Max Ivanov, Software Developer in Lisbon, Portugal
Max Ivanov

Software Developer in Lisbon, Portugal

Member since November 23, 2014
With a degree in computer science and over 13 years of experience in software engineering, Max is an expert in full-stack web application development. Over the last few years, his focus has been on building scalable and resilient applications in the cloud: AWS and Azure. He is an effective collaborator and performs extremely well both as a sole developer and as a contributor within a team.
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  • DataRight
    Azure Functions, Azure API Management, Terraform, TypeScript, GraphQL...
  • ProXchange
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mocha, Chai, AWS CloudFormation...
  • Echo Alpha
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nuxt.js, Vue, AWS Lambda...



Lisbon, Portugal



Preferred Environment

Terminal, OS X, Linux, Docker

The most amazing... I've designed is a distributed Redis-backed service holding popular content with a seamless 24-hour rotation.


  • Software Architect

    2020 - 2021
    • Designed and deployed infrastructure components in Azure with Terraform and Terragrunt.
    • Designed and developed a GraphQL API in Node.js and deployed it to Azure Functions.
    • Configured continuous integration and continuous deployment with Azure DevOps and Github Actions.
    • Oversaw the development of the front-end application (Gatsby.js with dynamic routes for behind-the-login functionality). Coded a seamless access token refresh mechanism with Apollo Links.
    • Deployed Azure API Management in front of Azure Functions API for request quota enforcement.
    • Covered GraphQL resolvers with integration tests written in Jest.
    • Interviewed and onboarded a front-end engineer and a DevOps specialist. Coordinated and reviewed their work throughout the course of the project. Held daily standups to resolve any blockers.
    Technologies: Azure Functions, Azure API Management, Terraform, TypeScript, GraphQL, Node.js, Docker, Azure DevOps, Terragrunt, PostgreSQL, Jest, DevOps, Cloud
  • AWS Architect | Node.js Developer

    2019 - 2019
    • Used CloudFormation to deploy an AWS infrastructure comprised of VPC, RDS, SNS, S3, Lambda, and an API gateway for a HIPAA-compliant environment.
    • Built and deployed a REST API using the Lambda API framework with granular AWS permission for deployment and execution.
    • Covered the API with unit and functional tests (Chai, Mocha, NYC).
    • Performed the development, testing, and building and deployed environments fully platform-independent (all tasks are performed in Docker).
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mocha, Chai, AWS CloudFormation, Relational Database Services (RDS), Node.js, Serverless, Docker, AWS Lambda, DevOps, Cloud, REST APIs
  • Software Architect

    2017 - 2019
    Echo Alpha
    • Oversaw the upgrade of the company's web presence from single-server hosting static websites to a multi-project scalable AWS Kubernetes setup.
    • Designed and launched a billing REST API shared among the company's multiple projects.
    • Implemented the transition of a live eCommerce server-side rendered (Symfony 3) app to a REST API and SSR Vue.js (Nuxt) setup.
    • Led a team of four developers, one QA engineer, and two DevOps engineers working on multiple internal projects. Interviewed and onboarded development team members. Made sure code quality and processes were up to high standards and best practices.
    • Launched two high-traffic company websites on AWS Lambda to minimize costs.
    • Introduced and took care of development best practices: code standards, code reviews, functional and unit test coverage, and CI/CD.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nuxt.js, Vue, AWS Lambda, JavaScript, Symfony 3, PHP, Docker, DevOps, Cloudflare, Cloudflare Workers, Cloud, REST APIs
  • Web Developer

    2015 - 2017
    Echo Alpha (via Toptal)
    • Designed and developed an internal asset management system from scratch.
    • Created various report importing/parsing/generation tools with visualizations made in D3.js.
    • Developed an automated schedule generator maintaining item randomness based on user-supplied rules.
    • Created an Angular Material-based guide website.
    • Designed database structure and set up multi-database synchronization with triggers.
    Technologies: jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, D3.js, AngularJS, JavaScript, Symfony 2, PHP
  • Team Lead and Senior Software Engineer

