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Gabriel Francisco

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Berlin, Germany
Toptal Member Since
February 3, 2016

Since 2008, Gabriel has worked with GNU/Linux on bare-metal, virtual machines, and containers across different providers for businesses such as large scale and high traffic API/websites/portals, eCommerce and marketplaces, mailing systems and payment platforms. Gabriel excels at solving problems using Linux.


Urban Sports Club GmbH
Loki, Grafana, Prometheus, Docker, Bash, VirtualBox, Kubernetes, Ansible...
ThoughtWorks Deutschland GmbH
Amazon Web Services (AWS), RSpec, Ansible, Terraform, Debian, Linux...
GFG eCommerce Technologies GmbH
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jenkins, Hetzner, Ansible, Terraform, Prometheus...




Preferred Environment

Bash, Debian, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed was a set of stable environments (development, QA, staging, and live) that improved the lives of many people on a daily basis.

Work Experience

Senior DevOps Engineer

2019 - 2020
Urban Sports Club GmbH
  • Consolidated the QA, staging, and production environments as well as the company’s main project by moving it to the latest stable PHP version on top of Debian Buster.
  • Reworked the build and deployment, continuous delivery, and general infrastructure to make it more simple and robust by mapping build/runtime dependencies and decoupling of application/infrastructure layers.
  • Standardized the development environment for consistency, streamlined on-boarding process and development satisfaction.
  • Designed and maintained an auto-scalable and cost-effective Kubernetes cluster for the critical business intelligence team and other services.
  • Added infrastructure tests and wrote high-quality documentation and presentations to establish common institutional knowledge.
Technologies: Loki, Grafana, Prometheus, Docker, Bash, VirtualBox, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Debian

Senior Infrastructure Consultant

2018 - 2019
ThoughtWorks Deutschland GmbH
  • Designed and maintained three auto-scalable Kubernetes clusters with the disaster recovery mechanism, monitoring, logging, and alerts.
  • Consolidated the infrastructure via tests and documentation while decoupling its layer from the application source code.
  • Participated in project planning by identifying critical sections for creating appropriately sized user stories/tasks.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), RSpec, Ansible, Terraform, Debian, Linux, Kubernetes Operations (kOps)

Senior System Engineer

2017 - 2018
GFG eCommerce Technologies GmbH
  • Improved the CI/CD stability by using memory-efficient/portable tools, reducing the number of necessary servers, and delivery time by a factor of 18x.
  • Created and maintained 24 Kubernetes clusters on the cloud, and bare-metal clusters for heavy-duty CI/CD operations.
  • Implemented the use of containers, by packing four products in a generic way to be used with any container scheduler engine.
  • Standardized development environment, improving the onboarding process.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jenkins, Hetzner, Ansible, Terraform, Prometheus, Grafana, Bash, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux

Lead Infrastructure Engineer

2016 - 2016
Affinitas GmbH
  • Created a sandboxed deployment mechanism on top of Ansible and AWS—enabling the usage of ChatOps and bots.
  • Improved the reliability, availability, and deployment time of applications by 10x—making them fully automated and cost-effective.
  • Decoupled an application layer from the operating system layer by applying best practices—it allowed better resources utilization reducing the number of necessary servers.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Debian, Ruby, Capistrano, Iptables, Iproute2, Linux, Docker, Deis, Terraform, Ansible

Freelance System Administrator

2016 - 2016
Affinitas GmbH
  • Created a deployment pipeline using immutable infrastructure principles.
  • Automated the infrastructure end-to-end from provisioning to deployment Ansible and Terraform.
  • Migrated the main application from on-premise to cloud computing.
  • Created Ansible roles for common daily management tasks.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ruby on Rails (RoR), Apache Tomcat, Ruby, Capistrano, Iptables, Iproute2, Linux, Docker, Deis, Terraform, Ansible

DevOps Engineer

2015 - 2016
  • Tuned replicated MySQL databases for robustness and reliability providing application growth with the lowest response time.
  • Provided general guidance on specific pain points to improve application performance and reliability.
  • Improved the transactional email system providing faster deliveries and cost reduction.
  • Automated the provisioning of six microservices in a development environment, building playbooks from scratch to fit the actual needs, and provide a 1-line step Envsetup using Vagrant.
  • Responsible for maintaining a global grade PCI-DSS level 1 environment.
  • Responsible for 50% of the on-call rotation.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), DevOps, Redis, Graphite, Chef, Ansible, HAProxy, Varnish, NGINX, Apache, Postfix, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon, Linux, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby

