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Irakli Vashakidze

Verified Expert  in Engineering

iOS and Java Developer

Tbilisi, Georgia
Toptal Member Since
December 22, 2018

Irakli is a full-stack software architect with more than a decade of experience developing high-quality native iOS and watchOS apps. He also has experience in building React Native apps. Irakli loves challenges and experimenting with new tools and technologies.


Nordic Capital AB
Swift, iOS, REST, SwiftUI
JavaScript, React Native, iOS, Swagger, Design Patterns, React
Popular Pays Inc
Swift, iOS, Fabric, CocoaPods, Crashlytics, Travis CI, New Relic, Realm




Preferred Environment

Visual Studio Code (VS Code), IntelliJ IDEA, Xcode

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a mobile bank app for Bank of Georgia:

Work Experience

iOS Developer

2022 - PRESENT
Nordic Capital AB
  • Developed the in-house app, which helps the employees track their timesheets, add leaves, see the invoices from third-party systems, give and receive feedback to other employees, and update their project settings and staffing intensities.
  • Worked on architecture, added unit tests for the important parts of the application, and continuously improved the app's performance and UI.
  • Handled maintenance and bug fixes and implemented new features.
Technologies: Swift, iOS, REST, SwiftUI

Senior React Native Engineer

2021 - 2022
  • Developed the Yoreevo app on the React Native platform, which helps real estate buyers find the top listings in NY, schedule visits, calculate rebates, subscribe to notifications about new listings based on their search criteria, and more.
  • Implemented several features, including advanced search components, lists, detail screen, rebate calculator, onboarding, settings, and visit scheduling.
  • Monitored and improved the app's performance during the last three months. As a result, the search and the detail screen became four times faster than the initial version.
Technologies: JavaScript, React Native, iOS, Swagger, Design Patterns, React

iOS Developer

2020 - 2022
Popular Pays Inc
  • Enhanced PopularPays iOS app by adding new features like TikTok Connect, Twitter Connect, and more.
  • Maintained the app and mainly worked on bug fixes and improvements.
  • Wrote unit tests and increased the coverage up to 70%.
Technologies: Swift, iOS, Fabric, CocoaPods, Crashlytics, Travis CI, New Relic, Realm

Lead iOS Architect

2019 - 2022
  • Introduced modular architecture and split the codebase into multiple reusable frameworks to improve the build process and make the project well-maintainable and flexible.
  • Worked on continuous delivery. Used GitHub Actions to perform build triggers for various scenarios.
  • Helped project managers and scrum masters with sprint planning and refinement.
  • Contributed to analyzing the new enhancement or feature requirements and pull request reviews from other team members.
Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, iOS, CleverTap,, Amplitude, GitHub, Fastlane, Continuous Delivery (CD), Apple Pay, Swagger, UIKit, MVC Design, Design Patterns, Postman, Core Location

iOS Architect

2019 - 2019
BehaviorFlow (via Toptal)
  • Created applied behavior analysis (ABA) iPad application, which included several functions, data analysis, and gadgets. Fourteen different types of functions observed a student's behavior.
  • Implemented different roles and access permissions for the users in the group's hierarchy.
  • Used Firebase for fixed and variable timers and counters to enable them to work in parallel. This made the app quite complex, which was a fantastic experience.
Technologies: Visual Studio App Center, Firebase, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Authentication, iOS, UIKit, MVC Design, Firebase Cloud Functions, Design Patterns, Postman, Core Location, Cloud Firestore

iOS Chief Software Architect

2018 - 2019
Aurea Software
  • Acted as the chief full-stack architect on a smartwatch and iPhone app, which records audios on the watch, then uploads them to cloud, followed by listening, sorting, arranging, and sharing them using iPhone.
  • Developed the import/migration phase of various mobile diagnostics applications and SDKs widely used by companies like AT&T, Apple, and Vodafone.
  • Defined the CI/CD strategy, automated deployment, and test execution processes for all the products under my responsibility using Jenkins and Fastlane.
  • Redesigned a few architectures in major apps and SDK, which helped the team achieve more than 80% coverage in unit tests for most products.
  • Reviewed smoke and regression test cases and reviewed pull requests.
  • Aided the automation team in the UI automation development process.
Technologies: CocoaPods, OCLint, SwiftLint, Git, Groovy, Ruby, Spring Boot, Jenkins, Fastlane, Java, Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, Image Manipulation, UIKit, MVC Design, Design Patterns, Postman, Core Location, Apple Watch

