Valéry Raulet, Developer in Schifflange, Luxembourg
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Valéry Raulet

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Schifflange, Luxembourg
Toptal Member Since
June 15, 2022

Valéry started his career as a support engineer and became a test automation consultant working for many companies. Working with Microsoft UK, Valéry developed expertise with Azure and DevOps. Recently, he's shown strong expertise with Node.js. and C# by creating an entire solution for a multimedia company.



Preferred Environment

Linux, Windows, Visual Studio, C#, Node.js, Docker

The most amazing...

...achievement I've had is finding a security flaw in a web app that would have given admin access to any user.

Work Experience

Senior Software Developer

2023 - PRESENT
  • Maintained the Quadient Inspire templates based on business requirements.
  • Fixed bugs in existing VB.NET applications used for injecting or managing DMS documents.
  • Refactored .NET applications, moving from VB.NET to C# and improving the applications' maintainability and readability by using modern principles.
  • Created testing tools to help test the application using production-derived data and implemented hundreds of automated unit tests.
Technologies: VB.NET, C#, Quadient, Azure DevOps, APIs, .NET 4, .NET Core, IBM Db2

Azure DevOps Consultant

2023 - 2023
UK Debt Management Office
  • Installed Azure DevOps Server 2022 on a separate server and prepared the TFS 2015 data for migration.
  • Performed the migration of TFS 2015 to Azure DevOps 2022, configured search, removed legacy integrations, and fixed any issues encountered (e.g., problem connecting Visual Studio 2015 to Azure DevOps).
  • Deployed a build agent and created a build pipeline for an app.
Technologies: Azure DevOps, SQL Server 2016

VR Developer

2023 - 2023
Recognition Media Ltd
  • Rewrote the application's engine to separate the components into individual entities.
  • Developed a new API to customize the scenes' layout.
  • Created a new scene using Blender to mimic the Brixton 555 venue.
Technologies: Blender, Oculus, Unity

Senior .NET Developer

2022 - 2022
Arendt Services
  • Created the back-end API for two fund management tools. The API uses C#, AutoMapper, and Entity Framework Core. Enhanced the framework using LINQ to support specific requirements such as data filtering and sorting.
  • Developed Unit Tests to validate automapping and API stack with a coverage of over 90% for one of the projects.
  • Modified existing code for a DAC6 compliance legacy application written in HTML, ASP.NET, and VB.NET.
  • Helped the front-end team to develop some UI features in React to help progress development more rapidly.
Technologies: .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, ASP.NET Web API, C#, Fund Structure, JSON, Azure DevOps, AutoMapper, ASP.NET, React, Node.js, LINQ

Senior Software Developer

2019 - 2022
Recognition Media Ltd
  • Developed a three-tier app that allows DJs and labels to work together to create videos and mixes. The platform handles the management of large-size files under 10 GB. The API also includes a streaming server that serves many audio and video streams.
  • Built the code to integrate a Unity-based VR Oculus Quest 2 application with the API and the logic to handle the menu system inside the application. It allows retrieving metadata and streaming audio and videos to the VR headset.
  • Architected and deployed that infrastructure on the Azure Cloud platform.
  • Maintained the main website in Django and kept it up to date. Added scripts to automatically update some of the pages.
Technologies: Node.js, APIs, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure, Azure Blob Storage API, React, Oculus, C#, TypeScript, MongoDB, Mongoose, .NET, Python, Django, Game Development, REST APIs

Software Engineer

2020 - 2021
Applications Mobiles Overview Inc.
  • Created Docker containers and a set of automation scripts, such as configuration, build, and deployment, written in Python to allow the development team to create tens of Docker images for several clients.
  • Developed an Android app to perform 3D reconstructions using the photogrammetry technique. The app collects pictures and localization data that is sent to the server. The resulting output is then displayed back.
  • Assisted the development team by fixing some issues with Python and C++ code.
Technologies: Java, Kotlin, Azure, Azure Containers, Python 3, Docker, C++

