Vladimir Lyukov, Developer in Tbilisi, Georgia

Vladimir Lyukov

eCommerce Developer

Tbilisi, Georgia
Toptal Member Since
August 7, 2015

Vladimir is an expert iOS developer with 15+ years of programming experience, a strong back-end background, and extensive front-end knowledge. He is a great communicator and a talented and dedicated software engineer. Vladimir is a strong advocate of delivering top-quality, high-value products that ensure success. The code he writes is very well-structured and clean.

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Toptal Clients
Continuous Delivery (CD), Test-driven Development (TDD), Swift, iOS
Riess Group
Agile, Continuous Integration (CI), Test-driven Development (TDD), Swift, iOS
e-Legion, Ltd.
Objective-C, iOS


Tbilisi, Georgia



Preferred Environment

Git, Terminal, AppCode, Xcode, OS X

The most amazing...

...software I've built is a mobile application for Raiffeisen Bank Russia used by thousands of people, allowing them to pay bills and manage expenses digitally.

Work Experience

2015 - PRESENT

Freelance Senior iOS Developer

Toptal Clients
  • Created an iOS CRM for health insurance agents across the USA, with push notifications, meetings scheduling, and lots of other features.
  • Created an iOS app for P2P money transfer in Indonesia. Lots of tests for stable work and rich UI.
  • Created a quick demo app for a large Indonesian bank to show an MVP for investors.
  • Created dozens of small and large iOS apps of great quality.
Technologies: Continuous Delivery (CD), Test-driven Development (TDD), Swift, iOS
2017 - 2021

Senior iOS Developer

Riess Group
  • Created the largest custom iOS storefront for Shopify that has been featured on the App Store several times. The app also has been featured by Shopify in official events with Tim Cook and Justin Trudeau.
  • Coordinated the work with the back-end developers to build the largest custom iOS Shopify app. Coordinated work with the external team to add ARKit features to the app.
  • Estimated and created from scratch Sacred Acoustics app for the company client.
Technologies: Agile, Continuous Integration (CI), Test-driven Development (TDD), Swift, iOS
2011 - 2015

Senior iOS Developer

e-Legion, Ltd.
  • Implemented a universal iOS application for Raiffeisen Bank Russia. Now it's used by thousands of people.
  • Implemented a universal (iPhone/iPad) application for Yota (russia mobile carrier) as lead developer in a team of 3.
  • Implemented an iPad app for interneturok.ru.
  • Managed development workflow: splitting requirements into tasks, assigning tasks to developers, code review, setting up a continuous integration server.
  • Managed a company branch (office with five developers) in Krasnodar city for a year.
Technologies: Objective-C, iOS
2008 - 2012

Senior Web Developer

e-Legion, Ltd.
  • Helped the company to migrate from PHP to Python. It resulted in increased code quality and increased development speed.
  • Helped to test and integrate best programming practices like TDD, continuous integration, and code review.
  • Automated deployment processes for all Python and Ruby projects. Created scripts and documentations to ease deployment of new projects.
  • Participated in programming challenges and encouraged colleagues to do the same. My best attempt was 4th place at Django Dash (48-hour Django hackathon).
  • Created a Python module for generating API documentation from inline comments. It was used in all later internal projects.
Technologies: Node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
2005 - 2008

Web Developer

CDP Profi
  • Created several PHP shopping websites.
  • Created and supported CMS for web shops created by our studio. The CMS was in use for several more years after I left the company.
Technologies: JavaScript, PHP


Custom iOS App for Shopify Store

The largest custom iOS storefront for the Shopify platform. The app was featured by Apple several times including as App of the Day. It also has even been featured by Shopify in official events with Tim Cook and Justin Trudeau. I created 90% of the core features of the app, excluding the AR feature.


Xendit is an iOS P2P money transfer application where you can pay and get paid, instantly, for free. It allows you to send and request money between banks as well as send and receive money from friends without having to share your bank details and without any fees.

Curatum (via Toptal)

Curatum is a decisive guide to curated luxury—a universal luxury shopping app (iPhone/iPad) for men with great design and cool animations. As a developer on this project, I fixed bugs, added new features, and polished up the app.

Technologies: Swift (1.2, 2.0), iOS (8.0, 9.0), Apple Pay, Stripe Payments, Parse.com, Forecast.io, Localytics

Yota Self-care App

A self-care application for Russian telecommunications company YOTA. App clients can review/replenish their balance, change voice/data tariff and options, and chat online with the support team.

My role in the project: Team lead (three iOS developers, including me)


A universal app (iPhone/iPad) for ZAO Raiffeisenbank (Russia).

Features: ATMs near the user (with search), bank news, currency exchange rates, credit calculator, personal information for bank clients—accounts and credit card information (including transaction list), credit (including payment history), UITs, special offers for the user, and bill paying.

My role in the project: Developer and, later, lead developer supervising a team of three.


iPad client for interneturok.ru. The user can choose lessons by subject/class, watch videos, read comments, and view synopses. Lessons can be downloaded to the device for offline access.

My role in the project: Team lead (three iOS developers, including me)


An iPhone application for Happlink.ru, a social network application much like foursquare.com, focused on finding people around with similar interests.

My role in the project: Developer


A Django site listing hotels and condos in the USA. With booking and checkout via Google checkout.

Technologies used: Django, jQuery, Google Maps API, Sphinx full-text search, OpenID.

My role in the project: Team lead (three Django developers, including me).



Python, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, GraphQL


UIKit, Django, Cocoa Touch, Ruby on Rails (RoR), XCTest, Core Data, ARKit


Firebase iOS SDK, Shopify API, CocoaPods, jQuery, Parse SDK, Node.js


AppCode, Xcode, Jenkins, Terminal, Git


REST, Continuous Integration (CI), Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Functional Reactive Programming, Continuous Delivery (CD), Agile


iOS, Magento API, OS X, Firebase, Shopify, Linux


Software Architecture, Mobile Apps, Native Mobile Apps, eCommerce


SQLite, Memcached, MySQL


2003 - 2005

Progress towards a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Saint Petersburg State University - Saint Petersburg, Russia