iOS Chief Software Architect

2015 - 2018
Bank of Georgia
  • Defined the core architecture of the mBank mobile banking application, which later became one of the best mobile banking solutions in the region.
  • Implemented core components, such as HTTP API, files utilities, storage managers, event dispatchers, and service layers.
  • Developed the UX-focused base dynamic editable wizard components that were the main mechanism to navigate between features and acted as the heart for all editable places.
  • Installed individual and group payments for communal, car parking, and other types of services.
  • Developed security improvements, implemented SSL pinning, and checked the validity of local and remote sessions.
  • Created a show-room-style iPad application for bank lounges with an extremely nice UI and smooth animations, where my role was the full-stack chief architect. Used Spring for the back end and MySQL as a database engine.
  • Developed an internal iOS app for transaction management. It was designed to receive push notifications on every important transaction and ask the user to accept or decline the action.
  • Created CI/CD strategies and deployment and test execution pipelines.
  • Automated all of the mobile app deployment and tests execution processes using Fastlane and GitLab CI.
  • Collaborated with team members on reviewing milestones and task estimations.
Technologies: GitLab CI/CD, GitLab, Fastlane, Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, Image Manipulation, UIKit, MVC Design, Design Patterns, Postman, Core Location

iOS Chief Software Architect (Contractor)

2015 - 2015
Express Technologies CEE
  • Defined the architecture, design patterns, and coding style for TeraBank's mobile banking application.
  • Implemented the core functionalities such as the REST API client, storage manager, event handlers, and base UI components.
  • Worked on security improvements as the app was mainly responsible for payments and money transfers between own and other accounts.
  • Wrote the documentation and REST API spec updates.
  • Defined the tasks in Jira for other developers, guiding them for each specific task scenario and doing pull request reviews each day.
  • Defined the CI/CD pipelines and automated the deployment and functional testing process using Jenkins.
Technologies: Xcode, Swift, iOS, Objective-C, UIKit, MVC Design, Design Patterns, Postman, Core Location

Senior iOS Developer

2013 - 2015
aMind Solutions
  • Built the TethrOn mobile platform designed specifically to address the unique data and processes challenges that emerge when multiple enterprise applications are extended to hundreds of mobile workers who often need to work offline.
  • Developed a synchronization module that fetched hundreds of thousands of records from the back-end and performed appropriate CRUD operations to the device's local database.
  • Created the UI framework built on top of the library mentioned above, including data prefetching algorithms, caching, and custom UI components.
  • Constructed a reference application that covered all of the functionalities of the core and UI component libraries for demo purposes.
  • Developed an E2E test suite, unit tests, and UI tests.
Technologies: Swift, Xcode, Objective-C, iOS, UIKit, MVC Design, Design Patterns, Postman, Core Location

Lead Java Developer

2011 - 2014
Kindergaten Management Agency
  • Designed and developed a back-end module for online payments where more than 50,000 clients could pay from websites, banks, and some other smart payment terminals.
  • Designed and developed a back-end API for a registration module that was highly optimized for a large number of simultaneous requests—where each request validated child and parent identities through external API calls.
  • Implemented an internal management system with a calendar, SMS notifications, search, and reporting.
Technologies: Web Services, Oracle, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Ext JS, Hibernate, JPA, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java, Swagger, Design Patterns, Postman

Senior .NET Developer

2010 - 2013
LEPL Financial Analytical Service
  • Built a state budget control system using Silverlight, WCF, and MS SQL.
  • Developed a legal entity budget control system with Silverlight, WCF, and MS SQL.
  • Constructed integration and data exchange modules between the budget and treasury systems.
  • Built integration and data exchange modules between the budget and revenue service systems.
Technologies: Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, .NET, Design Patterns, Postman

Junior Java Developer

2009 - 2010
United Global Technologies
  • Created a desktop application module on Java for identifying duplicated and damaged records in a database.
  • Developed reporting forms using Jasper for records that were marked as duplicates, damaged, and could be improved.
  • Built editors using Oracle ADF for the records marked with can-be-improved status, where the client was updating data manually.
  • Constructed comparison forms using Oracle ADF for duplicated records.
  • Developed advertiser forms using Oracle ADF that made suggestions to the client on whether to discard or fix the record.
Technologies: Java, Design Patterns, Postman

Emergent Watch App

This app is designed to simplify the collection of important information within a learning environment with the goal of extracting unique and valuable insights from that data.

• Students can record audio using the watch and provide feedback on each learning session.
• Watch sync recordings and metadata with iPhone.
• Audio sessions with metadata are automatically uploaded.
• Students can search, view, arrange, and listen to recordings on the iPhone.
• Each student has their own configurations for session intervals, hour limits per week, active days, and more to make the app more useful and interactive.

Chief Software Architect


With mBank, customers can:
• Get authorized quickly and safely with face identification, fingerprint, or a passcode.
• Receive information about all of the bank products available for you.
• Get reminded about upcoming payments.
• Find the nearest ATM, pay box, and service center.
• Become familiar with the currency rates and convert money at the preferential exchange rate.
• Top up the cell phone and pay utility bills with any bank card without registration.
• Activate a loan, open a deposit, and order a card.

iOS Team Lead

Terabank Mobile

Terabank mobile allows a customer to perform various types of banking operations, search for the necessary information, and observe innovations.

