Tony Worm, Software Developer in Denver, CO, United States
Tony Worm

Software Developer in Denver, CO, United States

Member since June 13, 2018
Tony is an automation and DevOps specialist. He has designed and built systems that power IBM Watson, support enterprise migrations, and help startups to get off the ground. His passion for learning and teaching increase his own skill sets and those around him.
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  • Hofstadter, Inc
    Golang, Kubernetes, Apollo GraphQL, GCP, AWS, Low-code, No-code
  • IBM
    Kubernetes, SaltStack, IBM Cloud, AWS Stack
  • Binghamton University
    Golang, Python, C, C++, Docker, G-Suite, Machine Learning


  • Linux, 16 years
  • Go, 7 years
  • DevOps, 5 years
  • Docker, 5 years
  • Google Cloud, 4 years
  • Kubernetes, 4 years
  • Agile, 3 years
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), 3 years


Denver, CO, United States



Preferred Environment

MacOS, Linux, Vim

The most amazing...

...thing I've worked on was migrating IBM Watson's largest service to Kubernetes, while helping wider IBM with cultural changes around agile and dev enablement.


  • Founder, CEO

    2017 - 2018
    Hofstadter, Inc
    • Designed automated systems for deploying and managing Kubernetes on GCP and AWS.
    • Developed low-code declarative programming framework.
    • Consulted on DevOps and Cloud Native strategy.
    Technologies: Golang, Kubernetes, Apollo GraphQL, GCP, AWS, Low-code, No-code
  • DevOps

    2016 - 2017
    • Migrated Watson's largest service to Kubernetes.
    • Managed 10+ Kubernetes clusters.
    • Built micro-service for Kubernetes-Mesos cross communication.
    • Managed AWS account for AlchemyAPI.
    • TLE speaker on scaling developers and processes.
    • Participated in internal grassroots efforts for cultural change and education.
    Technologies: Kubernetes, SaltStack, IBM Cloud, AWS Stack
  • Teaching Assistant

    2012 - 2015
    Binghamton University
    • Designed and co-taught a Flipped Machine Learning course.
    • Developed automated grading systems.
    • Served as an advisor for students on capstone projects and students in web development.
    Technologies: Golang, Python, C, C++, Docker, G-Suite, Machine Learning


  • IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) (Development)

    Ported NLU to Docker and Jenkins. Designed and implemented the system for deploying Kubernetes to IBM SoftLayer. Managed 10+ clusters for public and dedicated deployments. Educated and assisted multiple teams from IBM Watson, Research, and GBS in their transition to Kubernetes.

  • Broader IBM Support (Other amazing things)

    Educated and evangelized for developer productivity and enablement. Technical Leadership Exchange speaker and award recipient for "Scaling People and Processes with Agile Introspection." Participated in the grassroots effort for internal cultural change.

  • IBM Watson Discovery (Development)

    Deployed a cluster to AWS for an internal prototyping hackathon for Watson Discovery. Worked with the lead developer to deploy more than two dozen versions in two days. Helped the lead developer understand the Kubernetes systems. Explained his “Ah ha” moment when Kubernetes stopped a bad deployment from interrupting the 50+ IBMers building on top of the Discovery prototype.

  • Crosstalk (Development)

    Built micro-service in Golang to facilitate cross-cluster communication between Kubernetes and Mesos/Marathon clusters. Designed to seamlessly manage service resolution between Mesos and Kubernetes. Services running in Kubernetes could communicate with services in Mesos as if they appeared in Kubernetes, and services running in Mesos saw the services in Kubernetes as if they were in Mesos. Crosstalk monitored both Eureka and the Kubernetes API to update service resolution records in real-time. The service enabled teams to migrate from Mesos to Kubernetes without creating work for other teams whose services had upstream or downstream dependencies of the migrating teams' service. Crosstalks advanced metrics and monitoring were additionally able to inform IBM Cloud of malfunctioning networking equipment which was corrupting ~1/10000 packets.

  • AlchemyAPI (Other amazing things)

    Supported the AlchemyAPI (now Watson Natural Language Understanding) development teams. Managed AWS account with IAM, EC2, S3, and auto-scaling groups. Rebuilt internal service registry and load-balancing to remove cross-product interference.

  • geb low-code framework (Development)

    A DSL and Declarative Programming Framework to increase development productivity and effectiveness.


  • Languages

    Bash, Go, GraphQL, JavaScript, Sass, CSS, HTML, Python
  • Platforms

    Docker, Linux, Kubernetes, Hyperledger Fabric, Google Cloud SDK, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Other

    Bash Scripting, Mixed Reality (MR), Software Development, Software Developer, IBM SoftLayer, Distributed Systems, Infrastructure as Code, DNS Configuration, DNS Servers, DNS
  • Frameworks

  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, Google Cloud API
  • Tools

    React Apollo, IBM Watson, Ansible, Terraform, Babel, Packer, Systemd, Nginx, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Let's Encrypt, SaltStack
  • Paradigms

    DevOps, Agile, Continuous Delivery (CD), Automation, Templating
  • Storage

    Google Cloud, AWS S3, PostgreSQL


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science & Machine Learning
    2013 - 2016
    Binghamton University - New York
  • Master's degree in Computer Science
    2011 - 2012
    Binghamton University - New York
  • Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Computer Science & Mathematics
    2007 - 2010
    Binghamton University - New York

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