    2010 - 2015
    • Deployed code to a multi-server production environment with Capistrano.
    • Upgraded the codebase for newer frameworks, language versions (PHP 5.5), and databases versions.
    • Created a custom picture storage naming solution with Nginx and a dynamic resolve via Lua scripting.
    • Designed and tested a newer newsfeed service backed by Redis and Cassandra.
    • Conceptualized and implemented a distributed service for storing popular and current content (Node.js, Redis).
    • Worked on parts of an AngularJS client app tied to the website's REST API.
    • Created some core parts and implemented parts of the REST API used for a web app and iOS app.
    • Interviewed and onboarded new team members, held daily team meetings and helped plan and prioritize backlog with stakeholders, coordinated deployments and releases of the code.
    Technologies: AngularJS, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB, Zend Framework, PHP, REST APIs
  • Senior Web Developer

    2009 - 2010
    • Created new social services for the website (custom Zend Framework installation) including features such as friends, messages, and blogs.
    • Wrote functional and unit tests with PHPUnit and Mockery.
    • Tested and optimized performance with Zend Profiler and a MySQL query analyzer.
    • Built a newsfeed service (originally backed by MySQL, then by MongoDB).
    • Supported a search service backed by a Sphinx search server.
    Technologies: Sphinx Search Engine, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, MySQL, PHPUnit, NGINX, Zend Framework, PHP
  • Web Developer

    2008 - 2009
    Corporate Education Systems, CJSC
    • Supported a PHP-based, Postgres-backed online testing framework.
    • Refactored old procedural components to OOP.
    • Created a JavaScript word-tracking plugin.
    • Wrote an XLS reports generator.
    • Optimized PostgreSQL queries.
    Technologies: PostgreSQL, JavaScript, PHP
  • Web Developer

    2007 - 2009
    • Created an address book parser for email services.
    • Built an activity tracking service for popular social networks.
    • Designed a MySQL database structure and optimized queries.
    • Programmed a bookmarking service with website screenshot capture.
    • Developed an online payment processor based on Authorize.Net.
    Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL


  • AWS Cognito Token Verifier

    An open-source library to validate JWT tokens issued by AWS Cognito in Node.js and Lambda back ends. I wrote it because I couldn't find anything checking all the bellow-mentioned boxes for me:
    - minimal dependencies
    - framework agnostic
    - JWKS (public keys) caching
    - test coverage

  • Smiley Alarm for iOS

    Went from idea to Apple App Store release as a producer (visual design and Objective-C code made by contractors). It's an alarm app where you need to smile to turn the alarm off. Nice way to start the day!

  • Quotts – Quotes Browser and Saving Tool for iOS

    My first experience with iOS apps as a producer (coding and design by contractors). The app was launched in 2012 and made it to #2 in Top Free Russia. It had more than 200k downloads.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, PHP, TypeScript, GraphQL, Sass, HTML5, CSS, SQL, CSS3, Octave, Lua
  • Frameworks

    Zend Framework, Symfony 3, Nuxt.js, Symfony 2, Bootstrap 3, Silex, OAuth 2, PHPUnit, AngularJS, TestCafe, MJML, Jest, Angular Material, Vue SSR
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, REST APIs, Vue, Azure API Management, SendGrid API, D3.js, jQuery, Terragrunt, Backbone.js, Chai
  • Tools

    GitHub, Git, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Terraform, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Terminal, IntelliJ, Azure Key Vault, Amazon Cognito, Mocha, NGINX, Snowplow Analytics, AWS Simple Notification Service (AWS SNS)
  • Paradigms

    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), REST, Scrum, Model View Controller (MVC), DevOps, Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Microservices, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Azure DevOps
  • Platforms

    AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Azure, Azure Functions, MacOS, Ubuntu, Linux, Amazon EC2, OS X
  • Storage

    MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, JSON, Elasticsearch, Memcached, PostgreSQL, Sphinx Search Engine, Cassandra, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), EdgeCast
  • Other

    Cloud, APIs, Back-end, Web Development, Cloudflare Workers, Serverless, Cloudflare, Amazon API Gateway, Relational Database Services (RDS)


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2003 - 2008
    Polytechnic University - Saint Petersburg, Russia


  • AWS Solutions Architect - Associate
    APRIL 2019 - APRIL 2022
  • 102 MongoDB for DBAs
    10 GEN, INC
  • 101 MongoDB for Developers
    10 GEN, INC

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