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Anthony Harper

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Oracle Database Architect and PL/SQL Developer

Salt Lake City, United States
Toptal Member Since
July 3, 2022

Anthony is a database designer and developer with 10+ years of experience in large Oracle PL/SQL implementations. He is proficient in Oracle database architecture, using PL/SQL programs to support application clients, ETL processes, and web services. Anthony is skilled in developing and optimizing tables, indexes, packages, triggers, views, procedures, and functions to keep business logic in the database. He is committed to mastering new functionality in the field to deliver the best solutions.


Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Cloud, ETL, Database Design...
Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL Developer...
Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Database Design, Documentation, OLTP...




Preferred Environment

Oracle Database, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, SQL, Databases

The most amazing...

...solution I've designed is to recreate the PL/SQL XML API and reflect table changes using XML for all database application interactions and code generators.

Work Experience

Oracle Consultant

2021 - 2022
  • Developed a data warehouse for sales, advertising, and inventory data while designing used external tables for data loading.
  • Deployed the data warehouse to the Oracle Cloud environment.
  • Prototyped an Oracle Application Express (APEX) reporting application to view data warehouse information.
Technologies: Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Cloud, ETL, Database Design, Data Warehouse Design, Analytics, Relational Database Design, ETL Development, Oracle Application Express (APEX), SQL Views, SQL Stored Procedures, Data Modeling, HTML, Databases, Oracle Database, SQL, Database Schema Design, Data Warehousing, Data Analysis, Data Architecture

Oracle APEX Developer

2009 - 2010
  • Developed APEX application to support online education content authoring while creating APEX pages with forms and reports for the system.
  • Managed rollouts between development, test, and production for Oracle codebase and APEX application.
  • Implemented PL/SQL packages to generate XML-based Excel spreadsheets for users to download, including custom XML formatting to create Excel output.
  • Assisted quality assurance staff with unit and coverage review tests.
  • Estimated project effort for new feature requests and system enhancements while creating proof of concept examples to assist with evaluating complex requirements.
Technologies: Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL Developer, XML, Database Design, OLTP, SQL Views, SQL Stored Procedures, HTML, Databases, Oracle Database, SQL, Database Schema Design, Data Analysis

Database Architecture Consultant

2008 - 2009
  • Adapted Oracle database table, complex view design, and performance for the video-on-demand system while integrating various enterprise data components into the design.
  • Researched and implemented advanced Oracle time zone conversion. features for geographically based menu items availability while deploying the database system nationally on a distributed server environment.
  • Implemented a benchmarking system to evaluate system performance through design iterations.
  • Exposed functionality to Java application clients using PL/SQL packages with stored procedures while assisting Java developers with unit testing.
  • Used Oracle object types to streamline complex views while integrating sys_context to create parameterized views for performance tuning.
  • Composed system documentation for database architecture.
Technologies: Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Database Design, Documentation, OLTP, Oracle Performance Tuning, PL/SQL Developer, Scripting, Relational Database Design, SQL Views, Data Modeling, Databases, Oracle Database, SQL, Database Schema Design, Data Analysis, Data Architecture

Oracle Database Architect | Team Lead

2004 - 2008
Siemens Energy
  • Designed a powerplant inventory system with PL/SQL-based XML interface to expose all database functions as web services.
  • Completed PL/SQL API code generation to recreate the system while reflecting new tables, changing, and adding columns in schema tables.
  • Implemented parallel ETL processing using Oracle Advanced Queuing to optimize data transformation pipelines.
  • Integrated various data silos in the enterprise data landscape and worked directly with the architecture team to ensure new systems conformed to data standards. Diagrammed enterprise data structures in ERD design tools and PL/SQL Developer.
  • Scripted deployments to move Oracle codebase between development, test, QA, and production systems. Assisted Database Administration (DBA) staff in diagnosing and solving performance issues.
  • Supported .NET, Java, and web service applications with database functionality using PL/SQL, including engineering data warehouse, customer portal, document management, and powerplant inventory systems.
  • Implemented complete database instrumentation with error logging and trigger-based row-level change auditing.
  • Addressed all project planning and design aspects with end-users, project managers, and developers.
  • Performed technical interviews and screenings for Oracle developer candidates, assisted project managers with performance evaluations of team members, and mentored team members in Oracle technologies.
  • Conducted code reviews to discover potential performance bottlenecks and refactor PL/SQL code for effective maintainability and reuse.
Technologies: Data Modeling, Oracle PL/SQL, Processing, Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ), ETL Development, Database Migration, Analytics, Enterprise, Data Integration, Team Mentoring, PL/SQL, Data Structures, Oracle Performance Tuning, XML, Data Warehouse Design, OLTP, Oracle SQL, SQL, Oracle Database, Databases, SQL Stored Procedures, Database Triggers, SQL Views, Relational Database Design, Scripting, Triggers, Database Scripting, PL/SQL Developer, Database Design, ETL, Writing & Editing, Documentation, Database Schema Design, Data Warehousing, Data Analysis, Data Architecture

