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Daniel Baxter

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Toptal Member Since
April 27, 2015

Passionate about delivering an incredible customer experience, Daniel is primarily focused on building mobile and voice forward experiences and the services that power them. He has yet to come across a technology stack that he could not wrangle.


Amazon Alexa
Embedded Development, Analytics, Objective-C, Swift, TypeScript, JavaScript...
Ciphr.io (MBLSFT)
Analytics, Node.js, GoLand, Qt, C++, Java, Cryptography, BlackBerry, Android
Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)
JavaScript, Keycloak, JBoss, PostgreSQL, WebLogic, Oracle, Java EE




Preferred Environment

Eclipse, Visual Studio, Subversion (SVN), Git, OS X, Windows

The most amazing...

...project I've taken from conception to successful launch was the core Alexa application, with millions of users.

Work Experience

Software Development Engineer

2016 - 2018
Amazon Alexa
  • Architected the boundary API for the Alexa Communications library in the Alexa Mobile Android application.
  • Coordinated integration efforts between the Alexa Communications team, Alexa Mobile team, and the Platform Service team.
  • Implemented core Calling and Messaging functionality for mobile platforms.
  • Developed video calling functionality on the Echo Show and Echo Spot family of Alexa devices.
Technologies: Embedded Development, Analytics, Objective-C, Swift, TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, React Native, iOS, Android

Mobile Developer

2015 - 2016
Ciphr.io (MBLSFT)
  • Trained a team of three remote developers on BB10 Cascades and implemented the Ciphr.io suite of applications for BB10.
  • Extracted the crypto module from the Android app for reuse in a SMTP bridge for CiphrMail using DropWizard.
  • Ported new features implemented on BB10 edition of Ciphr to Android to maintain feature parity.
  • Implemented back-end changes to the Ciphr microservices to support new features and improve security of the system.
Technologies: Analytics, Node.js, GoLand, Qt, C++, Java, Cryptography, BlackBerry, Android

Full-stack Senior Developer Consultant

2013 - 2015
Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)
  • Implemented security and reliability improvements in the core .ca domain registry system.
  • Ported the existing registry platform to JBoss and PostgreSQL from WebLogic and Oracle for a new hosted registry product targeting gTLDs and ccTLDs.
  • Integrated keycloak into a generic registry product for a single sign-on user federation and access control.
  • Participated in a core design process on a registry product to define functionality and technology stacks.
  • Implemented multi-tenant database modifications and services middleware to allow for SaaS deployment of a generic registry product.
Technologies: JavaScript, Keycloak, JBoss, PostgreSQL, WebLogic, Oracle, Java EE

Sole Founder, Lead Developer

2011 - 2014
Bear is Gaming
  • Created a game engine, physics engine, and particle engine for a side scrolling 2D space adventure game in DirectX for Windows Phone.
  • Implemented REST-based leader boards deployed to Azure and integrated into the application.
  • Created a social board game application loosely based on Settlers of Catan that supported cross-platform real-time and push-based multiplayer for Windows Phone, Android, and BlackBerry 10. Achieved over 10,000 downloads on Windows Phone.
  • Created Azure web services and databases to support the board game, including account registration, match making, and global game state management.
Technologies: Azure, RESTful Services, DirectX, OpenGL, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android

Senior Consultant

2013 - 2013
Flick Software
  • Developed and integrated between Bluetooth OBD-II adapters and an Android application to track the fuel economy, speed, and odometer reading of vehicle fleets that was cross referenced with a GPS breadcrumb.
  • Created a REST API on Azure to post GPS and vehicle data and store it for display in an extension to the existing web application.
  • Integrated with Google Maps to display near real-time (max 5 minute delay) tracking of each vehicle's position.
  • Used D3.js to create charting of vehicle statistics, showing average speed, fuel economy, and distance traveled for each vehicle in the fleet.
Technologies: Google Maps API, REST, D3.js, Active Server Pages (ASP), C#, Azure, Bluetooth, Android

Senior Technical Consultant

2011 - 2013
Macadamian Technologies
  • Worked as lead developer on LinkedIn and Twitter social networking applications for BlackBerry 10 using QML and C++.
  • Worked as lead developer and architect on BlackBerry Conference Applications written in responsive HTML5 and JavaScript targeted at legacy BBOS, Playbook, and BB10 devices.
  • Created an OData integration framework for BB10 applications to allow for two-way binding against remote REST APIs.
  • Developed an early proof-of-concept application for BlackBerry Cascades alpha SDK that demonstrated how to integrate QML and OpenGL into the same UI. Presented the application during BlackBerry Jam 2012 Developer Keynote.
  • Created a BB10 UX rapid prototype in Flash that was used to gather user research feedback on the future direction of the BB10 home screen and app store.
  • Developed several UX enhancements to Salesforce for BB10 application.
  • Helped rewrite the middleware and web application tiers for the CIRA .ca registry to support higher reliability and scalability.
Technologies: Flash, Oracle, Java, JavaScript, QML, C++, BlackBerry

Technical Project Lead

2010 - 2011
  • Ensured the smooth integration of Java space applications for Torch 9850/9860 devices.
  • Troubleshot known integration problems and provided solutions to the appropriate teams to maintain project velocity.
  • Served as primary code reviewer for critical changes to project to reduce risk that incoming changes could break functionality.
  • Participated in corporate growth activities by being a technical interviewer at career fairs and for co-op placements.
Technologies: C, Java, BlackBerry