DevOps Consultant

2016 - 2017
Slaughter and May
  • Performed an SDLC review to assess the company's DevOps maturity level.
  • Advised on static code analysis during development and implemented SonarQube.
  • Developed a test automation framework in C# and wrote some automated tests.
  • Migrated in-house Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) from 2010 to 2015.
Technologies: TFS, TFS Administration, SonarQube, Software Composition Analysis (SCA), Test Automation, C#.NET

Senior Test Consultant

2014 - 2016
Lloyds Banking Group
  • Developed a test automation framework using QuickTest Professional to support various banking front-office applications using different technologies, including Java, .NET, Java Applet, Silverlight, and HTML.
  • Created and performed performance tests for various applications using LoadRunner and Apache JMeter.
  • Customized HP Quality Center to support the testing team's processes.
Technologies: HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), Java, C#, HTML, Murex, VBScript, HP Quality Center (QC), .NET

Chief Technology Officer

2014 - 2016
  • Helped companies to improve their development processes, including test automation, performance testing, and DevOps. Performed joint engagements with Microsoft UK.
  • Developed custom frameworks with .NET C#, NUnit, and CodedUI to test applications.
  • Assisted Microsoft by delivering one or two-day workshops on Microsoft Visual Studio and Azure.
  • Helped develop marketing material for the company.
  • Performed pre-sales engagements with the sales team.
Technologies: C#, Visual Studio, DevOps, Azure, QA Testing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, API Testing, Coded UI Tests, Load Testing

TFS Migration Specialist

2015 - 2015
  • Performed the migration from TFS 2010 to TFS 2013 of an extensive dataset.
  • Automated migration of assets by creating custom build PowerShell scripts.
  • Provided post-migration support to fix issues that remained after migrating customized workflows.
Technologies: Team Foundation Server 2013, TFS, TFS Administration, SQL Server 2012, Windows PowerShell

Senior Test Consultant

2013 - 2015
  • Developed performance tests using HP LoadRunner to test an application behind Citrix XenApp.
  • Created automated functional tests using CodedUI. An Excel spreadsheet drove those tests.
  • Built a performance test for testing an application through its API using LoadRunner.
Technologies: LoadRunner, Coded UI Tests, APIs

Chief Technology Officer

2012 - 2015
  • Rewrote a B2B web application from ASP to a 3-tier application using ASP.NET, Entity Framework (EF), and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Developed a B2C web application in ASP.NET, EF, and Microsoft SQL Server. Designed the application's database schema.
  • Participated on the business side by creating and reviewing the business plan.
Technologies: ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL

QuickTest Professional Consultant

2013 - 2014
Korn Ferry
  • Developed a C# library for interacting with the client's SOAP API.
  • Created a test framework for testing an API using QuickTest Professional.
  • Managed the project with a remote team based in India.
Technologies: HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), VBScript, C#, SOAP, APIs

Performance Test Engineer and Manager

2010 - 2012
  • Customized the Visual Studio 2010 Web and Load Performance Testing tool to support the Dealogic DealAxis and Cortex applications in C#. Created a set of performance tests using the framework.
  • Managed the outsourced performance test team and liaised with the client.
  • Worked with JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs to customize the performance test for their specific needs.
  • Trained the testing team in Hungary on test automation.
Technologies: Visual Studio, C#, Performance Testing

Quality Assurance Consultant

2010 - 2011
  • Trained and mentored the test team in the company and helped recruit test specialists.
  • Developed testing assets for test automation using QuickTest Professional and Selenium C# bindings. Also created some random automated quality tests using VBScript.
  • Performed some security tests, which uncovered some critical issues.
Technologies: VBScript, C#, Selenium, HP QuickTest Professional (QTP)

Business Availability Center Consultant

2010 - 2010
Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Performed the installation of HP Business Availability Center (BAC).
  • Set up RUM probes and wrote automated LoadRunner scripts to monitor the client's facing portal.
  • Designed and performed user acceptance tests to validate the correct set up of HP BAC.
Technologies: HP Business Availability Center (BAC), LoadRunner

