Craig Adam, Software Developer in Calgary, Canada
Craig Adam

Software Developer in Calgary, Canada

Member since June 27, 2022
A born technologist, Craig has been writing code for over 30 years. He is seasoned in solution and technical architecture and has led technical professionals his entire career. As a CTO, Craig has founded two startups in two very different contexts and built their products from the ground up. He enjoys building scalable cloud infrastructure using Terraform on AWS and writing React and Node.js code using TypeScript. Craig's base speed is fast as he likes to deliver excellent projects quickly.
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  • Propra
    TypeScript, React, Expo, Node.js, AWS, Terraform, GitHub, MongoDB...
  • KORE
    Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure, Agile Sprints, Agile DevOps...
  • SkipTheDishes
    AWS, Terraform, Jenkins, Agile, IT Project Management, Budgeting, Procurement...



Calgary, Canada



Preferred Environment

MacOS, TypeScript, React, AWS, Node.js, JavaScript, Agile DevOps

The most amazing...

...thing I've built from scratch is a property management SaaS completed with blockchain accounting, multi-channel communication, and multiple mobile apps.


  • CTO

    2021 - PRESENT
    • Worked as a technical co-founder. Built property management software as a service (SaaS) from scratch, including full-stack development and cloud infrastructure.
    • Headed engineering, product, and design teams. Established software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes and standards.
    • Designed and implemented a blockchain-based double-entry accounting system using AWS serverless technologies.
    • Created and implemented a multichannel resident communication system using AWS serverless technologies.
    • Designed and implemented multiple cross-platform mobile apps using the Expo framework and Expo Application Services (EAS).
    Technologies: TypeScript, React, Expo, Node.js, AWS, Terraform, GitHub, MongoDB, Cloud Infrastructure, Architecture, JavaScript, Datadog, CI/CD Pipelines, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), React Apollo, Agile DevOps, Agile Coaching, Agile, IT Project Management, Budgeting, Procurement, Business Intelligence (BI), Jira, SQL, DevOps, Oauth2, Technical Architecture, Python, Bash Script, Jira Administration, Writing & Editing, Full-stack, React Native, App Store, Google Play Store, REST APIs
  • VP of Software Engineering

    2019 - 2020
    • Transformed the software engineering organization using Agile principles to accelerate delivery and improve quality.
    • Developed and led a project to launch a cold-chain IoT monitoring product using AWS Marketplace integrations.
    • Mentored middle managers to improve the effectiveness of their coaching with individual contributors. Identified and separated low-performing contributors by developing explicit expectation documents and ensuring regular reviews.
    Technologies: Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure, Agile Sprints, Agile DevOps, Agile Coaching, GraphQL, JavaScript, CI/CD Pipelines, Java, Agile, IT Project Management, Budgeting, Procurement, Jira, Docker, SQL, DevOps, XML, Technical Architecture, Bash Script, Scrum, SOAP, Jira Administration, Writing & Editing, REST APIs
  • Director of Technology

    2017 - 2019
    • Established a software operations center to monitor production apps, manage incidents, and ensure continuous availability. Automated many processes using Slack, Jira service desk, and PagerDuty.
    • Established a business intelligence (BI) team to provide business users with insights into user behaviors. Developed the prototype ETL design and designed the architecture for data engineering across the company.
    • Screened and hired hundreds of software developers, cloud infrastructure engineers, and other technical professionals to grow the engineering team from 30 to 300.
    • Assessed the payment infrastructure for PCI DSS compliance and led a remediation project to separate the payment environment from other production services.
    • Designed and implemented a WordPress-based intranet site for internal communications. Integrated authentication with Google Workspace to control access and allow managers to edit their department's content.
    Technologies: AWS, Terraform, Jenkins, Agile, IT Project Management, Budgeting, Procurement, Business Intelligence (BI), PagerDuty, Jira, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Docker, Cloud Infrastructure, Architecture, JavaScript, Datadog, CI/CD Pipelines, Java, Agile Sprints, Agile DevOps, Agile Coaching, MongoDB, SQL, DevOps, Java 8, Technical Architecture, Python, Bash Script, Scrum, Bitbucket, Jira Administration, Writing & Editing, Full-stack, PostgreSQL, Matillion ETL for Redshift, Redshift Spectrum, Redshift, WordPress, REST APIs
  • Principal Consultant

    2016 - 2017
    Norima Consulting
    • Consulted with prospective clients to understand needs and help devise technical strategies, including staffing requirements. Screened technical personnel to ensure good matches with client projects.
    • Provided support to developers and testers in an on-premise Oracle environment to ensure the successful delivery of project requirements. Developed scripts in PL/SQL affecting millions of dollars in benefits payments and thousands of beneficiaries.
    • Developed pension-specific features for a custom administration tool using React and Node.js.
    Technologies: Agile, Scrum, Node.js, React, Redux, Koa, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Cloud Infrastructure, Architecture, JavaScript, CI/CD Pipelines, Agile Sprints, Agile Coaching, IT Project Management, Budgeting, Jira, Docker, NGINX, DevOps, Technical Architecture, Bash Script, Jira Administration, Writing & Editing, Full-stack, REST APIs
  • Manager, Systems Development

