Leonardo Pedretti, Software Developer in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina
Leonardo Pedretti

Software Developer in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina

Member since January 10, 2017
Leonardo started learning programming at the age of six and has been following software development advances and technologies for more than three decades, including PHP, CakePHP, Drupal, and, currently, web application development, blockchain technologies, and factory 4.0 management software development.
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Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina



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The most amazing...

...software I've coded is a CakePHP extension that automatically builds rich UIs from simple configurations.


  • Full-stack Developer

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Constructed the Buildify application with 10 different React front-end components; built the full back end and database structure as well.
    • Developed components in React.
    • Built back-end features and modules in CakePHP.
    • Managed the databases.
    • Installed, set up, and managed the Linux kernel.
    • Built the deployment method.
    Technologies: React, CakePHP, MySQL, Stripe API, Linux DevOps
  • Tech Leader

    2019 - 2019
    Guardian Insurance
    • Designed headless Drupal modules and content type architecture.
    • Designed React component tree to meet the content requirements.
    • Built drupal custom modules.
    • Built React components.
    • Designed Node.js back-end proxy settings to allow the front end to consume different APIs besides the main Drupal back end.
    Technologies: React, Node.js, Drupal 8
  • Full-stack Developer

    2018 - 2019
    Digital ReLab
    • Fixed bugs in the UI.
    • Implemented AWS Rekognition.
    • Improved the image processing workflow.
    Technologies: PHP, jQuery, MySQL, AWS Rekognition, AWS S3
  • Full-stack Developer

    2018 - 2018
    • Fixed bugs in a report graphics application, both front and back end.
    Technologies: jQuery, CakePHP, MySQL
  • Full-stack CakePHP Developer

    2018 - 2018
    Babierge, Inc.
    • Updated several functionalities of the site's search results.
    • Added Google Maps results.
    • Added route/distance calculation and limits for searches.
    • Added several functionalities to the site's payment flow.
    Technologies: CakePHP, HTML, MySQL, Git, jQuery, Google Maps API
  • Back-end Developer

    2017 - 2018
    Smith & Carson
    • Developed an integration with Prosperworks API.
    Technologies: PHP, Laravel, Prosperworks API
  • Lead Developer

    2010 - 2017
    Código Dínamo
    • Developed a complete social network site using Drupal 7 community and custom modules, user registration, profile management, user wall, friends, follow-ups on posts, likes, comments, dynamic notifications, chat, private messages, premium advertising, and media albums.
    • Built a Drupal project for an online comic reading site (tumanga.com). The site had to support hundreds of thousands of users with a constant 10,000-15,000 users browsing the site 24/7. Drupal site development, Drupal optimization and caching techniques, web, and database server setup.
    • Built Drupal sites for real estate agencies, eCommerce, blogs, and custom applications.
    • Created a medical information CRM with patients, medics, patient files, and clinical history.
    • Developed a coupon management system with coupon redemption, shipping information, and statistics.
    • Created event hall management with images, tables, guests and front door touchscreen manager.
    • Developed a real estate agency CRM with real estate, contacts, deals, locations, and asynchronous synchronization with an online site of real estate information.
    • Built a chemical Laboratory CRM with components and formulas building management, sales, and stock management.
    • Developed a complete CRM and sales management software for CasaRoller roller curtain manufacturing and sales company using CakePHP 3.3 framework, MySQL, jQuery, and Bootstrap.
    Technologies: CakePHP, MySQL, AWS, HTML5, Sass, jQuery
  • Drupal Developer

    2014 - 2016
    • Developed Drupal site Sun Edison based on custom building blocks that allowed the site editor to combine several styles and content types on each block from every section.
    • Created NBC Universal financial literacy calculators: Integrated a CalcXML financial calculator API to build fancier, easy-to-use calculators that may be embedded on other third-party sites. Implemented the CalcXML API, custom validation, and calculators external embedding API.
    • Developed Horizon Carrier Screen, an informational site, to be responsive and animation rich with a customized administrative back end.
    • Built Natera, an informational site with a common base code repository for the modules and themes from Horizon Carrier Screen while allowing for specific customizations and overrides.
    • Created Polycom workspaces solutions, including front-end work. The main challenges were cross-browser support of very specific requirements for content positioning and image resizing on very different screen resolutions. Created a custom HTML generator coded in PHP that worked as a “simple CRM” so custom adjustments could be made with a modularized base building structure. Complex CSS and JavaScript were built to meet the responsive requirements so the page was both smooth and clean.
    • Developed the front-end for Riverbed AEM. The main work was HTML/CSS/JS bug fixing and finishing the crude mockups from the back-end module developers to the detailed form.
    Technologies: Drupal 7, PHP, HTML5, Sass, jQuery, MySQL, AEM
  • Lead Developer

    2013 - 2014
    • Maintained proprietary CRM software.
    • Added delivery modules linked to logistics companies' web services.
    • Migrated accounting modules to MySQL integrity assertion mechanisms, triggers, and stored procedures to ensure proper data structure integrity.
    • Designed and implemented cloth management modules to reduce raw material waste.
    • Designed and implemented a logistics management interface for internal packaging management.
    Technologies: Kohana, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5
  • Software Developer

    2008 - 2010
    • Built the Yale University Office of Sustainability site in Drupal 6.
    • Created the PinkDingo software system using CakePHP.
    • Migrated the NYC central parking site from CakePHP 1.2 to 1.3.
    • Programmed Techscholar's site in CakePHP.
    • Built a custom CMS and commission redemption site, a CakePHP project with cash card web service implementation, content editing interface with integrated editor, and Excel import/export features.
    Technologies: CakePHP, Drupal, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript
  • Lead Developer

