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Seth Stone

Seth Stone

Tyler, TX, United States
Member since July 13, 2014
Seth is a software architect, developer, and technical mentor who is currently designing and building an enterprise CRM application for a non-profit in East Texas. Previously, he has worked full-time as a programmer for Walmart. He is proficient in ColdFusion, jQuery, and MySQL.
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  • Apache, 16 years
  • JavaScript, 16 years
  • ColdFusion, 7 years
  • jQuery, 6 years
  • AngularJS, 1 year
Tyler, TX, United States
Preferred Environment
Sublime, Cygwin, SVN, Git, Eclipse
The most amazing...
...project I've worked on is a Facebook sharing kiosk using RFID to authenticate and post content on behalf of Facebook users (similar to Disney's Magic Bands).
  • Software Developer
    2012 - PRESENT
    • Maintained a ColdFusion-based revenue management application for an international hotel chain.
    • Used Bootstrap to convert one of the largest online Catholic Church directories to a responsive design.
    • Developed custom jQuery animations for the website of one of Kroger's private-label brands.
    • Developed a custom CRM and CMS using ColdFusion and jQuery for a Michigan web hosting and design company.
    • Created a file comparison utility using Adobe Flex for managing customized ECU (Engine Control Unit) image files.
    Technologies: ColdFusion, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, MySQL, Flex
  • Senior Software Developer
    2007 - PRESENT
    Pine Cove
    • Worked with a team to develop a web-based camp registration system that has grown into an enterprise CRM utilizing Salesforce and ColdFusion.
    • Implemented real-time data integration to link our custom software platform to Salesforce using Informatica Cloud,, and MySQL.
    • Developed a social sharing kiosk platform powered by a custom jQuery/ColdFusion application. Utilized iPads and RFID-technology in the form of "Smart Bands" worn by campers.
    • Helped build and maintain custom integrations with (AIM, CIM, DPM), Facebook, Salesforce, Cloudinary, and Qualtrics.
    • Engineered a continuous integration and structured deployment process for our team's web projects using Ant, CruiseControl, and Shell scripting.
    • Configured and managed Amazon EC2 instances.
    • Served as technical lead, system architect, and mentor for a 6-person development team. Helped the team establish coding standards and quality control practices.
    • Developed a REST API exposing our existing mature service layer to new client technologies.
    Technologies: ColdFusion, jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL, EC2, Salesforce, Informatica
  • ColdFusion Developer
    2015 - 2016
    Harper Entrepreneurship Center (via Toptal)
    • Aided client in migration of a custom software they purchased to their own hardware.
    • Expanded capability of the media analysis features.
    • Added new visualization features allowing the user to make quicker at-a-glance comparisons in the application dashboard.
    Technologies: ColdFusion, AWS, ColdBox
  • Programmer
    2002 - 2003
    Walmart Stores, Inc.
    • Gained exposure to fundamental business, retailing, statistics, data analysis, modeling, and optimization concepts through hands-on experience and mentoring from senior analysts on the Management Science team.
    • Wrote an ASP application that pulled weather data from NOAA and formatted for display on Walmart's Retail Link Extranet website.
    • Helped maintain and support the customer service scheduling forecast application that predicted weekly sales by department for thousands of stores and clubs.
    • Worked with the team to "pilot" a flight scheduling application for Walmart Aviation. Modeled the algorithm as a "traveling salesman problem".
    • Led our team's SAS upgrade project, involving converting and redeploying hundreds of mainframe jobs for stores and clubs in 3 different countries.
    Technologies: ASP.NET, SQL, Shell scripting, SAS, MVS, JCL, Java
  • Web Programmer, System Administrator
    1999 - 2002
    Springboard Communications
    • Worked with a team to develop custom database-driven websites using Dreamweaver, Perl, PHP, and ASP.NET. Served as technical lead on HTML, JavaScript, and database projects.
    • Configured Apache, BIND, MySQL, Chili!Soft ASP, Real Server, Sendmail, and Postfix on Red Hat and Cobalt platforms. Wrote administrative scripts to perform data backups and system tasks (Shell/Perl).
    • Led hands-on training sessions. Provided technical support for web hosting clients.
    • Assisted in writing bid proposals. Worked with a team to develop pricing for the web services department.
    • Performed IT duties for office staff, including management of the local network and NT domain. Set up and maintained firewall and router software.
    Technologies: Perl, ASP.NET, PHP, Shell scripting
  • Pine Cove Camp's Rock Pile CRM (Development)

    What started in 2006 as a simple camp registration web app has evolved into an enterprise CRM and event management system. In the role of Senior Software Developer, I've had the privilege of taking this system, known as Rock Pile, through many iterations so that it now touches in some way almost every department at Pine Cove and every guest that comes on the property. In 2013 we extended Rock Pile to the platform for the purpose of strategic growth in traditional CRM business processes such as lead and opportunity management. Using Informatica Cloud, we maintain a real-time data flow between Salesforce and Rock Pile's back-end servers. Rock Pile was built with the following technologies: ColdFusion, ColdSpring, Fusebox, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Adobe Flex, Mate, ASP.NET, and MySQL.

  • Languages
    JavaScript, ColdFusion, ActionScript, PHP, Apex
  • Frameworks
    Fusebox, ColdSpring, Cairngorm, Bootstrap, AngularJS
  • Libraries/APIs
    Authorize.Net, jQuery
  • Tools
    Cygwin, Apache, Navicat, Subversion (SVN), Sublime Text 3, Eclipse IDE, Flash Builder, Vim Text Editor, MATE, Git, Apache Ant
  • Platforms
    Linux, Salesforce, Windows Server, iOS
  • Other
    Unix Shell Scripting, AJAX
  • Paradigms
    Model View Controller (MVC), Service-oriented Programming, Dependency Injection, Agile Software Development, MEAN Stack, REST
  • Storage
    MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics
    1998 - 2002
    Hardin-Simmons University - Texas, USA
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