Ken Miyachi, Blockchain and Software Developer in Seattle, WA, United States
Ken Miyachi

Blockchain and Software Developer in Seattle, WA, United States

Member since April 5, 2022
Ken is a software engineer specializing in distributed systems and web3 technologies. He's launched multiple Ethereum Mainnet contracts, assisted with over 20 blockchain patent applications, created an NFT, and delivered MVPs. His experience includes web2 back-end services, data analysis, and work on multi-million dollar projects. Ken enjoys system design and is adept at creating technical solutions around business use cases.
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Seattle, WA, United States



Preferred Environment

Python, Solidity, Java

The most amazing...

...project I've led has been an architectural refactor of a major eCommerce service that generates over $7 million in monthly revenue.


  • Software Development Engineer II

    2020 - 2022
    • Automated a complex financial accounting workflow, which resulted in streamlining over one million transactions/month that previously needed manual intervention to resolve.
    • Led an infrastructure migration of legacy service to modern AWS architecture utilizing Lambda, AWS CDK, S3, API Gateway, and more.
    • Implemented a global filter to improve recommendations on the retail website.
    Technologies: Java, AWS, AWS Lambda, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, System Design
  • Blockchain Architect

    2018 - 2021
    San Diego Supercomputer Center
    • Published and created a framework for healthcare off-chain blockchain storage.
    • Developed an MVP for combating health care fraud and abuse for medical claims.
    • Organized blockchain events and conferences around blockchain education and exploratory blockchain research.
    Technologies: Solidity, Blockchain, Networks
  • Lead Engineer

    2018 - 2020
    • Developed an MVP application to integrate into payment processors and track financial statements on-chain and automate the generation of regulatory filings.
    • Oversaw and led the development of a decentralized and distributed team across four different time zones to build a full-stack application.
    • Created documentation, visualizations, and business material, which helped raise a seed round of funding to build out the product's first iteration.
    Technologies: Hyperledger, Go, React, Node.js
  • Technical Specialist

    2018 - 2019
    Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton
    • Assisted on over 30 software and blockchain-related patent applications.
    • Automated the patent prosecution response process by creating scripts to create template documents based upon examiner responses.
    • Helped analyze and drive the adoption of software platforms for attorneys and staff to disseminate information more efficiently.
    Technologies: Technical Writing, Legal Technology (Legaltech), Legal Counsel
  • Software Development Consultant

    2017 - 2018
    • Optimized gas costs for a complex multi-layer smart contract replacing solidity code with in-line assembly.
    • Improved test coverage for the smart contract to 100% for the projects' smart contracts and helped prepare audit documentation.
    • Helped create and upgradable contract system through a proxy contract system.
    Technologies: Assembly, Ethereum, Solidity, JavaScript


  • Formula1 NFT

    Created an NFT for the Formula1 DAO. Implemented a custom ERC-721 and an art generation script that built out the proper metadata abiding by the OpenSea Standard. Integrated the Smart contracts into a Webflow application used as the platform to initially mint tokens to users.

  • Human Keratinocytes Genome Database

    A correlation gene tool that has gathered over 50 CRISPR5 publications measures the differential gene expression of a specific knockdown or overexpression of a specific gene and allows doctors or researchers to gather correlation statistics and visualizations on their own CRISPR5 experiment differential gene expression data.

  • Healthcare Insurance Fraud and Detection POC

    I developed a blockchain-based POC as part of an exploratory research project around a system to identify Medicare fraud. I assisted in drafting a patent for the system currently undergoing the patent prosecution process.

    This was published in a paper in the JMIR:

  • Healthcare Off-Chain Database Systems

    Created a framework for healthcare data storage on blockchain systems. The database architecture was categorized based on the type of healthcare data and associated regulatory policies associated with each type of healthcare data. Published in Information Processing & Management:


  • Languages

    Python, Solidity, Java, SQL, Go, R, Rust, JavaScript, Assembly
  • Platforms

    Blockchain, Ethereum, AWS Lambda, Hyperledger, Webflow
  • Other

    Ethers.js, AWS, System Design, Smart Contracts, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Hardhat, Networks, Technical Writing, Legal Technology (Legaltech), Legal Counsel
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, Web3.js, React


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2014 - 2018
    University of California San Diego - San Diego, California, USA

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