Marco Mustapic, Game Development Developer in Gent, Belgium
Marco Mustapic

Game Development Developer in Gent, Belgium

Member since March 1, 2013
Marco is a Senior iOS developer specializing in game development with a particular affinity for coding conceptually original apps. He has coded extensively using Objective-C, and is proficient in designing architecture, algorithmic and performance problems, and slick UI effects and customization.
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Gent, Belgium



Preferred Environment

Sublime Text, Git, Xcode

The most amazing... I've ever created is a turn-based multiplayer penalty shootout game for J2ME devices. Users can play each other using different handsets.


  • iOS Developer

    2014 - PRESENT
    iOS Developer (via Toptal)
    • Worked on a native iOS app for an indoor cycling studio using Objective-C, UIKit and several frameworks (MagicalRecord for example).
    • Implemented several sections, starting from a PSD file and ending with the final, pixel-accurate and fully functional view controller.
    • Implemented complex and detailed UI controls using Core Graphics, Core Animation and Photoshop.
    Technologies: Git, Xcode, CocoaPods, Objective-C
  • iOS and Android developer

    2014 - PRESENT
    Wave Reaction Inc. (via Toptal)
    • Created an iPad app for the visualisation of tracking information for various items (such as shipping containers) around the globe, using the company's own web services.
    • Added functionality to existing iOS and Android tracking app, keeping both native apps up to date with a web service backend.
    • Developed a small game prototype for iOS using cocos2d-x.
    Technologies: Cocos2d-x, Android Studio, Android SDK, UIKit, Cocoa, Objective-C, iOS
  • Game Developer

    2014 - 2014
    The Paratroopers
    • Created a simple cycling game using cocos2d-x for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. All platforms use a shared C++ codebase.
    • Implemented dynamic resource downloading so the same universal binary retrieves a specific graphics pack for the device's resolution.
    • Worked with Cx/C++/C# interaction on Windows Phone 8 to reimplement some cocos2d-x features not yet working for the platform.
    Technologies: Windows Phone 8, Android, iOS, Cocos2d-x
  • External iOS Developer

    2012 - 2014
    Pixeljam Inc. (via Agilar Argentina)
    • Wrote the code to port an application named Dino Run to iOS.
    • Worked from an existing codebase using an open source in-house framework that was based on OpenGL and Box2D.
    • Coded tools for the content pipeline using Adobe Air and Flash.
    Technologies: Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3, OpenGL, Box2D, C++, C, Objective-C, iOS
  • iOS Developer

    2011 - 2011
    Quares IT Solutions
    • Developed an app for the National Association of Anaesthesiologists using Core Data, UIKit and accessing .NET web services.
    • Guided the UI design to make it more iOS friendly.
    • Implemented a background synchronisation task so the users can still use the app without an internet connection.
    Technologies: Web Services, .NET, Core Data, UIKit
  • iOS Developer

    2011 - 2011
    Triviapad (via Agilar Argentina)
    • Created a multiplayer trivia app for iPad.
    • Wrote custom extensions in XMPP to handle all network communications between the server and players.
    Technologies: UIKit, XMPP, Objective-C
  • iOS Developer

    2010 - 2011
    QB9 (via Agilar Argentina)
    • Ported the PC/Mac version of an app named Doors of the Mind to iPad/iPhone.
    • Used UIKit and CoreAnimation to implement all the graphic features.
    • Used LUA scripts extensively to define levels and interactions within the game.
    • Created a two-player penalty shootout game using Cocos2D, GameKit and OpenDE for physics.
    Technologies: Open Dynamics Engine, Cocos2d, Lua, C++, Objective-C, iOS
  • iOS Developer

    2008 - 2010
    Kayxo (via Agilar Argentina)
    • Worked on a cancelled iOS version of a popular board game, using UIKit.
    • Wrote code for the single player mode, in which users face up to 3 AI's, each with a different strategy targeting different winning conditions.
    • Implemented a multiplayer feature, with support for up to 4 players and in-game chat.
    • Included functionality by which a competent AI would temporarily take over for users if they unexpectedly quit the application.
    • Worked on a few prototypes for social media browsing apps, as well as one app supporting a digital pen and paper service.
    Technologies: C++, Objective-C, iOS
  • External iOS Developer

    2008 - 2008
    • Worked on the port of the Decaf Android app to iPhone.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, iOS
  • Original Creations Programming Team Lead

    2005 - 2008
    Gameloft Argentina
    • Designed the programming admission tests and interviewed new candidates in coordination with the HR department.
    • Supervised technical decisions for the Original Creations team projects.
    • Discussed technical feasibility for new features with game designers, artists, and programmers.
    • Ensured that Gameloft global coding standards and practices were correctly implemented by the team.
    • Wrote code for Gameloft's universal J2ME framework.
    • Coded ports for low end devices for several projects.
    Technologies: J2SE, Python, J2ME
  • Co-Founder

    2003 - 2005
    Angry Machine
    • Founded a mobile game development company focused on original J2ME games.
    • Developed Arcane, a fantasy card game for Nokia S40 devices that won the first prize in a Nokia Mobile Developer Contest in Argentina.
    • Created 3 multiplayer games for a Spanish client using the Terraplay server technology. The games supported Nokia S30, S40, S60, Sony Ericsson T6xx, Siemens SL55 & 56 series, and Motorola Triplets devices.
    Technologies: J2ME


  • Flywheel Sports iOS App (Development)

    Worked on several sections for one of Toptal clients.

  • Doors of the Mind (Development)

    Ported the game from OS X/Windows to iOS (iPad and iPhone)

  • Atlas Electoral de Andy Tow (Development)

    Ported electoral database app from Android, using UIKit and sqlite

  • Decaf for iOS (Development)

    An app for managing and monitoring Amazon EC2 infrastructure. Ported from the original Android version to a native app.

  • An iOS Developer’s Guide: From Objective-C to Learning Swift (Publication)
    After 6 years of improving and working on Objective-C, Apple decided to throw another challenge at developers. Once again, iOS developers will need to learn a new programming language: Swift. Swift 1.0 is already a stable and strong development platform, which is sure to evolve in interesting ways over the coming years. It is a perfect moment to start exploring this new language, as it is the future of iOS development.


  • Languages

    Swift, Objective-C, SQL, Python, Lua, ActionScript 3, Java, C++, C
  • Frameworks

    UIKit, Core Data, Cocoa Touch, ASP.NET MVC, Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d, ReactiveCocoa, QuartzCore, Box2D, Cocoa, Android SDK, .NET
  • Tools

    Xcode, Adobe AIR, Eclipse IDE, Adobe Flash, Git, Sublime Text, Android Studio
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development, Scrum
  • Platforms

    iOS, Java ME, J2ME, J2SE, Windows Phone 8, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android
  • Other

    Game Development, AWS, Open Dynamics Engine, XMPP, Web Services
  • Libraries/APIs

    Core Animation, CocoaPods, Facebook iOS SDK, OpenGL ES, OpenGL
  • Storage



  • Masters Degree in Computer Science
    1996 - 2013
    Universidad de Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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