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Dacian Florea

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Mobile Applications Developer

Bucharest, Romania
Toptal Member Since
November 9, 2020

Dacian is a senior mobile application engineer, tech writer, and Flutter contributor with over five years of experience. He uses his expertise to help companies worldwide design and implement high-quality software solutions focusing on exceptional user experience. He is a contributor to the Flutter framework as it's a leading mobile application development technology.


Model View ViewModel (MVVM), RxDart, RxSwift, RxJava, Java, Swift 5, Dart...
Rodeapps SRL
GraphQL, REST APIs, Spring Boot, Unity3D, JetBrains, iOS SDK, Git, Jira...




Preferred Environment

OS X, Unix Shell Scripting, Flutter, Slack, Git, JetBrains, Android, Android Studio

The most amazing...

...app I've developed is Fire Ban: it helps people in Australia deal with and protect themselves against wildfires by using their national database.

Work Experience

Senior Full-stack Mobile Applications Engineer

2017 - PRESENT
  • Helped companies worldwide design and implement high-quality software solutions, focusing on exceptional user experience, using my mobile application development expertise.
  • Fixed bugs on existing apps, drastically increasing their performance.
  • Created a REST API for data scrapping of the Australian fire zone databases on a scheduled basis, then used it to build a mobile application.
  • Implemented a flexible UI that changes based on the API response.
  • Fixed the Flutter background location tracking library and integrated it into various mobile applications.
  • Designed the architecture and user flows for the mobile application projects.
  • Integrated health APIs in Flutter for iOS and Android, using HealthKit and Google Fit SDKs.
Technologies: Model View ViewModel (MVVM), RxDart, RxSwift, RxJava, Java, Swift 5, Dart, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, Git, REST APIs, Springbot, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Flutter, Architecture, Mobile Architecture, Apple HealthKit, Android, iOS, Firebase, Crashlytics, Bugsnag, Push Notifications, Bash, GitHub, Google Fit, Location Tracking, Background Threading, Mobile Applications, Mobile, Xcode, REST, Cross-platform, OOP Designs, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Application State Management, Native Mobile Apps, APIs, Android Jetpack, Project Planning, Requirements Analysis, Product Strategy, Project Management, LiveKit, Cross-platform App Development, Mobile App Development

Senior Software Engineer

2019 - 2021
Rodeapps SRL
  • Integrated the GraphCMS back-end for several Android applications.
  • Enabled the local and push notifications on both native Android and Flutter.
  • Automated building, testing, and app publishing, using GitHub Actions, Bash scripts, and fastlane.
  • Added background location tracking and background data synchronization with native Android and Flutter servers.
  • Developed a RESTful API using Spring Boot with Java, later integrated into a mobile application.
  • Created a 3D-robot arm in Unity to integrate it with a native Android application.
  • Integrated live camera streaming into a native Android app.
Technologies: GraphQL, REST APIs, Spring Boot, Unity3D, JetBrains, iOS SDK, Git, Jira, Android SDK, Flutter, Android, iOS, Mobile, Reactive Streams, REST, Firebase, OOP Designs, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Application State Management, Native Mobile Apps, APIs, Project Planning, Cross-platform App Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile Applications

Mint Application

The client, one of the biggest pillars in the robotics industry, was slowly losing users and implicitly experiencing considerable financial losses due to a dissatisfactory UI interface, an unorganized UI architecture, and critical bugs.

• Increased credibility in front of the end-user three times and implicitly increased revenue by implementing new, highly requested features by creating the UI, integrating it with a video playback SDK, and getting the information from the server to enhance the AI training.

• Increased the number of users by 17% by optimizing the user interface by actively researching the material design guidelines and using the Android UI components to refresh the UI.

• Ensured 100% stability of the application by building a rock-solid front-end infrastructure by active bug fixing and code rewriting.

Skills: Kotlin, Android, MVVM, RxJava, Dagger, Retrofit, background services, SharedPreferences, Android Navigator, JUnit, ExoPlayer, Jira, Agile, and Git.


The client, an Australian company that keeps users informed about fire danger zones through an app, dealt with decreasing user numbers and implicitly low revenue due to a terrible UI experience, lack of reliability, and various critical bugs.

• Drastically increased the profit margin by 47% and the user reach from 350 to 500 active users per month by developing a highly intuitive user interface by creating an interactive map of Australia where users could easily choose their regions of interest.

