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Ilya Zykin

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

İstanbul, Turkey
Toptal Member Since
March 22, 2023

Ilya is a full-stack developer with 18 years of experience in programming, teaching, and coaching. Specializing in Ruby on Rails and React development, he has been an open-source contributor, team lead, and technical manager. As an independent expert, Ilya mentored and coached IT teams and consulted small and medium-sized businesses focusing on digital transformation. He can help companies solve technical tasks and conduct IT audits.

Portfolio (for PennState)
Ruby, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python, JavaScript, Full-stack Development...
JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (RoR), TypeScript, Ruby, Node.js...
Node.js, React, Deployment, Management, Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (RoR)...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Linux, Slack, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), RubyMine

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is a Rails app on Docker container, which accelerated the setup of new Rails projects.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer, Consultant

2023 - PRESENT (for PennState)
  • Helped define goals and tasks for a computer vision and machine learning project as part of a research team for Pennsylvania State University. I researched and recommended data annotation tools.
  • Explored tools and developed a single sign-on prototype to enhance workflow processes. The solution was to build using Python, Flask framework, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails.
  • Сreated several mini-services that significantly improved data analysis and decision-making processes to enhance the data preparation system for machine learning.
Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python, JavaScript, Full-stack Development, Prototyping, Research, Amazon

Senior Front-end Engineer, Coach, Software Engineer

2016 - 2023
  • Developed and implemented learning paths and approaches, which delivered exceptional results for novice engineers, enabling them to quickly acquire the necessary skills and knowledge and excel on the company's most technically advanced project.
  • Acted as a software engineer while working on several key products for the company. Participated in various initiatives, including architecture calls, technical investigations, codebase improvements, and documentation preparations.
  • Developed and implemented integrations with important services such as OFAC compliance and internal HR system, improving everyday toolsets and enhancing staff productivity.
Technologies: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (RoR), TypeScript, Ruby, Node.js, Test-driven Development (TDD), React, Graph Query Language (GQL), Apollo, Cypress, Pact, Coaching, Mentorship & Coaching, Jasmine, HTML, Jest, CSS, Ruby Gems, Empathy, Mentorship, Team Mentoring, Moderation, Webpack, Async/Await, Promise, User Interface (UI), Confidentiality, Redis, Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Hub, Elastic, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, CI/CD Pipelines, TypeScript 3, Full-stack

Senior Front-End Developer

2016 - 2016
  • Collaborated with the vice president of product to improve front-end data analysis process. Enhanced project sustainability through data collection and analysis.
  • Conducted a comprehensive review of the project's front-end section, analyzing React and Node.js code. Following my recommendations, the team implemented testing practices, which significantly improved the quality of this part of the project.
  • Collaborated closely with the DevOps team while playing a key role in improving the project's deployment and scaling process, particularly under high peak load conditions. This led to increased stability and better performance of the project.
Technologies: Node.js, React, Deployment, Management, Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (RoR), HTML, Jest, Test-driven Development (TDD), CSS, Ruby Gems, Empathy, Coaching, Mentorship, Team Mentoring, Webpack, Async/Await, Promise, User Interface (UI), Confidentiality, Redis, Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Hub, Sidekiq, CI/CD Pipelines, Haml, Slim

Senior Full-stack Developer

2014 - 2015
IZI Travel
  • Streamlined inter-departmental collaboration between back-end, front-end, and mobile application teams, resulting in reduced development time and timely release of new features.
  • Collaborated closely with front-end developers to implement code organization improvements and identified tools to test code more effectively, which resulted in increased sustainability and functionality of the front end.
  • Identified back-end bottlenecks and managed the refactoring process to improve project performance. My effective refactoring methods, organized approach, and management led to significant improvements in project performance.
Technologies: AngularJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Redis, Deployment, Jasmine, JavaScript, HTML, Jest, Test-driven Development (TDD), CSS, Ruby Gems, Empathy, Coaching, Mentorship, Team Mentoring, Webpack, Async/Await, Promise, User Interface (UI), Confidentiality, Management, Docker Hub, Sidekiq, CI/CD Pipelines

