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Aniket Bhatnagar, Software Developer in Dublin, Ireland
Aniket Bhatnagar

Software Developer in Dublin, Ireland

Member since May 13, 2015
Aniket is a top architect and a seasoned developer who is an expert in building distributed, highly scalable, and fault-tolerant transactional and analytical systems. He enjoys solving hard problems and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions that often beat expectations in terms of functional and non-functional requirements. He is blockchain expert and also a keen open source contributor.
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  • Circle
    AWS, Java, Postgres, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Smart Contracts...
  • AOL
    Java, Spring, Netty, Aerospike, Spring Boot, Functional Programming, Spark...
  • SapientNitro
    Java, JEE, Scala, Play Framework, Spring, Hibernate, Redis, HBase, RDMBS...


  • Java, 12 years
  • Spring, 10 years
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), 4 years
  • MySQL, 4 years
  • Scala, 3 years
  • Apache Kafka, 2 years
  • Apache Spark, 2 years
  • Blockchain, 1 year
Dublin, Ireland



Preferred Environment

Mac, IntelliJ, Linux, Git

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is a timeseries API which allows users to define their own schema (versioning possible) and push data as well as perform real-time analytics.


  • Senior Software Engineer

    2017 - PRESENT
    • Built fiat connectivity to Blockchain through stable coins.
    • Built trading infrastructure.
    • Integrated with various wallets for implementing highly scalable deposit/withdraw infrastructure (with auto-sweeping to central addresses, etc.).
    • Implemented an OAuth2 server for inter-service communication and user authentication supporting various types of grants.
    Technologies: AWS, Java, Postgres, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Smart Contracts, ERC 20 Tokens
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2016 - 2017
    • Worked on high throughput (400+ thousand per second) and low latency (less than 10 miliseconds) user targeting services. Also worked on massive data pipeline involving TBs of segmentation data using Apache Spark, Kafka, AWS DataPipeline, etc.
    Technologies: Java, Spring, Netty, Aerospike, Spring Boot, Functional Programming, Spark, AWS, AWS CloudFormation, AWS AutoScaling, Chef, CI/CD
  • Manager of Technology

    2007 - 2015
    • Architected and implemented SapientNitro's data platform to help businesses understand consumer behavior. Used non-blocking I/O and functional programming to build a highly scalable transactional system. Also used HBase for time series storage and AWS Kensis and Spark for real-time analytics.
    • Contributed to the architecture and implementation of various solutions for many B2C clients using Java/JEE, Spring, and Hibernate.
    • Helped with various performance tests and performance fixes in live and test environments by using tools like JMeter and studying thread and heap dumps.
    • Worked on various consulting projects for clients including NASCAR, Coca-Cola, etc. Implemented various web applications catering to millions of customers. Also, implemented login/authentication using OAuth2 (both server and client) and Social Logins.
    Technologies: Java, JEE, Scala, Play Framework, Spring, Hibernate, Redis, HBase, RDMBS, MySQL, REST
  • CTO

    2009 - 2011
    • Architected, developed, designed, and implemented the product.
    Technologies: Java/JEE, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat


  • Data Pipeline Performance Improvements (Development)

    Debugged performance issues in a data pipeline that had been migrated to AWS and Spark.

  • AOL Platforms User Targeting Service (Development)

    AOL platforms is in the business of programmatic advertising and works with leading brands to deliver their message to a wide range of audience. The user targeting service is an API used by ad servers to determine the campaign that needs to be shown to the user and guess bid value. The user targeting service has tight SLA (less than 10ms latency with 99.9% availability) and high throughput (> 500k TPS peak). As part of the project, I successfully delivered critical pieces like caching and serving segments for users that are linked with multiple browsers/devices.

    Apart from building high throughput systems, I also worked with massive datapipeline for TBs of segmentation data using Spark and AWS Datapipeline

    Tech stack: Java 8, Netty, Chef, Functional Programming, Spark, AWS, AWS CloudFormation, AWS ELB, AWS AutoScaling

  • SapientNitro Iota Data Platform (Development)

    Involved in building a data platform for Internet of things (IoT) applications that allow for necessary tools to sense/collect data, perform analysis, and build models.

    - Architect to build a high-level view of the platform and necessary technology recommendations. The work was presented by our CTO at Strata Conference in London ( (slides 30 - 33)
    - Implemented crucial pieces of the platform like real-time streams (using web sockets, Redis, and Play! Iterates), API for time series data persistence (using HBase), modular components using Cake patterns, remote widgets to capture data from IoT devices, etc.
    - Traveled to Chicago to meet the data analyst team.

    Tech stack: Scala 2.10.3, Play! Framework 2.2.0, HBase, Redis, Kafka 0.8, Storm, HDFS, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, StatsD + Graphite (for monitoring), Spark 1.x

  • NASCAR Digital Platform (Development)

    NASCAR and SapientNitro had joined hands to develop a fan engagement platform that will be used by NASCAR as well as sold as a managed offering to other sports entertainment businesses.

    - Team lead for integration and security track and junior architect for addressing scalability and performance.
    - Evaluated various NoSQL databases for the choice of key-value and document-oriented databases. Finally closed down with Redis and MongoDB.
    - Implemented a highly scalable (2 million hits per hour) and available (99.99%) OpenID 2.0 compatible identity provider solution using LDAP on the back-end and sharded Redis instances for session and volatile data store.
    - Travelled to the US (Charlotte, NC) to help with deployment and cut-over activities.

    Tech stack: Java/JEE, OSGi, Apache Camel, Talend, Adobe Day CQ (CMS), Spring, OpenID (provider implementation), Spring, Redis (Cache/Session/Association/AccessToken store)

  • Open Source Contributions to Apache Spark (Other amazing things)

    Contributed bug fixes in Spark-Kinesis integration and dependency conflicts in the Spark core. Also, contributed enhancements to AWS EMR Spark Bootstrap script.

    Selected contributions: SPARK-8895, SPARK-7788,
    SPARK-5164, SPARK-5143, HBASE-12108, SPARK-3639, SPARK-3638

  • Orangut Learning Management Product (Development)

    Orangut’s flagship learning management product for schools and colleges.

    - Architect and senior developer
    - Designed and implemented the product

    Tech stack: Java/JEE, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat

  • SpamKiller (Development)

    SpamKiller Android application is aimed at filtering spam SMS messages in Android devices (2.2+).

    - Implemented the application just out of frustration caused by SMS spammers. Had put it up on Google Play store for free (without ads).


  • Languages

    Java 8, Java, HTML, SQL, Scala, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

    Play Framework, Spring MVC, Spring, AWS EMR, Apache Spark, OAuth 2, Akka, Netty, OSGi
  • Tools

    AWS CloudFormation, AWS ELB, Chef, Spring Social, Spring Roo, Amazon Cognito, AWS ECR
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Kinesis, Java EE, AWS Lambda, AWS EC2, Apache Kafka, Blockchain, Ethereum, Android
  • Libraries/APIs

  • Paradigms

    Functional Programming, Functional Reactive Programming, Concurrent Programming, REST
  • Storage

    HBase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, Redis, AWS DynamoDB
  • Other

    Ethereum Smart Contracts, Smart Contracts, WebSockets


  • Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technology
    2003 - 2007
    Jaypee Institute of information technology - Noida, U.P., India
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