IT Manager

2014 - 2014
  • Designed the architecture and built the three stages environment (development, staging, and production) for a faster, reliable, and safe development cycle using Vagrant, Chef, and Capistrano.
  • Responsible for the increase in system capacity and the subsequent sales increase of more than 400% without extra spending; migrating an entire application from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4.
  • Implemented the advanced caching strategy and routing with back-end separation for the mobile and desktop web applications using Varnish.
  • Profiled and tuned the databases to improve performance, availability, and easy scaling.
  • Gave insights to the development team to make the application as lightweight and efficient as possible to take advantage of the cost-effective servers' architecture.
  • Merged two local area networks into one. Made sure that the data and VoIP traffic are coexisting and using the traffic shaping for packet prioritization and guaranteed optimal quality of service. It reduced the network equipment's needs and cost.
  • Developed a script using Capybara and RSpec for post-deployment testing to avoid manual and repeated tests.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Debian, StatsD, Graphite, Zabbix, Iptables, Capistrano, Amazon, Squid, MySQL, RSpec, Capybara, Ruby, Linux, Varnish

DevOps Engineer

2013 - 2014
  • Adapted a high traffic PHP email marketing application system to fit on Amazon AWS.
  • Implemented DKIM, SPF, and related technologies for better email deliverability.
  • Removed a big and expensive physical machine with Qmail using 47 IP addresses, and built from scratch ten micro VM instances on Amazon AWS using Postfix. This doubled the throughput of sent emails with 1/10th of the cost.
  • Automated the handling of bounced emails with a Python script to parse the Postfix log and update a dashboard with the status of the email.
  • Rebuilt the internal network to provide faster internet experience using Squid, Iproute2, and Iptables.
Technologies: Debian, DevOps, Squid, Iptables, Iproute2, Python, PHP, MySQL, NGINX, Apache, Postfix

Network Administrator

2012 - 2013
  • Advised about trade-offs between fine-tuning the server layer and application architectural changes.
  • Virtualized some physical hosts to reduce hardware usage and to free resources to make room for a Continuous Integration platform.
  • Automated the development database synchronization.
  • Responsible for an infrastructure composed of Asterisk, Proxy and Gateway Servers. Maintained the PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, the firewalls, MPLS links, and all of the network equipment.
  • Implemented passive and active monitoring tools.
Technologies: Debian, XenServer, Graylog, Nagios, Zabbix, Munin, NGINX, Apache, PHP, VirtualBox, Iptables, Iproute2, LDAP, Squid, BIND9, BIND 9, CentOS, Ubuntu, MySQL, PostgreSQL

IT System Administrator

2012 - 2012
Mediaweb Interactive
  • Created a cross-zone infrastructure for a highly available web application environment.
  • Made the development environment virtual.
  • Monitored and maintained the firewall, proxy, and production VPN servers.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Debian, XenServer, Iproute2, Iptables, Varnish, Memcached, Amazon, PHP, MySQL

Digital Infrastructure Transformation at GFG
This portfolio project involved the digital transformation of a global eCommerce platform serving 17 countries across four continents.

I was the system engineer and I worked together with development and quality assurance teams to enhance the stability, performance, and security of a global platform, as well as reduce the time and complexity to ship any change through its delivery pipeline.


Iproute2, Deis, jQuery, ThinkingSphinx


Terraform, NGINX, Apache, Ansible, Git, Grafana, Munin, Provisioning Tools, Chef, Postfix, Iptables, Vagrant, Varnish, Vim Text Editor, Squid, Capistrano, Zabbix, VirtualBox, Nagios, Graylog, Apache Tomcat, Jenkins, SaltStack, Logstash, RSpec


Bash, Go, Ruby, PHP, Python


Debian, Ubuntu, Docker, Amazon EC2, Linux, XenServer, Kubernetes, Debian Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MacOS, Amazon, CentOS


DevOps, Back-end Architecture, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Database Design, REST


MySQL, Memcached, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sphinx Search Engine, Cassandra


Ruby on Rails (RoR), Capybara


Debugging, Troubleshooting, Client-server Model, Kubernetes Operations (kOps), Loki, Debian Packaging, Operating Systems, TCP/IP, Software Architecture, HAProxy, StatsD, BIND 9, BIND9, LDAP, Hetzner, Prometheus, Graphite, ModSecurity, SOLID Principles, 12 Factor, Back-end

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