Visual Basic | Oracle Developer

2001 - 2004
Bellsouth Communications Systems
  • Migrated Visual Basic 6 application to Visual Basic .NET framework and created wrappers for ADO data access to standardize and simplify stored procedure calls.
  • Created custom PL/SQL-based XML parser to optimize large data transactions performance with Visual Basic application and designed compression algorithm for XML messages.
  • Prototyped Oracle PL/SQL pricing engine to replace existing Forte pricing engine, demonstrating significant performance improvements.
  • Implemented an error logging system using autonomous transactions to assist support staff in working proactively with end-users problems.
  • Developed PL/SQL API for database interactions with Visual Basic sales quotes application while creating scripts to port database code between development, test, QA, and production systems.
  • Helped completely rewrite the Visual Basic 6 sales quotes application while developing PL/SQL API for all database interactions with the client application. Used stored procedures for DML operations and ref cursors to return data to the application.
  • Contributed to project design meetings for new features and wrote system functionality documentation.
Technologies: Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, PL/SQL Developer, XML, SQL, Oracle Database, Databases, Data Modeling, SQL Stored Procedures, Database Triggers, SQL Views, ETL Development, Relational Database Design, Scripting, Triggers, Database Scripting, Database Migration, Team Mentoring, Oracle Performance Tuning, OLTP, Database Design, Writing & Editing, Documentation, Database Schema Design, Data Analysis, Data Architecture

Client Server Developer

1999 - 2001
ABC Distributing
  • Developed Visual Basic applications and databases for warehouse management, domestic shipping, and internet sales support.
  • Designed Oracle database to support collections department activity, including views and PL/SQL packages, while training end-users in writing Crystal Reports.
  • Implemented Oracle database with PL/SQL API to manage international shipping while working with project managers to clarify business requirements.
  • Supported existing Visual Basic 6 applications for the client-server department while fixing bugs and implementing new feature requests.
  • Revised barcode label printing application for RMA warehouse to optimize performance, saving thousands of labor hours annually by the management assessment.
  • Attended Oracle Corporation's advanced classes in PL/SQL.
Technologies: Crystal Reports, Oracle PL/SQL, Database Design, OLTP, Triggers, Scripting, Relational Database Design, SQL Views, Database Triggers, SQL Stored Procedures, Data Modeling, Databases, Oracle Database, SQL, Oracle SQL, Database Schema Design, Data Analysis

Oracle Database Instrumentation and Logging System

Developed a PL/SQL-based utility to add instrumentation to a database layer using autonomous transactions for error logging, process flow tracing, program access auditing, and process timing.

The utility was implemented using Oracle object types to expose packaged methods. A simple object suitable for any PL/SQL package was used to support all logging, tracing, auditing, and timing methods without duplicating code or requiring recompilation to enable or disable logging features.

Developers could freely add logging calls throughout the code to all exception handlers, with detailed instrumentation available to diagnose potential problems. The instrumentation could be easily turned off when the system ran as expected. The code allowed fine-grained control by initializing enabled logging methods on a package level via an environment table.

Developing utilities over seven years of actual use in enterprise environments benefited technical support staff greatly by allowing them to monitor application problems before end users called in.

The system was presented at the International Oracle Development Tools User Group seminar in 2007 and is still highly relevant today.

Quiz Author at Oracle Development Gym
The Oracle Development Gym's quiz competitions are a way for the developer community to test their knowledge of Oracle Database and get exposed to new features in the database and PL/SQL language. Thousands of developers interact with the Development Gym, and a steady group takes new quizzes regularly.

After taking thousands of quizzes available at the Gym, I began to submit my own quizzes and was immediately asked to join the core team of dedicated quiz authors. I write quizzes in database design, SQL, and PL/SQL, and my quizzes are scheduled to appear in competitions every three weeks. My quizzes have been well received by the community, and the results have demonstrated that many of the areas I consider to be at the beginner level are actually advanced areas of expertise.

Participating in this project as a regular quiz author allows me to contribute directly to the developer community. More than just testing knowledge of how Oracle works and new features, this project challenges me to illustrate the best practices for development in PL/SQL and Oracle SQL.
1990 - 1992

Graduate Coursework in Philosophy

University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon, USA

1984 - 1990

Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy

Willamette University - Salem, Oregon, USA


Oracle Application Express (APEX), Crystal Reports


Database Design, ETL


SQL, Processing, HTML, XML


Oracle Database


Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Stored Procedures, Database Triggers, SQL Views, OLTP, Database Scripting, Databases, PL/SQL Developer, Database Migration, PL/SQL, Data Integration, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Cloud


Relational Database Design, Database Schema Design, Data Analysis, Data Architecture, Scripting, Triggers, Data Modeling, ETL Development, Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ), Enterprise, Team Mentoring, Data Structures, Documentation, Public Speaking, Research, Writing & Editing, Object Types, Data Warehousing, Analytics, Oracle Performance Tuning, Data Warehouse Design, University Teaching

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