The following will be available:
• Check the balance and available amounts at any account, including the deposits and loans.
• Receive information on active banking products.
• Make bank transfers inside of the bank as well as to any bank within Georgia.
• Make utility and other types of payments.
• Top off the balance of the cell phone.
• Look for the nearest ATM and branch on the map and see their addresses and business hours.
• See the currency rates.
• Send and receive messages to the bank.

iOS Team Lead

Mobilogy Transfer App

Mobilogy’s transfer app provides an intuitive, hassle-free way to transfer personal data from an old phone to a new one. Consumers and store reps can use the app anywhere, anytime by both consumers and store reps to conduct fast, secure transfers—even between phones with different operating systems. The transfer app supports Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

iOS Chief Architect

Mobilogy Diagnostics App

Mobilogy’s diagnostics app enables the fast identification and resolution of mobile phone problems for any device across all customer and employee touchpoints. The service accurately analyzes device performance with over 180 software and hardware tests and resolves issues in real time. The diagnostics enable operators, retailers, buyback vendors, repair centers, and enterprises to keep phones healthy, customers and employees happy, and operational costs under control.

iOS Chief Architect


TethrOn's enterprise mobility platform delivers enterprise-grade mobile apps with zero code. Quickly turn legacy, cloud, and custom enterprise systems into data-rich next-generation mobile apps. Mashup data from Siebel, Salesforce, Sugar, Apttus, any app, and your homegrown databases—all without writing a single line of code.

iOS Senior Developer

Kindergarten System
This kindergarten system consists of front and administration sides.

The front side is a website where users can:
• Register children.
• Get information about various news and updates.
• Check free spaces in different kindergartens in different regions of the city.
• View the list of the required information, documentation, rules, and more.
• View the video and photo gallery.

The administration side enables employees to:
• Manage registered children, send various notifications to parents, update kindergarten information, and more.
• Manage payments (if enabled).
• Search children and update their information.
• Create application forms that automatically become available on the website for users who want to apply for various positions.
• Manage the registration process, time, interval, and required information.

Lead Back-end Developer

State Budget Control System

The system enables budget institutions to electronically plan their budget.

• Simplifies and systemizes the budget planning process by providing a flexible and mobile data flow.
• Automates the budgeting process steps, dramatically increasing the effectiveness and productivity of users.
• Decrease the error rate during the budget development process.
• Enables an advanced data analysis by providing multifunctional analytical support.
• Provide customized sets of reports for various user categories.
• Places data storage into the unified database.

Senior Analyst and Developer

BehaviorFlow (via Toptal)
I built an applied behavior analysis (ABA) MVP iPad application, which included several functions such as observation, motivation, and education, data analysis, and gadgets. In total, 14 different types of functions are observing a student's behavior.

The app had different roles and access permissions for the users in the group's hierarchy. A user could be an assistant in group A but an administrator in group B. In addition, the user could share a student and even the whole group with another user or group with different permissions.

Everything was happening in real time. When an eligible (unlocked) user was modifying something (pausing a timer, earning a token, or adjusting points), the change was immediately seen on another eligible user's screen, while several types of gadgets—fixed/variable timers and counters were working in parallel.

Firebase was very helpful in this part, but several types of fixed and variable timers and counters working in parallel made the app quite complex, which was a fantastic experience.

iOS Architect

2006 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Georgian Technical University - Tbilisi, Georgia


Cisco CCNA Certified Instructor

Information Technology Academy


Google+ iOS SDK, Core Animation, Core Graphics, CocoaPods, React, Node.js, GitHub API, Fabric


Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA, SourceTree, Git, Jenkins, Fastlane, GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub, Postman, SwiftLint, Apache Tomcat, Firebase Authentication, Visual Studio App Center, WebStorm, Microsoft Silverlight, GitLab CI/CD, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM),, Crashlytics, Travis CI


UIKit, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, Core Foundation, Core Location, React Native, SwiftUI, .NET, Spring, Swagger, Ext JS


MVC Design, Model View Presenter (MVP), Agile, Design Patterns, VIPER Architecture, REST, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Continuous Delivery (CD)


Swift, Objective-C, Java, SQL, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Groovy


iOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Apple Watch, JBoss, Oracle, Firebase, CleverTap, Mapbox, New Relic


MySQL, Realm, SQLite, Firebase Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, Microsoft SQL Server, NoSQL


AVFoundation, Firebase Cloud Functions, Web Services, OCLint, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Amplitude, Apple Pay, Software, Back-end, Development, Image Manipulation

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