    2014 - 2016
    • Hired and trained an agile development team, leading them to deliver the next generation of the company's flagship software for handling B2B bank payments.
    • Designed and developed Telpay Connect, an integration utility to allow users to integrate online accounting SaaS with legacy desktop software.
    • Designed infrastructure for running critical apps in an on-premise environment with automated deployments driven by Jenkins.
    • Designed and developed an internal PHP-based tool to send targeted marketing emails using Laravel and email APIs.
    Technologies: Agile, DevOps, Jenkins, Apache Tomcat, Spring, Java 8, Angular, PHP, VBScript, Oauth2, XML, Technical Architecture, Python, Architecture, JavaScript, CI/CD Pipelines, Java, Agile Sprints, Agile DevOps, Agile Coaching, IT Project Management, Budgeting, Procurement, Jira, Docker, NGINX, SQL, Laravel, Bash Script, Scrum, Jira Administration, Writing & Editing, Full-stack, PostgreSQL, REST APIs
  • Manager

    2005 - 2014
    • Served in various technical leadership roles coaching and mentoring individual contributors to achieve their highest potential.
    • Developed an internal reference tool using the JQuery/LAMP stack that reduced order entry errors and increased customer service agent efficiency.
    • Designed and built a variety of desktop utilities for managing technical operations within the regional operations centers across Canada using C#, Windows Forms, and SQL Server Express.
    • Developed XML extraction and parsing tools for call center management, including XML Stylesheet Transformations for executive reports.
    • Implemented a SharePoint intranet site to serve as a communications hub as part of an organizational change management strategy. Included interactive elements and role-based access control.
    Technologies: Agile, Java, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, C#, SQL, Architecture, Agile Sprints, IT Project Management, Budgeting, Business Intelligence (BI), Jira, Technical Architecture, Bash Script, Bitbucket, XML Parsing, Writing & Editing, Full-stack, SharePoint
  • Director of Technology

    2000 - 2004
    • Co-founded a technology startup to help First Nations manage social assistance programs, improve efficiency, and reduce fraud.
    • Designed and developed flagship software using ASP.NET in a multi-tenant environment.
    • Developed a desktop accounting module using C# that connected to the online service through SOAP/XML.
    Technologies: ASP, ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, XML, CSS, HTML, C#, SOAP, Architecture, IT Project Management, Budgeting, Procurement, EDI, SQL, Technical Architecture, Bash Script, XML Parsing, Writing & Editing, Full-stack


  • CluJR Application

    A Vue-based app for visually tracking notes in the board game Clue to allow pre-literate children to enjoy the game. It provides a persistent state without logging in and an entirely reading-optional experience. The app is delivered using serverless technology, allowing an entirely elastic cost structure.

  • Telpay Connect

    A Laravel-based PHP app to provide integration between Telpay's legacy desktop software and cloud accounting providers, QuickBooks Online and Xero. The app uses OAuth 2 to communicate with provider APIs and allows users to download formatted EDI files to import their payables or payroll.

  • VUSN Community Site

    An ASP.NET web application to serve as a community hub for the Virtual US Navy, a group of Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts. The app allowed community administrators to manage membership, featured user accounts, message boards, and dynamically generated award images.

  • Performance Optimization of React App

    An enterprise B2B React app facing some performance issues at scale. Through code analysis, I found the React code was tightly coupled with the API response data, which led to rapidly cycling loading states and more renders than were necessary. Therefore, I implemented RTK Query as a client-side caching layer to abstract network communications from data access. The reduced rendering provided a significantly improved user experience.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, GraphQL, HTML, TypeScript, Java, C#, SQL, Java 8, XML, Bash Script, PHP, VBScript, Python, CSS, C#.NET
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, REST APIs, Vue, jQuery
  • Tools

    Terraform, React Apollo, Jira, Expo, Bitbucket, GitHub, Jenkins, NGINX, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Forms, Microsoft Access, Matillion ETL for Redshift, Redshift Spectrum
  • Paradigms

    Agile, Scrum, Business Intelligence (BI), DevOps
  • Other

    AWS, Cloud Infrastructure, Architecture, CI/CD Pipelines, IT Project Management, Technical Architecture, Full-stack, Budgeting, Jira Administration, Writing & Editing, Business, Agile Sprints, Agile DevOps, Agile Coaching, Procurement, EDI, Oauth2, SOAP, App Store, Google Play Store
  • Frameworks

    Laravel, React Native, OAuth 2, Spring, Angular, Redux, Koa, ASP, ASP.NET
  • Platforms

    WordPress, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), PagerDuty, Docker, SharePoint
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, Datadog, MongoDB, PL/SQL, XML Parsing, Redshift


  • Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
    2019 - 2022
    Athabasca University - Athabasca, Canada
  • Bachelor of Management Degree in Business Administration
    2013 - 2017
    Athabasca University - Athabasca, Canada


  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
    MAY 2020 - MAY 2023

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