Masonry integration
• Configuring an Ubuntu Amazon EC2 instance
• Adding the ability to shop pages without JavaScript for parsing by other services, like sharing on Facebook

Design Studio

This design studio website is based on its own CMS and FastEngine, developed between 2006 and 2014. It was still used on several websites in 2024, but not on this one anymore. The website was made very responsive, with Javascript code that quickly and smoothly changed appearance to different screen sizes, from mobile to very big screen.

Technologies used include PHP, MySQL, Pure JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS.

Next Love (Formerly VictoriaMilan)
In 2014, I joined the team developing a new version of the dating platform using Symfony 2, Redis, MySQL, and Amazon services called NextLove. I started as a senior developer working on the project and, in two years, managed to migrate the old platform, VictoriaMilan, to the new version and led the development team.
2000 - 2005

Master's Degree in Physics and Information Science

AGPU (Armavir State Pedagogical University) - Armavir, Russia


Backbone.js, SendGrid API, Marionette.js, jQuery, OpenGL, DHTMLX, Masonry, React, Facebook API, Node.js, Yandex Maps API, Kayako API, Mailchimp API


Adobe Photoshop, AWS IAM, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon ElastiCache, IDEA IDE, PhpStorm, VirtualBox, Chrome Developer Tools, Composer, AWS CLI, TeamCity, PayEx, HipChat, PyCharm, Terminal, Windows Registry Editor (Regedit), Apache, NGINX, Varnish, Grunt, Bower, Vagrant, Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, Behat, Jenkins, Bamboo, IntelliJ IDEA, MQTT, SendGrid, Apache Maven, Gradle, MySQL Workbench, Blender, Xcode


Symfony 2, Twig, Angular, OAuth 2, PHPUnit, Chrome, CodeIgniter, AngularJS, JUnit, Compass, Symfony 4


SQL, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Less, Python, TypeScript, HTML, CSS3, XML, Pascal, Delphi, CSS, VBScript, Delphi 7, XLST, C++, SCSS, HTML5, Kotlin, Ruby, Perl


Object-oriented Programming (OOP), REST, KISS, Kanban, Functional Programming, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Continuous Integration (CI), Procedural Programming, Automated Server Deployment, Behavior-driven Development (BDD), Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Model View Controller (MVC)


Linux, Amazon EC2, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MacOS, Windows, Unix, Citrix, Amazon, CentOS, Ubuntu, Meteor, JavaFX, FreeBSD, Android


MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, InnoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Memcached, Elasticsearch, MongoDB

Industry Expertise



Web App Development, SOLID Principles, Amazon Route 53, Relational Database Services (RDS), Module Development, WiFi, DNS, FTP Servers, SCS, POS, RAID, Encryption, TCP/IP, DXF, Cisco, Kickbox API, Systems, Loggly, Physics

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