Md Shahab Uddin, Software Developer in Montreal, QC, Canada
Md Shahab Uddin

Software Developer in Montreal, QC, Canada

Member since October 15, 2019
Shahab is a dreamer by choice and an engineer by passion. He led a team of developers to build a chain of mobile apps for a preventive healthcare startup serving over 40 thousand clients. His rapid prototyping skills helped a number of startups grab their seed funding and release their product to market on time. He possesses strong competitive programming skills and a security mindset with an advanced degree and top certification.
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Montreal, QC, Canada



Preferred Environment

Xcode, VS Code, Git, Android Studio, MacOS, Android

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a healthcare IoT device management companion application in both native Android and iOS that serves 40+ thousand regular users.


  • Threat and Vulnerability Management Analyst

    2022 - PRESENT
    Lowe's Home Improvement
    • Automated CMDB population and data aggregation from multiple sources.
    • Developed analysis tools to verify data discrepancy in assets information and helpful information to fix the issue.
    • Established a minimum security baseline (MS) for multiple products and ensured the baseline was properly implemented and followed.
    Technologies: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management, Vulnerability Assessment, SOC 2, Splunk Enterprise Security, SIEM, Office 365, ServiceNow, Configuration Management Databases (CMDB)
  • Software Developer

    2021 - 2022
    Toptal Client
    • Implemented a solution to gather obstacle intelligence by displaying real-time camera feeds and receiving a real-time object detection stream with an overlay bounding box of multiple source categories and different classes of detected objects.
    • Consumed CAN signals as a continuous UDP stream and improved the message handling performance by 50% using in-memory database implementation, discarding unwanted messages, and adopting an event-driven architecture in a multithreaded environment.
    • Implemented user analytics with custom parameters in multiple cloud platforms and generated custom graphs to facilitate faster business decisions.
    Technologies: Android SDK, Flutter, iOS, Cloud Firestore, Kotlin, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Analytics, Push Notifications
  • Graduate Research Assistant

    2019 - 2021
    Concordia University
    • Compiled and built a solution to run custom code inside a trusted platform in AMD.
    • Researched and analyzed MDM enterprise solutions for security flaws.
    • Examined and analyzed special Android permissions and suggested potential security risks to which users might be exposed.
    Technologies: Kali Linux, Java, Android, Python, C, C++, Intel SGX, Trust.Zone, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Bitcoin
  • Associate Technical Lead

    2017 - 2019
    IT Conquest
    • Developed mission-critical native Android/iOS apps, including building AOSP ROM.
    • Led a team of developers to build and release quality apps for several clients.
    • Built proofs of concept, feature breakdowns, implementations, unit testing, and issue fixes considering edge cases focusing on usability and reliability of the product.
    Technologies: Angular, Dart, Swift, Kotlin, Java, AOSP, Firebase, Flutter, iOS, Android, Push Notifications
  • Development Engineer

    2013 - 2016
    Proficient Information Systems
    • Developed and deployed rich custom UI to facilitate research work and client needs.
    • Analyzed requirements, drove meetings with clients, gathered user feedback, and converted it into technical specs.
    • Wrote and maintained technical documentation and users' manuals and conducted user training sessions.
    Technologies: Django, Objective-C, Swift, Java, iOS, Android, Flutter
  • Associate Software Engineer

    2012 - 2013
    Kaz Software Limited
    • Built a number of native and cross-platform mobile applications using Java, Objective-C, and Titanium.
    • Developed a quick prototype of several in-house products and abstract concepts.
    • Incorporated custom data sources and open-source third-party libraries considering compatible licenses.
    Technologies: Objective-C, Swift, Java, iOS, Android, PhoneGap, JavaScript, Titanium


  • CMED | Android and iOS

    A companion app for a smart health monitoring kit. It handles connections with exclusive error conditions with medical devices via Bluetooth or an audio port.

    Tech stack: Native Android, Native iOS, Java, Kotlin, Firebase, Flutter, Dart, REST API

    App Store:

  • Siempo | Android

    Developed and managed the Siempo experience, which helps do away with addictive apps. Implemented an intelligent notification system that allows only urgent notifications to come through. Researched several POCs and hacked through the AOSP codebase to achieve desired goals.

    Tech stack: Native Android, AOSP, Java

  • FutureVault iOS

    Developed a companion app in iOS for personal digital document storage.

