Muhammad Khubaib Raza, Developer in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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Muhammad Khubaib Raza

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Machine Learning Engineer and Developer

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Toptal Member Since
October 13, 2022

Khubaib is a full-stack machine learning engineer who specializes in natural language processing (NLP). He's a problem solver with over six years of experience developing end-to-end machine learning systems using NLP and MLOps and scaling them to run in production environments. He has worked on a wide range of projects involving chatbot development, artificial intelligence, and NLP. Khubaib holds a master's degree in data science covering NLP, machine learning, and deep learning.


Python 3, Python API, System Architecture, MongoDB, Firebase, Mixpanel...
Python 3, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Seaborn, Pandas, Transformers, Flask, FastAPI...
Chatbots, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT)...




Preferred Environment

Python 3, Transformers, PyTorch, Pandas, PySpark, Scikit-learn, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), AutoML, ChatGPT, OpenAI

The most amazing...

...thing I've achieved is participating in NextGrid's GPT-3 Hackathon and finishing in 3rd place.

Work Experience

Head of Engineering

2021 - PRESENT
  • Shaped the product vision from a non-technical position, including alignment for product-market fit.
  • Managed a team of back-end, front-end, and Android developers using the Kanban methodology to deliver the work.
  • Contributed to the product's technical and active development.
  • Installed the application on 40,000+ devices. It's used by people from 30 different business sectors. The customer uses this application to track business insights.
  • Conducted website crawling and data scraping to assist in company research and marketing analytics.
Technologies: Python 3, Python API, System Architecture, MongoDB, Firebase, Mixpanel, BigQuery, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), OCR

Machine Learning Engineer

2019 - PRESENT
  • Designed, prototyped, developed, and deployed (Docker) systems based on machine learning models, especially in the NLP field.
  • Conducted information extraction from raw data, such as PDF documents.
  • Created crawlers for downloading data from various sources.
  • Worked on named entity recognition in medical data, performing manual annotation on the data.
Technologies: Python 3, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Seaborn, Pandas, Transformers, Flask, FastAPI, Scripting, CI/CD Pipelines, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), AWS Lambda, Amazon Cognito

Senior NLP Engineer

2020 - 2021
  • Worked on different NLP projects, with a focus on classification and information extraction from documents.
  • Implemented back-end services that use Asterisk and Twilio.
  • Used Vosk API and Google Speech-to-Text (STT) to stream speech data and convert it into text.
Technologies: Chatbots, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Twilio, Twilio API, Sockets, Custom Solutions, API Development, Google Speech-to-Text API, Transformer Models

Automatic Description Generation From Images

Working on this project was a great learning experience, ranging from room item detection similar to Airbnb amenity detection to text generation (table to text).

The apartment photo database includes the price of the apartment, floor, latitude, longitude, nearby places, and whether it has parking. First, we had to eliminate duplicate photos from one apartment, so we would not detect items repeatedly. In the second step, the photos are then classified into room types. In the third step, count the number of bedrooms, baths, and other rooms, as well as detect the amenities. The fourth step is to create a dataset for description generation, and last but not least, to generate the description from the transformer model.

ChatGPT Powered Voice-based Customer Support

A great learning experience that involved integrating ChatGPT API and Twilio to develop an automated voice-based customer support system.

The system's functionality enables customers to call a business's Twilio phone number and ask a query, which ChatGPT then processes to provide personalized responses based on the customer's input. The ChatGPT model has been trained to understand and respond to a wide range of customer queries.

Information Extraction From Invoices

Developed an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system using the Paddle OCR framework to recognize and extract text from invoices accurately. The SageMaker Pipeline was used to deploy the system, which enabled continuous model training and deployment with built-in model monitoring and version control. The system was implemented to automate invoice processing for a small business, significantly reducing manual data entry time.
2019 - 2021

Master's Degree in Data Science

Information Technology University - Lahore, Pakistan

2015 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Government College University - Lahore, Pakistan


Machine Learning in Production



AWS Machine Learning Engineer Scholarship Program



Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning



Deep Learning Nanodegree



Introduction to Data Science in Python



Node.js, Google Speech-to-Text API, Python API, Pandas, Matplotlib, Twilio API, Sockets, API Development, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, PySpark, Rasa NLU


Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), BigQuery, Seaborn, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Textract, AutoML, ChatGPT


Python 3, Python




Databases, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Google Cloud, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB


Data Science, ETL, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)


Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, Twilio, Firebase, Mixpanel, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Docker


Natural Language Processing (NLP), Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), Web Development, Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), Web App Deployment, OpenAI, OpenAI GPT-4 API, OpenAI GPT-3 API, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Information Retrieval, Model Development, Chatbots, Data Structures, Algorithms, Data Warehousing, Custom Solutions, Android App Design, Model Deployment, Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), Computer Vision, Classification, Amazon API Gateway, System Architecture, Transformers, FastAPI, Scripting, CI/CD Pipelines, Artificial Intelligence (AI), OCR, Transformer Models

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