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Ante Lucic

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Software Developer

New York, NY, United States
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August 18, 2015

Ante has worked as a professional PHP developer since 2011 and has a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He loves challenges and solving all kinds of problems. He is a full-stack engineer, passionate about PHP, React, and Go.



Preferred Environment

Git, PhpStorm, Sublime Text, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is an application that used a third-party real-time API in PHP that served data to a JavaScript application over websockets.

Work Experience

Full-stack Engineer (Contract)

2013 - 2019
  • Worked on distribution platform stability and health alerts, which was important for a distribution stakeholder who wanted to know the health status of our distribution platforms.
  • Optimized the company's email code, as a part of the media team, so they could fully take advantage of personalization. Introduced Gearman jobs that could be tracked in the dashboards to better understand how the email code operates.
  • Contributed significantly to removing and refactoring legacy code to bring up codebase health.
  • Took the initiative and ported all of the existing Gearman jobs and intervals to the new architecture that paved the way to a PHP7 upgrade when the decision was made to migrate to a new system.
  • Launched all of the company's distribution platforms in 2016. Supported those platforms with new features and bug fixes.
  • Built a delivery API that was used by our responsive web application.
  • Worked with in-memory databases and our caching layer, including delivery API, routing, and other tasks required to support our responsive web application, like breadcrumbs and navigation.
  • Provided code support in Refinery29's shift to video, anything that was required, from data migrations to building delivery APIs. Created an API to support new video series features in our CMS platform.
  • Implemented Facebook Instant Articles and experimented with chatbots.
  • Architected new products like responsive sweepstakes templates and third-party quiz integration, which was our codebase's first usage of web sockets.
Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, React

Freelance Web Developer

2010 - 2013
Alo Alo d.o.o
  • Architected a web application for tracking mobile phone repairs.
  • Implemented a custom CMS solution using Laravel framework.
  • Developed per-employee statistics reports.
  • Built a WPF desktop application for organizing student employee shifts.
  • Built a WPF desktop application for calculating the best cellphone contract plan for customers.
Technologies: Laravel, PHP

React Native Cheatsheet
Things that I find interesting or I've spent some time Googling/figuring out. Hope it helps and makes your time with React Native even more fun.

User Role Laravel PHP Package

Simple user/role package for Laravel 4 based on toddish/verify.

Yeoman Generator

Yeoman generator for a React application using Browserify and Grunt.

RESTful-APIs Slides
Presentation slides from a talk I gave for a local developer user group built with Reveal.js.


PHP, JavaScript, PHP 7, Go


Laravel, Kohana, Slim, PHPUnit, Express.js, Gearman


GitHub, Git, RabbitMQ, Sublime Text, PhpStorm, Jenkins, NGINX


Linux, Amazon Linux, DigitalOcean, Docker


Front-end Development, Web Development, RTMP, Video on Demand (VOD), HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)


React, Node.js, FFmpeg


Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI)


Redis, Redis Cache, MongoDB, MySQL

2007 - 2010

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

University of Split, FESB - Split