• Successfully increased the reliability of the fire danger zones by 67% by creating a rock-solid infrastructure by doubling the number of data servers that provide details about the fire zones and creating an efficient algorithm for fetching data.

Skills: Java, Spring Boot, AWS, MVC, Android, Kotlin, iOS, Swift, MVVM, App Store, Google Play, Google Maps API, data scraping, cron jobs, premium features, and Git.


A cross-platform application made in Flutter for rewarding employee loyalty. Users can join campaigns, follow them, and add proof of the requirements. If what they did was commendable, they would get reward points on their virtual card. I developed the entire mobile application myself.


The client, an outsourcing company looking to create its product, decided to optimize the workflow of food delivery drivers to help with order management. However, the company lacked knowledge in background location tracking on cross-platform frameworks.

• Assured a 100% successful application release by validating it with clients in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. I promptly built an easy-to-use, cross-platform mobile application by leading a fast-paced, front-end team consisting of one more developer and two QAs. I kept a close relationship with the client and the back-end team.

• Reduced bug incidents by more than 83% by designing a rock-solid testing infrastructure. I created rules to unit-test each piece of code before merging it and set up GitHub to only allow merges after all unit-tests passed.

Skills: Flutter, platform channels, Painters, animations, unit testing, Flutter Driver, GitHub Actions, Bash, Fastlane, App Center, iOS, Objective-C, Android, Kotlin, CI/CD, Google Maps SDK, and Scrum.


PlaySpot was created to help people earn more money by watching ads and playing games. While the user plays the recommended games, they collect more points, and when they reach the required amount, it can be withdrawn.

My work focused on bug fixes and changing the UI based on an API response.


The client, an up-and-coming entrepreneur, was looking to turn his idea of an emotion-based dating app into reality but lacked the necessary technical skills to make it happen.

• Assured a 100% successful release on iOS and Android by creating a catchy front-end mobile application. I kept a strong relationship with the client and back-end team to accurately implement the design.

• Secured a spot in the top 50 startups at the US Techcrunch by developing a unique application based on emotions by creating a solid database with client data and a custom matching algorithm to connect the users.

Skills: Flutter, Dart, MVVM, DIO, dependency injection, Bash, Fastlane, App Store, Google Play, TestFlight, particle effect, app lifecycle, Sockets, Pusher, instant messaging, UXCam, Firebase Analytics, and Firebase Crashlytics.

Radbonus—Mobile App for Cycling

The client, a German company heavily involved in the cycling industry, faced severe financial losses due to severe bugs in their mobile application regarding location tracking service and a lack of support for integration with other products from the sports industry.

• Assured 100% reliability of the mobile application cycling data by successfully building a custom solution that integrates a background location tracking library by customizing it for the project's needs.

• Increased user numbers by 2,000 in the first month by thoroughly researching the industry solutions and implementing a custom-tailored solution to integrate Apple Health and Google Fit inside the application.

Skills: Android, Kotlin, background services, location tracking, Flutter, platform channel, iOS, Objective-C, Dart, Swift, local persistence, push notifications, Jira, and Git.


The client, having a strong interest in personal development, wanted to create a lifestyle app with students as their main target but lacked the technical skills to turn it into reality.

• Assured a 100% successful launch by being in a close relationship with the client and back-end team to deliver the best solution by implementing a custom text editor and sliders.

• Reduced handover time from three to ten days to less than two hours by preparing thoroughly detailed documentation and developing a well-structured and clean solution, using the MVVM architectural pattern and a single responsibility principle.

• Reduced development costs by 40% by proposing and succeeding in developing a cross-platform solution for iOS and Android using the Flutter framework.

Skills: Flutter, MVVM, REST API, Swagger, App Store, Google Play, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Crashlytics, Flutter Painter, and Git.

Video News

The client, a well-known German media company, was struggling to develop an innovative, video-based news application but could not fulfill such a vision due to lacking the technical expertise required to make it happen.

• Enabled three-time better visibility over statistics than the initial plan by integrating a highly accurate tracking and statistics overview board by integrating a tracking library compatible with every UI screen.

• Increased app stability by over 73% in the released version compared to the alpha version and assured zero failure points by designing a rock-solid codebase by following MVVM architecture, clean code principles, unit-testing patterns, and carefully managing the memory usage.