Engineering Support Developer

2008 - 2010
Mxi Technologies
  • Provided critical development support for production clients.
  • Analyzed performance and improvement activities in the database and service layers of the application. Personally reduced run time of several critical jobs by an order of magnitude or better.
  • Implemented full stack slices for new features in the maintenix application, including the data model, business logic, and application UI.
  • Developed an installation workflow to allow for customization of maintenix and plugins to reduce setup overhead when deploying the maintenix solution.
Technologies: InstallAnywhere, JavaScript, JBoss, WebLogic, Oracle, Java EE

Software Developer

2007 - 2008
  • Worked as a core full-stack developer on the Zip.ca website, providing a Netflix-like service within Canada. Built using ASP.NET on top of Microsoft SQL Server and IIS.
  • Created internal tools to track lead conversion which integrated with WebTrends funnel analysis and incoming ad tracking.
  • Built a dynamic email generation application that integrated with StrongMail to power the NHL@Zip partnership weekly newsletter.
  • Worked with an outside consulting team to integrate improvements to the SEO rankings of the Zip.ca products.
  • Performed analysis on performance issues and implemented fixes to improve site responsiveness and uptime.
Technologies: StrongMail, Web Analytics, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), JavaScript, VB, C#, ASP.NET

Software Developer

2006 - 2007
Pronexus, Inc.
  • Created an engineering prototype as a proof of concept for an Eclipse-based version of the VBVoice IVR plugin.
  • Created new features for existing Visual Studio-based VBVoice IVR development plugin.
  • Built a new version of a Wise-based installer for VBVoice updates.
  • Moved the team from Visual Source Safe to SVN for source control.
Technologies: Wise Installer, VB, C#, C, Java, Plugins, Visual Studio SDK, Eclipse RCP

Alexa Calling and Messaging

Core Android developer on the Alexa Calling and Messaging team. Took project from conception through to successful launch to millions of users. Helped define APIs, build features, integrate the calling stack into the core Alexa application.

Ciphr Mail and Ciphr Text

End to end ECC encrypted ephemeral email and instant messaging application for BlackBerry10 and Android. Allow a user to communicate securely off the record with other users. Messages and emails are automatically destroyed after a set timeout and all local cache is stored in an encrypted container.

Lead BlackBerry10 development efforts and backported new features to Android client.

LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10

Lead Developer on the LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 application. Developed for launch of BlackBerry 10 devices in January 2013. This application ships preloaded on every BB10 device that BlackBerry has shipped.

Twitter for BlackBerry 10

Lead Developer on the Twitter for BlackBerry 10 application. Developed for launch of BlackBerry 10 devices in January 2013. This application ships preloaded on every BB10 device that BlackBerry has shipped.

Touchfleet (now Younility)

Created a Bluetooth integration between OBD-II devices and an Android application to facilitate near real-time tracking of vehicle fleets and critical statistics about the vehicles. Created a reporting front-end to show current vehicle location and location history on a Google Map plugin and charting of vehicle statistics such as speed, economy, and distance traveled.

BlackBerry Conference Attendee applications

Lead Developer and Architect on responsive HTML5-based attendee applications for BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam conferences. Applications used a common back-end and responsive techniques with graceful degradation to support 4 generations of BlackBerry Devices including BBOS 6 and 7, Playbook, and BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Jam 2012 Developer SDK Demo

I was given 3 weeks to develop a demo to show off the power of BB10 Cascades using an alpha version of the SDK. I built an application to demonstrate the implicit animation engine and the foreign window control that allowed us to embed a full openGL frame into a Cascades application with no seems between the controls.

The ported source to the final 10.0 SDK can be found here: https://github.com/mountsyntax/NothinButNet

Colonization of Mars

Colonization of Mars is a multiplayer Settlers of Catan inspired board game built for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Powered by an Azure web service, Colonization is capable of synchronous and asynchronous multi-device, cross-platform multiplayer powered via push notifications. It also featured a 'pass and play' style multiplayer that can be played socially on a single device.

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is a side scrolling Physics-based space runner developed in DirectX for Windows Phone in the same spirit as an infinite runner game.

As an independent development project, this game was taken from concept to release by a two-man developer + designer team in two months.

The game design features a custom Physics engine, particle engine, and per planet weather simulation.
2002 - 2006

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Carleton University - Ottawa, Canada


jQuery, Node.js, Moment.js, React, OpenGL, DirectX, jMock, Chai, D3.js, Backbone.js, Passport.js, Google Maps API, Visual Studio SDK


GitHub, Git, Subversion (SVN), Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE, Bitbucket, Bower, Grunt, Mongoose, Mocha, Visual Studio, Keycloak, Flash, InstallAnywhere, Eclipse RCP, Wise Installer, GoLand


Android SDK, Mockito, Qt, Express.js, AngularJS, ASP.NET, React Native


JavaScript, Java, SQL, TypeScript, Go, GraphQL, C++, C, C#, QML, Active Server Pages (ASP), VB, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Swift, Objective-C


Kanban, Agile Software Development, Scrum, Microservices Architecture, Responsive, MEAN Stack, REST, Gamification


Java EE, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, MacOS, iOS, Azure, Windows Phone, JBoss, Linux, OS X, Eclipse, Oracle


Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle SQL


Google Material Design, WebLogic, Game Design, Bluetooth, RESTful Services, IIS, Web Analytics, StrongMail, Plugins, Cryptography, Analytics, Embedded Development

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