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Bruno Furtado Montes Oliveira

Bruno Furtado Montes Oliveira

NiterĂ³i - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Member since September 23, 2015
Bruno is an electronic and computer engineer working with software development. Recently he has been delivering projects built with Continuous Integration, Code Profiling tools, and Agile boards for project and issues tracking. His coding lexicon includes DB (SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL), the back-end (C++'s Qt, C#, .NET 4.5, Java's Spring with Hibernate and Maven, Python, and Ruby on Rails), and the front-end (AngularJS/Materials).
Bruno is now available for hire
  • C++, 4 years
  • C, 4 years
  • Python, 3 years
  • Mercurial, 2 years
  • AngularJS, 1 year
  • Ruby on Rails API, 1 year
  • Debian Linux, 1 year
NiterĂ³i - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Preferred Environment
Debian, Red Hat, openSUSE, Git, Mercurial, Qt
The most amazing...
...code I've written was a Python communicating module for a hydro-acoustic modem.
  • Project Leader
    Minds at Work Sistemas e Projetos
    2017 - PRESENT
    • Provided team support.
    • Developed a distributed web service in the .NET Framework, AngularJS, and SSQL Server, for fraud detection across millions of registers country-wide.
    Technologies: C#, .Net, SQL Server, AngularJS, JavaScript, JIRA
  • Software Developer
    Minds at Work Sistemas e Projetos
    2015 - PRESENT
    • Developed an integrated web solution using face recognition to help clients detect frauds in customers credentials.
    • Helped develop new features on the company's time tracking service.
    • Managed development and production databases, in SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
    • Managed projects and issue tracking with Atlassian's JIRA.
    • Used Continuous Integration with Jenkins and code profiling with SonarQube.
    Technologies: C#, .NET, Java, Maven, Spring, Hibernate, SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Unix, Jenkins, SonarQube, JIRA
  • Software Developer Intern
    Minds at Work Sistemas e Projetos
    2013 - 2015
    • Developed a web control center and embedded a standalone system in Python for a flexible riser inspector (AURI).
    • Created C++ software for real-time data processing coming from the pipeline inspection gadgets (PIGs).
    • Constructed a stackable simple video player in Python using GStreamer and PyQt, which enabled multiple synchronized videos playability in single projects.
    • Provided support and configured Unix (openSUSE and Debian) environments and Virtual Machines.
    • Worked in partnership with one of the company's clients: building on-demand features on their application.
    Technologies: C, C++, Python, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Unix, Jenkins, SonarQube, JIRA
  • Laser Harp Prototype (Other amazing things)

    This laser Harp prototype was a college project I made with 2 colleagues.
    It has 4 isolated modules: a photosensor array, an Arduino, a voltage controller oscillator (VCO), and an audio amplifier.
    (The presentation is in Portuguese only.)

  • Languages
    C++, Python, C, Java, C#, JavaScript, HTML, Bash, CSS
  • Frameworks
    .NET, Linux OpenSuSe, Qt, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Hibernate, Spring, AngularJS
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery, Ruby on Rails API
  • Tools
    Visual Studio, JIRA, Qt Creator, Atom, Vim Text Editor, Mercurial, Git, Maven, SonarQube, Eclipse IDE, Jenkins
  • Platforms
    Windows, Debian Linux, Red Hat Linux
  • Storage
    SQL Server 2012, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Misc
    Google Material Design
  • Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering
    Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    2008 - 2015
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