    2003 - 2008
    Axon Sistemas
    • Developed an alarm monitoring system for the company Central de Monitoreo with resellers and reseller sub monitoring capabilities, with clustering and distributed processing of alarm events for security and failover.
    • Designed and developed SpamCluster anti-spam application.
    • Developed the AxonDVR DVR system using Linux with event motion detection recording.
    • Designed and developed “Basalto” framework, a Linux unified small office server application.
    • Developed a generic real estate agency catalog system, a legal documentation information report system for the law firm “Palacio Jurídico,” and an admin system for clients, resellers, delivery agents, and invoices for Magnes perfume company using MVC with CakePHP.
    • Developed a shopping cart system using PHP 5, MySQL, and Smarty.
    • Created an online eBay style catalog system for Galería Informática.
    • Created an automatic telephone internet provider stability monitoring system based on Linux and PHP 5/MySQL.
    • Built a school system CRM for Instituto Yen, including students' registration to classes and attendance, progress, and payments.
    • Developed a sales CRM with multiple POS database synchronization systems.
    • Developed a “KioskoMatic” system for administration of general drugstores.
    • Designed and developed a complete web hosting solutions control and administration system.
    • Installed and administered Ubuntu and ISPConfig professional web servers.
    • Planned and executed the migration from Windows/DOS workstations and file servers to Linux systems in Central de Monitoreo S.A., including databases and MS Access-based systems.
    • Dictated a PHP 5 programming course in Vialidad Nacional.
    • Dictated a Linux administration course for Central de Monitoreo S. A.
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Qmail, SpamAssassin, CakePHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Linux, Asterisk, Squid, SIP, VoIP
  • Software Developer

    2001 - 2003
    • Taught courses on network security to CIRSA security management staff.
    • Developed Linux administration control panels in PHP.
    • Installed Linux web and email servers.
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Linux
  • Software Developer

    1999 - 2000
    ElServer S.R.L.
    • Installed and maintained web servers.
    • Installed and managed SMTP/POP3/IMAP servers with Qmail.
    • Developed a web hosting control panel and web mail in PHP.
    Technologies: Apache Web Server, Qmail, C, C++, PHP, MySQL
  • Developer

    1997 - 2000
    • Developed SMTP/POP3 servers.
    • Managed an Apache web server and transparent proxy servers.
    • Administered office email environments.
    • Developed admin front ends for shared office connections.
    Technologies: C, C++, Linux, Apache
  • Technical Assistant

    1996 - 1997
    • Provided technical assistance.
    • Installed DOS, Windows, and OS/2.
    • Installed and maintained Novell netware servers.
    • Built PCs.
    Technologies: Windows, Novell Netware Server, OS/2, MS Office


  • Guardian Insurance Site (Development)

    Drupal headless site with React front-end setup.

  • Buildify (Development)

    React application for budget management.

  • CasaRoller Sales CRM (Development)

    Sales CRM with contacts management, factory workflow, accounting and balance generation, email marketing, products, prices, discounts and promotions, tasks, notes, and daily work notifications. Based on CakePHP 3.3 with jQuery and Bootstrap

  • Horizon Carrier Screen Site (Development)

    Drupal 7 site. Disease screening management, FAQ, images with image maps, forms, and complete back-end customization.

  • Sun Edison Site (Development)

    Drupal 7 site with distinctive construction blocks to allow for easier site building management, customizable backgrounds, text color, sizes and alignments, images, and block types like carousels, tables, accordions, etc.

  • Polycom Solutions Section (Development)

    Front-end work. The main challenges were cross-browser support of very specific requirements for content positioning and image resizing on very different screen resolutions. Created a custom HTML generator coded in PHP that worked as a simple CRM so custom adjustments could be made while having a modularized base building structure. Complex CSS and JavaScript were built to meet the responsive requirements so the page was both smooth and clean on absolutely every device resolution.

  • NBC Universal Financial Literacy Calculators (Development)

    Integrated CalcXML, a financial calculator API, to build fancier, easy-to-use calculators that may be embedded on other third-party sites. Implemented the CalcXML API, custom validation, and calculator external embedding API. Drupal 7 project.

  • EQTV Site (Development)

    Drupal 6 site, mainly dedicated to video storage for a cable TV motor sports channel, Image galleries, events, and news regarding the TV shows.

  • Real Estate Site CMD (Development)

    Drupal 7 profile for building complete real estate agency sites, with full property management, location with geolocation and automatic Google Maps, search, and content section management.


  • Languages

    CSS, Sass, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, Haskell, C, C++, Java
  • Frameworks

    CakePHP 3, CakePHP, CakePHP 2, ASM, Symfony, Laravel 5
  • Libraries/APIs

    Drupal API, jQuery, JSON API, React
  • Paradigms

    Class-based OOP, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, Prototype-based OOP, Responsive
  • Platforms

    Linux, Ubuntu, Drupal, Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Raspberry Pi, Apache Server, Blockchain, CUDA
  • Industry Expertise

    Web Development
  • Storage

    MariaDB, MySQL
  • Other

    Full-stack, TCP/IP, Hardware, HTTP, OpenCL/GPU, SMTP, IMAP, POP3
  • Tools

    DataTables, Postfix


  • Technical high school (Chartered Accountant) diploma in Accounting
    1987 - 1992
    Instituto IADES - Buenos Aires

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