Team Leader

2013 - 2014
  • Acted as an anti-crisis manager and successfully helped the company retain key clients. Provided technical guidance to significantly improve development speed and product quality.
  • Identified and resolved critical technical and management issues efficiently, often in a short time frame, while working as a Ruby on Rails developer with a background in open-source development.
  • Encouraged transparent communication by creating a friendly and comfortable environment where team members shared ideas and collaborated to solve challenging tasks. Optimized work organization and streamlined teamwork.
Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails (RoR), PHP, Test-driven Development (TDD), MySQL, Apache, LAMP, Ruby Gems, Empathy, Coaching, Mentorship, Team Mentoring, Moderation, Promise, Confidentiality, Redis, Management, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, CI/CD Pipelines, Haml, Slim

Senior Software Engineer

2012 - 2013
  • Served as the front-end developer for a startup and selected appropriate technologies and approaches for the project to ensure the scalability and optimal performance of the minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Took on additional responsibilities such as organizing efficient collaboration with the back-end team, hiring new developers, and streamlining the deployment process to improve overall project effectiveness.
  • Worked actively on new challenges as the company grew from 7 to 200+ employees. Played a significant role in the company's success as a senior developer and leader of the front-end department.
Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails (RoR), JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, Test-driven Development (TDD), MySQL, Ruby Gems, Empathy, Coaching, Mentorship, Team Mentoring, Promise, User Interface (UI), Confidentiality, Management, CI/CD Pipelines, Haml, Slim

Software Engineer

2008 - 2012
Freelance Clients
  • Assisted small businesses in establishing an online presence, facilitated sales through website platforms, and addressed their business needs by designing and developing websites with specific functionalities.
  • Delivered solutions that resulted in one of my clients successfully attracting investments and organizing a large-scale real estate project.
  • Helped a social networking project succeed in its domain by contributing to its development with Ruby on Rails.
Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, PHP, HTML, Apache, LAMP, WordPress, Ruby, Ruby Gems, Ruby on Rails (RoR), MySQL, Empathy, Mentorship, Confidentiality

Rails 7. Start Kit
Rails 7. Start Kit is a Rails application based on Docker container with preinstalled tools such as Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq, and Elasticsearch. It is designed to accelerate the setup of new Rails projects and provide a safe playground for experimentation.

Authorization Solution for Ruby on Rails
TheRole is a Ruby on Rails authorization library that enforces restrictions on user access to resources. It provides a simple and flexible way to manage roles and permissions for different users, ensuring secure access to sensitive data.

TheSortableTree is a UI solution that enables the efficient rendering of large amounts of nodes with drag-and-drop functionality. It provides a significant performance boost, making managing complex hierarchical data structures easier.
2002 - 2007

Master of Education Degree in Teaching

Ivanovo State University - Ivanovo, Russia


Speak Like a Pro: Public Speaking for Professionals



TypeScript for Professionals



Master Public Speaking to Become a Leader at Work. Speak Up!



Asynchronous JavaScript: Promises, Callbacks, Async Await



Webpack 5 in 2023: The Complete Guide For Beginners



TopAcademy Coach: Moderator Training Program



Be a Great Mentor: A Practical Guide to Mentorship



Coaching for Growth and Success



Confidential Information and Asset Security Training



Incident Management Framework for Engineering Teams



Typescript 3.0: A Practical Guide



React, Sidekiq, Node.js, Rails Engines


Slack, RubyMine, Apache, Webpack, Docker Compose, Docker Hub, Elastic


Ruby on Rails (RoR), Jest, Jasmine, Cypress, Slim, AngularJS


Test-driven Development (TDD), Promise, Management


Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, TypeScript, Haml, TypeScript 3, CSS, PHP, Python


MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL


MacOS, Linux, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), LAMP, WordPress, Docker, Amazon


Mentorship & Coaching, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Coaching, Career Coaching, Ruby Gems, University Teaching, Empathy, Education, Mentorship, Team Mentoring, Moderation, Async/Await, User Interface (UI), Confidentiality, Incident Management, Incident Response, Deployment, Graph Query Language (GQL), Apollo, Pact, CI/CD Pipelines, Public Speaking, Prototyping, Research

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