Quality Center Consultant

2009 - 2009
  • Customized Quality Center to meet client's requirements.
  • Developed an import tool to import an Excel spreadsheet into requirements.
  • Developed a synchronization API to synchronize requirements between multiple projects with a notion of master requirement.
Technologies: VBScript, Excel 2007, HP Quality Center (QC)

Quality Center Consultant

2008 - 2008
Trader Media Group
  • Designed and implemented the infrastructure to host the Quality Center application.
  • Installed the software on a 2-tier architecture, application, and database and performed deep customization to meet the client's needs. Additionally, I set up a disaster recovery server and its associated process.
  • Developed a customized Quality Center training specific to the Quality Center implementation.
Technologies: HP Quality Center (QC), VBScript, Training

HP QuickTest Professional Consultant

2008 - 2008
DXC Technology
  • Developed custom reports for Quality Center as part of NPfIT using OTA .NET API and Excel VBScript.
  • Created a custom extension for QuickTest Professional to support custom web controls for the NHS implementation.
  • Trained the testing team in using HP Quality Center reports and administration.
Technologies: HP Quality Center (QC), HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), JavaScript, VBScript, C#.NET

QuickTest Professional Consultant

2007 - 2008
British Airways
  • Developed a test automation framework for automating end-to-end testing of the customer's facing website for flight bookings.
  • Created a test API to allow querying Amadeus for flight information and email checking for flight confirmations.
  • Training the test team on QuickTest Professional, provided Knowledge transfer, and gave best practices advice.
Technologies: HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), VBScript, Test Automation

Quality Center Consultant

2006 - 2008
BT Group
  • Provided support for SaaS Quality Center (QC) and performed project customizations (VBScript).
  • Migrated external data in various formats to Quality Center. Developed code to automate loading this data from different project teams.
  • Participated in a Hothouse project where multiple competing teams would work on a project. The project entailed designing and implementing an E2E test for some internal processes. Our team was the winning team.
Technologies: HP Quality Center (QC), VBScript

QuickTest Professional Consultant

2005 - 2008
Lloyds Bank
  • Developed a custom-designed object recognition mechanism in QuickTest Professional to support Java-based Murex UI.
  • Created an automated test suite using QuickTest Professional to perform regression tests to the Misys Midas Plus banking system.
  • Built a test framework engine for QuickTest Professional to automate tests for a summit.
Technologies: HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), VBScript, HTML DOM, JavaScript, Murex, Regression Testing, Test Automation

Quality Center Consultant

2007 - 2007
  • Performed the customization of Quality Center to meet the client's processes.
  • Developed a custom integration between Quality Center and Serena software.
  • Created a custom Quality Center training to cover all the aspects of the customizations and the specific customer requirements (user and admin).
Technologies: HP Quality Center (QC), Customization, VBScript

QuickTest Professional Consultant

2006 - 2006
  • Created a framework for automating testing horse racing and card games web apps. The framework used DOM scripts to navigate through the complexity of the application.
  • Designed and implemented tests for a new .NET application.
  • Recreated a second version of the framework in 10 days, to provide a more robust testing solution. Created a set of reusable core functions, pure DOM scripts, and partially reimplemented 100 tests. It has been used for more than eight years.
Technologies: C#.NET, HTML DOM

Application Engineer

2004 - 2005
Mercury Interactive | MicroFocus
  • Provided support for QuickTest Professional, WinRunner, and Quality Center integration in English and French for European clients.
  • Assisted the on-site professional services by developing custom scripts or code extensions in .NET, Java, Windows API, and Terminal Emulator.
  • Developed an internal website to store an internal knowledge base for our support team.
  • Wrote articles for the public-facing knowledge base for QuickTest Professional and WinRunner.
Technologies: VBScript, HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), HP Quality Center (QC), LoadRunner, C#, Windows, Web Accessibility

