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Eralp Bayraktar

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Web Scraping Developer

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Toptal Member Since
October 30, 2018

Eralp is a Python developer focusing on back-end development, mainly using Django. He has developed systems scaled to millions of users and created a RESTful API workshop at Siemens AG for internal training. Eralp holds a master's degree from the Technical University of Munich, specializing in computer networks, which gives him an edge while architecting web apps. Recently, he has developed serverless systems on AWS for scaling and cutting costs.


Python 3, Apache Airflow, ETL
API Development, Django REST Framework, Django, Python, Redis, Encoding
Siemens AG
Blockchain, Spring Boot, Java, RESTful Development, REST APIs




Preferred Environment

Sublime Text, PyCharm, GitLab, GitHub, Ubuntu, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is a live video-streaming service for a news website that encodes videos into many different formats and utilizes CloudFront cache to scale.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2022 - PRESENT
  • Pioneered the transactional level accounting for hundreds of millions of events per day.
  • Actively participated in interviewing candidates and raising the talent bar.
  • Managed healthy ETL frameworks to deliver accounting in line with the SLAs.
Technologies: Python 3, Apache Airflow, ETL

Python Back-end Engineer

2017 - 2022
  • Profiled and optimized API endpoints used by React/iOS and Android clients. By offering dynamic fields, each client can get the data it wants and ignore everything else, which saves bandwidth and time.
  • Orchestrated major subsystems, like a serverless direct messaging system that allows one-to-one messages between users and a real-time Twitter-like social homepage feed that scaled beyond millions of users.
  • Managed and ensured the cooperation of inter-company API integrations. Made sure the info sync process was fault-tolerant and logged in a fine and coarse-grained manner. This allows the operator to see the trees and the forest by choice.
  • Implemented localization for the France expansion and respected the user's location, device preference, and explicit preference. The translation is a tiny part of the localization, so I also had to think about what made sense to present to the user.
  • Applied HTTP best practices, cache-control headers to optimize delivery capabilities for static content, content-encoding to ensure requests are compressed where it makes sense, and localization headers.
  • Implemented AWS Lambda functions (Java and Python) for various tasks. Lambda allows easy scaling, cuts costs, and is perfect for traffic that comes in bursts or at unexpected times.
Technologies: API Development, Django REST Framework, Django, Python, Redis, Encoding

Intern (Working Student)

2016 - 2017
Siemens AG
  • Created a RESTful API workshop that's held on an international level (China and Germany offices). Focused on how the web, authentication, and authorization should work in a distributed environment.
  • Held presentations about recent research in biweekly meetings with the team and the team leader.
  • Conducted blockchain research and an Ethereum vs. Hyperledger comparison.
Technologies: Blockchain, Spring Boot, Java, RESTful Development, REST APIs

Application Server Administrator

2014 - 2015
  • Optimized WebLogic parameters for the newly set up Java servers.
  • Attended application server conferences to increase my knowledge base.
  • Fired up new WebLogic servers on demand for developer teams.
  • Wrote a Bash script to collect the configuration on all production servers.
Technologies: Python, Bash, WebLogic

Published Open Source Django Libraries and Blog Posts
I've published two open-source Django libraries to solve the challenges that I personally face during my daily tasks. I also documented/blogged about the challenges, how I made the engineering decisions in the library, and how people can use it.

First is Django-function-caching, it explains how to cache the right way. Second is a Django-rotate-secret-key which allows you to rotate your secret keys without causing inconvenience for your users.

You can find a detailed analysis on my personal blog.

Game of Coins | #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt
In under 24 hours, I created a very simple website which allowed people to virtually invest in cryptocurrencies.

Each user after opening an account is credited 10,000 virtual US dollars and they are then allowed to buy/sell cryptocurrencies. The fun part of it is that it is social. Everyone is allowed to track everyone else's moves and there is a weekly/all-time leaderboard.

Technologies: Django, CoinMarketCap API

Twitter Crawler for a Media Agency | Rhino Runner
I coded an internal tool for Rhino Runner to create tasks that will allow them to track user reviews/interactions for specific keywords/brands on Twitter.

The difficulty of this task was that Rhino Runner needed to track many keywords/hashtags and Twitter obviously employs rate-limiting for clients to crawl too much data.

The way I handled this was to prioritize tasks in a smart manner. If a hashtag doesn't get much interaction, no need to crawl it every hour if the system is approaching its maximum rate-limit. Moreover, one also cannot wait too much otherwise tracking is useless (if they are notified of a tweet one week later, it is useless). It posed an engineering challenge to find the best trade-off.

I used Django and Twitter API with Celery and Redis for the task queue.

Open Source Login Manager | ObiKey

A Chrome Extension/Cross-platform Application

Video Demonstration:

Scan and unlock web pages securely!

Welcome to ObiKey, your secure identity vault in your pocket. Want to use different passwords for each website but don't want to put your data on the cloud? Use ObiKey. 0 data on the cloud. Full control in your hands.

Tired of inputting the same information to multiple websites? Use ObiKey to transfer this information securely from your pocket to your browser.

Go to a website and with the help of "ObiKey Helper" extension generate a QR code, scan this code with your phone and share one of your identities to this web page. ObiKey will remember this forever and suggest to use the same identity, next time you visit the website.

Technologies: Ionic, JavaScript Library, Node.js

Code Repositories:

Craigslist Clone with Mobile Applications | BitPazari

I realized that there was a gap in mobile application quality in the leading classified advertisements in the Turkish market and decided to develop a cross-platform application. This application allows a user to sign up and create their ads in a couple of clicks, it also allows in-app messaging.

Technologies: Firebase, Ionic, Django

News Website/Apps with a Focus on Videos

As a contractor, I developed for a prominent Turkish news company. Besides the website, I also delivered the iOS and Android applications through subcontracting.

The heavy focus on videos posed some challenges e.g., the need to encode the videos in different qualities (360p, 720p, and so on). Another critical feature was to enable a live stream via authorized smartphones.

Thanks to the Wowza media server, I could solve the domain problems, like specific encodings and scaling, by utilizing correct HTTP headers to cache the content. An AWS environment can scale really well and the video content is perfectly cachable as it doesn't change per-user basis. This offloaded an enormous amount of work from the application server.
2015 - 2017

Master's Degree in Computer Science

TUM | Technical University of Munich - Munich, Germany

2010 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Bosphorus University - Istanbul, Turkey


Shaping up with AngularJS



API Development, REST APIs, Instagram API, X (formerly Twitter) API, Facebook API


GitHub, GitLab, Sublime Text, Wowza, PyCharm, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Apache Airflow


JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Django, Django REST Framework, Spring Boot


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Blockchain, MacOS, Ubuntu, Linux


Python 3, Python, Java, Bash, JavaScript


REST, Unit Testing, RESTful Development, Agile Software Development, ETL


Redis, Cache, PostgreSQL


Web Scraping, Finance, WebLogic, Media, Networks, IoT Security, Web Security, Encoding

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