  • FutureVault Android

    Developed a companion app in Android for personal digital document storage. It allows you to store and manage important personal, financial, and legal documents in a highly structured digital vault.

  • Klock-In | Flutter

    Klock-In uses a phone’s front camera for check-in/check-out operations. The employer can monitor the employee’s working hours as well as manage and edit them as required, which makes it easier to track the working hours completed.

    Tech stack: Flutter, Dart, Firebase, Push notification

  • Merge Drive | Android

    Merge Drive is a cloud file explorer for Android devices to access all cloud services under one platform. It’s free, fast, and features a simple UI, which makes it very easy to use.

  • Timepal | iOS

    A simple and easy-to-use touch and drag interface to set a meeting with your friends across different time zones.

    The tool supports DST, sunrise/sunset indication, and lazy loading beyond a 48-hour window. It's an offline-first application. It has been featured in, Apple World Today, and Apps on Tapp.

  • Slyce | Android

    Developed the first prototype and subsequent releases of this visual search application. Both manual product recognition APIs are integrated and handled with the payment SDK.

  • Slyce | iOS

    Developed the first prototype and subsequent releases of this visual search application. Both manual product recognition APIs are integrated and handled with the payment SDK.

  • iBroker | Xamarin

    Financial transaction companion app for a beneficiary owner account holder. It has a payment solution that connects all the major financial institutions and banks in Bangladesh and is backed up by the largest finance consultancy organization in Bangladesh.


  • Flutter Plate

    A boilerplate kit to start a Flutter project with Bloc pattern, RxDart, sqflite, Fluro, and Dio.

    • Bloc Pattern
    • Navigate pages by Fluro
    • Local cache by using sqflite
    • RESTful API called using Dio
    • Database debugging (Android only) using flutter_stetho
    • Loading network image
    • Localization using Easy Localization
    • Environment variable and project config (like app name, bundle ID) based on project flavor (development, early, staging and production)
    • Build pojo using json_serializable
    • Update each list item instead of re-rendering whole list view when data set has changed on a list item
    • Hero animation
    • Show empty view when the list view is empty

  • TopJobinn

    TopJobinn is a new innovative way for students to make money without committing to a long-term job so they can focus on the other aspects of their lives. On the other hand, TopJobinn allows businesses and pretty much anyone to get in touch with thousands of students near them in order to find someone for a specific job without any long-term commitment.


  • Languages

    Java, Kotlin, Swift, Dart, SQL, C++, C, Objective-C, Python, JavaScript, UML, C#
  • Frameworks

    Flutter, Android SDK, MUI (Material UI), Angular, Titanium, PhoneGap, Django, ORMLite
  • Libraries/APIs

    Firebase Android SDK, Fabric, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Firebase iOS SDK, Intel SGX, Stripe API
  • Tools

    IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Bitbucket, Azure Mobile, JetBrains Rider, Git, VS Code, Xcode, Trust.Zone, Visual Studio, NuGet, WebView
  • Paradigms

    Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Agile Software Development, Object-oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD), MVC Design, Offline-first Development, Scrum, Penetration Testing
  • Platforms

    Android, Firebase, Amazon Alexa, iOS, Software Design Patterns, Microsoft Azure Mobile Services, Xamarin, Visual Studio Code, MacOS, Windows, Kali Linux
  • Storage

    Cloud Firestore, MySQL, SQLite, NoSQL, Sync, RoomDB, Realm Database, Configuration Management Databases (CMDB)
  • Other

    Android Emulators, Push Notifications, Comments, Mobile/Web Project Management, Performance Tuning, Reactive Streams, Xamarin.Forms, AOSP, Mobile Payments, Online Payments, Local Notifications, Mobile Security, Xamarin Studio, Documentation, Business Logic, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Bitcoin, Information Systems Security, Analytics, Vulnerability Management, Vulnerability Assessment, SOC 2, Splunk Enterprise Security, SIEM, Office 365, ServiceNow, Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Industry Expertise



  • Master of Applied Science in Information Systems Security
    2019 - 2021
    Concordia University - Montreal, Canada
  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
    2018 - 2019
    Jahangirnagar University - Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science
    2008 - 2013
    United International University - Dhaka, Bangladesh


  • The Associate of (ISC) ²
    International Information System Security Certification Consortium
  • Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination
    APRIL 2017 - PRESENT
    Information Technology Professionals Examination Council

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