Skills: Kotlin, Android, MVVM, Leak Canary, Coroutines, Flows, Live Data, Hilt, Retrofit, Secured Shared Preferences, ROOM, Android Navigator, JUnit, BitMovin Player, Background playback, Tealium Tracking, Google payments, Multi-module architecture, Clean code, Jira, Agile, Git

Zulo—Shopping for Kids

The client, having a strong interest in teaching children financial education, wanted to build a mobile application where children could browse for actual products and ask their parents to buy them. Still, they could not produce it due to their lack of technical expertise.

• Increased the list of available products by two times, designing a custom-tailored solution that successfully integrates both Amazon and Walmart products list specific to children's needs.

• Increased the speed of displaying the product data on the devices by three times, developing a well-structured caching solution by linking multiple data sources and user searches for a custom-made solution.

Skills: Flutter, Dart, MVVM, RxDart, Dio, Retrofit, Dependency Injection, JSON, Bash, Fastlane, AppStore, Google Play, TestFlight, Firebase, Jira, Swagger, RestAPI, Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, OAuth2, Amazon API, Walmart API, Caching

Devices Management for Logistics Operators

The client, one of the biggest pillars in the logistics industry in Germany, was
struggling to create a solution to help their employees remotely via their mobile devices but could not fulfill their vision due to the lack of technical knowledge.

• Led a team of four developers

• Delivered a reliable solution for remote controlling any device that reduced user interaction by 99% by integrating the WebRTC library with push notifications and accessibility service.

Skills: Android, Kotlin, MVVM, Leak Canary, Coroutines, Flows, Hilt, Retrofit, Secured, Shared Preferences, Background services, Push Notifications, Jira, Agile, Git, Android, Enterprise Management, Google MDM, WebRTC, Screen Sharing, Unattended, Remote Control, Unattended File Synchronization, Accessibility Service
2018 - 2021

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Babes-Bolyai University - Cluj-Napoca, Romania


REST APIs, RxJava, RxKotlin, WebRTC, RxSwift, Google Maps API, Retrofit 2, HealthKit, Python API, RxJava 2, Google Maps, Google Maps SDK, Sockets, Pusher, Google Play API, LeakCanary, Amazon API, Walmart API


Slack, Fastlane, GitHub, Android Studio, Crashlytics, Android Jetpack, JetBrains, Git, Xcode, Jira, Mattermost, Firebase Analytics, Bugsnag, Branch.io, Apple HealthKit, ExoPlayer, Visual Studio App Center, TestFlight


Flutter, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Spring Boot, Unity3D, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), ASP.NET, Dagger 2, JUnit, Swagger, OAuth 2


Kotlin, Dart, Swift 5, Java, Bash, GraphQL, C++, Assembler x86, Lisp, Python, C, C#.NET, Swift


Model View ViewModel (MVVM), REST, Cross-platform, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Mobile Development, Requirements Analysis, DevOps, Agile, Dependency Injection, Kanban, Automated Testing, Compiler Design, Model View Controller (MVC), Unit Testing, Scrum, Clean Code


Android, OS X, iOS, Firebase, Unix, Web, Blockchain Platforms, Mobile, Tealium, Tealium IQ, Azure

Industry Expertise

Project Management


PostgreSQL, Databases, Database Management Systems (DBMS), RoomDB, JSON, MySQL, Database Caching


RxDart, Background Jobs, Location Tracking, Geofencing, Local Notifications, Push Notifications, Mobile App Development, OOP Designs, Application State Management, APIs, Mobile Architecture, Software Architecture, Startups, Mobile Apps, Android MDM, Project Planning, LiveKit, Cross-platform App Development, Leadership, Unix Shell Scripting, Springbot, GitHub Actions, Mobile Applications, Native Mobile Apps, Digital Channels, Product Strategy, Platforms, Architecture, Background Threading, Google Fit, Multithreading, Diagrams, Flow Diagrams, UML Diagrams, Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Ethereum Smart Contracts, RSA, Asymmetric Encryption, Mobile Navigation, Secure Storage, Data Scraping, Integration Testing, CI/CD Pipelines, UXCam, Google Play Store, App Store, User Interface (UI), Reactive Streams, Modular, Memory Leaks, Memory Management, Memory Profiling, Coroutines, Data, Hilt, Secure Shared Preferences, Room, Mobile Payments, Modularization, Multi-Module Architecture, Spring Caching, Silent Push Notifications, Accessibility, Remote Control, Enterprise Systems, Navigation, Pagination, Subscriptions

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