Noel Henson, Developer in Novi, MI, United States
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Noel Henson

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Embedded Systems Developer

Novi, MI, United States
Toptal Member Since
December 15, 2022

Noel has been an embedded electronics and computer system designer and embedded programmer since 1983. He has over 90,000 hours of experience with projects ranging from supercomputers, medical equipment, motor drivers and controllers, and consumer equipment.



Preferred Environment

Linux, Python, Slack, KiCad, Vim Text Editor, Bash, C, Assembly Language

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed was a desktop supercomputer that was so powerful it was declared a munition and could not be sold outside of the US.

Work Experience

Chief Electrical Engineer

2022 - 2022
  • Integrated Bosch ECU with battery management system (BMS), charger, cooling, and other vehicle systems.
  • Created a transmission PRND UI and Raptor code for the Grayhill touch encoder and integrated it into New Eagle's Raptor SDK and Bosch ECU.
  • Designed and assembled cabling to connect the various vehicle systems with the Bosch ECU.
  • Reverse-engineered the interfaces of various devices, including throttles, heaters, and smart water pumps.
Technologies: Python, Windows 11, Oscilloscopes & Tester Equipment, Power Supplies, Reverse Engineering, Simulink, Battery Management Systems, Cabling, CAN Bus

Small 6KW BLDC Motor Controller with Telemetrics

This motor controller was designed for last-mile mobility applications such as e-bikes and scooters. The device with a heatsink measured 5.50" x 3.25" x 1.00", which is an 84% reduction in the volume of an off-the-shelf motor driver. The device could monitor its health with temperature sensors, voltage and current monitoring, and statistics. For vehicle monitoring, a 6-axis gyro was also included to measure safety and vibration. It had interfaces for both cellular and WiFi radios for telemetrics and IoT. GPS was also available to allow for geofencing and theft prevention.

Desktop Supercomputer

I designed and developed a MIMD parallel desktop supercomputer with a dynamically reconfigurable topology. The system was comprised of an I/O server and 1-30 compute servers. The I/O server with 2 CPUs and disk drives could accept both PC and MacII I/O and video cards. The system was extensible from 32 to 900 CPUs. It used a custom, multi-way, reconfigurable network that could transfer 1Gbps within each compute server. Externally it utilized a custom 125Mbps fiber-optic network to extend the servers. The base system of 32 CPUs offered up to 45MFLOPS and 300MIPS. In 1990, it was so powerful that it was considered a munition.

Learning to Walk Again

On September 14, 1996, I fell off the roof of a house and found myself paralyzed from the waist down. I shattered my L2 vertebra and was told I would never walk again. However, being an engineer and amateur scientist, I did my research. The spinal nerves can heal; it just takes a very long time, so permanent atrophy can happen in peripheral muscles and nerves and render them useless.

At the time, I had already designed the grandparent of a modern pocket-sized and battery-operated TENS unit. While in the hospital, I turbocharged one of the prototypes I still had. I increased the voltage and current so that I could use rehabilitation and weight equipment autonomously. I used this equipment to keep my leg muscles and nerves healthy and operative while my spine healed. It took a very long time, but I can still walk today.


KiCad, Vim Text Editor, PCB Layout, CAD, Slack


Assembly Language, Forth, Python, Bash, Python 3, C, Simulink




Oscilloscopes & Tester Equipment, Power Supplies, Reverse Engineering, LED Lighting, Electronics, Design, PCB Design, Schematics, PCB Functional Testing, Battery Management Systems, Cabling, Motor Control, Internet of Things (IoT), Microchip PIC24 (16-bit MCU), DC Motor Drive, Windows 11, CAN Bus, Medicine, Biology

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