Computer Science Lecturer

1999 - 2003
Brest National School of Engineering (ENIB)
  • Lectured classes on Networks like Ethernet, ATM, TCP, and IP. Distributed architecture clusters, HLA, high-level architecture, and CORBA.
  • Provided practical, hands-on computer sessions on C programming language and Object Orientated Programming (OOP).
  • Managed six-months projects with life-long-learning students.
Technologies: Networking, C, High Level Architecture (HLA), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Lecturing

Computer Science Lecturer

2000 - 2002
École Spéciale Militaire De Saint-Cyr (ESM)
  • Trained military students in OOP through projects using a programming language called oRis.
  • Devised programming projects that students could feasibly achieve.
  • Participated in practical exercises to help students retain the knowledge they acquired through training.
Technologies: Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Web Application for Musicians
An application to allow DJs and labels to collaborate and create audio or video mixes. I developed the front and back-end using 3-tier architecture.

The application needed to be able to upload audio and video files, process them, and make them available for other APIs.

Oculus Quest 2 VR-based Application

An application designed for users to enter virtual club rooms and watch and listen to their favorite DJs.

I developed most of the code that managed the menu system, the connection, and information retrieval using an API. Streamed audio and video and loaded external assets stored on a separate server.

QuickTest Professional Add-in

An add-in to support specific technologies that are not supported out-of-the-box by QuickTest Professional. For instance, support was provided for the command line and PDF documents opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
1999 - 2003

PhD Degree in Computer Science

Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO) - Brest, France

1998 - 1999

Master's Degree in Telecommunications

Institute of Higher Education in Computer Science and Communication (IFSIC) - Rennes, France

1993 - 1999

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Brest National School of Engineering (ENIB) - Brest, France

1990 - 1993

High School Degree in Electronics

Lycée Louis Lachenal - Argonay, France


KCNA: Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate

The Linux Foundation


LFS250: Kubernetes and Cloud Native Essentials

The Linux Foundation


Foundational C# with Microsoft



Microsoft Certified Trainer



COBOL Programming with VSCode



Microsoft Certified | Azure Fundamentals



Marketing for Revenue Generation



Microsoft Specialist | Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions



Microsoft Certified Trainer



Microsoft Certified Solution Developer | Application Lifecycle Management



Microsoft Specialist | Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3



Exam 496 | Administering Visual Studio Team Foundation Server



Microsoft Specialist: Programming in C#



Microsoft Certified Professional



Exam 497 | Software Testing with Visual Studio



Exam 498 | Delivering Continuous Value with Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management



CPC WinRunner

Mercury Interactive


CPC TestDirector

Mercury Interactive


CPC QuickTest Professional

Mercury Interactive


ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing

British Computer Society (BCS)


Node.js, Azure Blob Storage API, React, Entity Framework, REST APIs, AutoMapper, LINQ


Visual Studio, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, TFS, HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), TestDirector, WinRunner, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Murex, HP Quality Center (QC), LoadRunner, Mongoose, SonarQube, Excel 2007, Blender


C#, C#.NET, TypeScript, C++, Java, Kotlin, Python 3, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL, C, Python, COBOL, VB.NET


Selenium, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Unity, Windows PowerShell, .NET, Django, .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, ASP.NET Web API, .NET 4


Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, SQL Server 2012, JSON, SQL Server 2016, IBM Db2


DevOps, Software Testing, Unit Testing, Test Automation, Coded UI Tests, Load Testing, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), HTML DOM, REST, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Azure DevOps


Docker, Linux, Windows, Azure, Kubernetes, Oculus, Android


Microsoft Azure, Virtual Reality (VR), Networks, High Level Architecture (HLA), Data Communication, Programming, Electronics, Web Marketing, Azure Virtual Machines, Team Foundation Server Administration, Web Applications, Manual Software Testing, Microsoft Certified Trainer, APIs, Azure Containers, QA Testing, Performance Testing, API Testing, Web Accessibility, Networking, Lecturing, Customization, Training, SOAP, Team Foundation Server 2013, TFS Administration, Regression Testing, HP Business Availability Center (BAC), Game Development, Software Composition Analysis (SCA), Fund Structure, UiPath, Quadient, Containers

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