Enrique Betancourt, Developer in Mexico City, Mexico

Enrique Betancourt

Software Developer

Mexico City, Mexico
Toptal Member Since
May 6, 2020

Enrique is an experienced software engineer who is passionate about bringing the best practices in the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of software systems. He is aware of the importance of escalation, automation, and security during the development lifecycle. Enrique is able to effectively self-manage during independent projects and collaborate as part of a productive team.

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Matplotlib, VTK, OpenCV, PIL, NumPy, Pandas, PyWin32, Selenium, Scrapy, MongoDB...
Nae Consulting
Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), UiPath
Aria Business Bots
Python, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), UiPath, Blue Prism


Mexico City, Mexico



Preferred Environment

Windows, Linux, Python, Java, MongoDB, Redis, Amazon Web Services (AWS), TypeScript

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed was a bot that auto-trades stock market assets according to pre-defined strategies.

Work Experience

2015 - 2020

Python Developer

  • Developed an automated solution to perform risk investment assessments based on quarterly reports.
  • Implemented an automated solution that updates prices for eCommerce websites like Noon.com and Souq.com.
  • Implemented a genetic algorithm to maximize terrain partition coverage used to train an AI for drones.
  • Developed an automatic glass beaker filling system for a chemistry laboratory using computer vision techniques.
Technologies: Matplotlib, VTK, OpenCV, PIL, NumPy, Pandas, PyWin32, Selenium, Scrapy, MongoDB, Python
2019 - 2019

Senior RPA Developer

Nae Consulting
  • Co-founded the RPA Center of Excellence, which was in charge of assessing the automation potential of processes, objectively estimating the developing time of solutions, and becoming a reference of RPA technology across the company.
  • Led the RPA team to design and develop a series of solutions for the customer service center of a telecom company. This helped to reduce the time that their analysts were spending to solve issue tickets.
  • Created an objective tool to estimate the development time and implementation for RPA solutions.
  • Designed and developed RPA Solutions with UiPath that generate meaningful business value.
  • Led user acceptance test sessions with our clients that confirmed the correct functionality of our solutions according to our client expectations.
Technologies: Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), UiPath
2018 - 2019

Senior RPA Developer

Aria Business Bots
  • Developed a Python script that creates objects for Blue Prism according to best practices. This script helped to reduce the time developing Blue Prism projects by about 20%.
  • Designed and developed RPA solutions using Blue Prism and UiPath.
  • Defined and designed a QA test for the automated solutions implemented with clients.
  • Led user acceptance test sessions with our clients, that confirmed the correct functionality of our solutions according to our client expectations.
Technologies: Python, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), UiPath, Blue Prism
2017 - 2018

Associate Consultant

Symphony Ventures
  • Developed RPA solutions with Blue Prism, UiPath, and Thoughtonomy.
  • Became part of the Thoughtonomy development team thanks to the performance shown on the first projects.
  • Oversaw the hand-over and deployment of four automated solutions which helped to accomplish the delivery of all the projects to our client.
Technologies: SQL, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), UiPath, Blue Prism


Company Risk Investment Assessment Based on Quarterly Reports

The goal of this project was to obtain risk analysis information from quarterly
reports. To achieve this goal, the parameters were parsed by the user on
a UI, then the reports were downloaded using an automated solution and the information was pasted and handled into an excel spreadsheet.
The information was prepared with the utmost accuracy and reliability to achieve wise company decisions. Finally, the reports were uploaded to google drive shared folders for safety and retrieval.
Tech: Python, OpenPyXL, Google Drive API, Selenium

Automatic Initial Fraud Detection Assessment

Four automated solutions that helped the fraud detection department to efficiently use the tools that they have created to perform the initial fraud detection process. The automation of this process helped the department to increase the time for analysis up to 50%, remove the bottlenecks found in the original process, and cut down the time spent in data recollection. In the long run, the implementation of this solution helped the team to detect more fraudulent transactions and preventing the loss of capital.
Tech: Blue Prism, Excel, VB .NET, SQL

Assessment of 12 Processess Related to Accountancy, Finance, and Customer Services

Evaluated automation prospects in different areas of an insurance company. The main objective of this evaluation was to obtain the best set of automation prospects that could cause the biggest impact within the company and give the best return of investment as well.

Automation for OPEX and CAPEX Reports

Developed a solution to extract, merge, and upload OPEX and CAPEX daily, weekly, and monthly reports from SAP. This solution helped these departments to reduce the amount of time dedicated to these tasks (approximately 30%) and focus on more critical activities within the company.
Tech: Blue Prism, SAP, Excel, Chrome

Customer Services Center Robot

Implementation of two automated solutions that open, solve, and close issue tickets from the customer services center of a telecom company. This implementation helped to increase the number of solved tickets by 23%. It focused on the six most common issue cases.
Tech: UiPath, UiPath Orchestrator, Excel, SQL, IE

Technical Support and Development Manager

Gave technical support to an external RPA team in the automotive sector with their current developments and helped them to find the best solution to solve the issues they faced. Also, I managed the solution design and development of two high-impact projects for the company.

Led 12 Automation Projects Within a Telecom Company

Led the RPA development team to implement end to end solutions of 12 processes. This initiative was part of a telecom company's digital transformation process.
Initially, 25 processes were evaluated by the RPA team, but only 12 of them were selected due to the high-impact and great benefits brought to the company.
Tech: UiPath, UiPath Orchestrator



Python, Java, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), VB, SQL, TypeScript


Scrapy, Selenium, Django




UiPath, Blue Prism, Web Scraping, PyWin32


Beautiful Soup, Pandas, NumPy, PIL, OpenCV, VTK, Matplotlib


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Windows


MongoDB, Redis


Automation Anywhere


2015 - 2017

Master of Science Degree in Computational Physics

National Polytechnic Institute - Mexico, Mexico City

2008 - 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Physics and Mathematics

National Polytechnic Institute - Mexico, Mexico City



RPA Developer Advanced Certificate



Blue Prism Accredited Developer

Blue Prism