Zeeshan Zahoor, Full-stack Developer in Berlin, Germany
Zeeshan Zahoor

Full-stack Developer in Berlin, Germany

Member since July 2, 2021
Zeeshan is a highly efficient front-end developer with over five years of experience implementing complex web applications. He specializes in SPA development using the React ecosystem, adding a dose of best practices and extensive knowledge of developing back-end APIs using .NET and Node.js.
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  • Toptal Client
    JavaScript, React, AdonisJS, PostgreSQL
  • Architecht Technologies
    JavaScript, React, Node.js, TypeScript, Express.js, .NET Core, Redux...
  • Mavinci
    JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, SQL, HTML, CSS, C#, Bootstrap, Entity Framework



Berlin, Germany



Preferred Environment

Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Git, Express.js, .NET 5, JavaScript, React, TypeScript

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a partially deployable micro frontend architecture for a complex banking app used in more than 60 different banks around the world.


  • Full-stack Developer

    2021 - 2022
    Toptal Client
    • Developed a library that allowed product owners to collected users' activity on their products.
    • Developed a dashboard with custom graphs to visualize the data collected by the analytics tool.
    • Oversaw tools adopted by more than 12 products in the first six months.
    Technologies: JavaScript, React, AdonisJS, PostgreSQL
  • Front-end Developer

    2018 - 2021
    Architecht Technologies
    • Developed the routing, authentication, authorization, and global state management architecture using TypeScript, React, and Redux. More than 25 developers developed business features on top of this architecture.
    • Improved the project's Webpack build process. Gained 76% faster build time.
    • Wrote and maintained unit tests for React using React Testing Library and Jest with 100% code coverage.
    • Developed business and UI components in a banking application using React and Material-UI.
    • Improved the First Meaningful Paint (FMP) by using techniques like minimizing, tree shaking, and lazy loading JavaScript libraries.
    • Gained extensive experience in pair programming and code reviews.
    • Built data access architecture using .NET 5 and Entity Framework Core. It was later adopted by the whole company of around 60 developers.
    Technologies: JavaScript, React, Node.js, TypeScript, Express.js, .NET Core, Redux, MUI (Material UI), HTML, CSS, Design Patterns, Software Architecture, Docker, Webpack, Babel, Agile Software Development
  • Full-stack Developer

    2016 - 2018
    • Developed the front end using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for contract approval module in a project called Spectra.
    • Built a back-end API for generating a dynamic flow of contract approval.
    • Created a permission-based role mechanism both for the back and front end.
    Technologies: JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, SQL, HTML, CSS, C#, Bootstrap, Entity Framework


  • Airplatform | Infrastructure for Online Payment Facilitators

    A SaaS model application that provides a fully managed end-to-end service platform to e-money institutions and payment facilitators.

    As a member of the front-end team, I took a role in building an admin dashboard that allowed financial institutions to configure the system and track the payments.

  • APIGo | A Gateway to Open Banking

    APIGo allows banks to share their financial services with fintech companies securely while being in accord with open banking regulations quickly and easily.

    As a member of the API management platform team, I was instrumental in setting up the front-end architecture, a storybook for components as well as the build and deployment strategy. I took an important role in developing React components with semantic versioning and administrator screens using React.

  • Spectra | Simplified Promotion Execution and Customer Trade Agreements

    This application allows enterprise businesses to manage their contracts. It provides solutions for creating, modifying, approving customer agreements, tracking investment, and profit and loss processes.

    As a member of the contract management team, I took a central role in building UI and back end to configure the flow of approval according to the contract specifications.


    ETHIX-NG delivers a complete retail and corporate banking solution. The web-based solution features a seamless collaboration between financial institutions and fintechs and delivers a structured and organized approach to data analysis and reporting.

    As a front-end developer, I took an active role in building complex business components in customer, BPM, configuration, and dynamic screen creator modules. Mentoring junior developers, code reviews, and architectural decisions were a part of my daily work. I worked closely with UI/UX, product owners, and the customers to provide a smooth outcome.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, HTML5, C#, CSS, SQL
  • Frameworks

    Bootstrap, MUI (Material UI), Entity Framework Core, .NET Core, Express.js, Redux, Tailwind CSS, Next.js, ASP.NET MVC, Jest, .NET, AdonisJS
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, REST APIs, jQuery, Entity Framework, Formik, Yup
  • Tools

    Webpack, GitHub, Git, Babel
  • Paradigms

    Functional Programming, Clean Code, REST, Agile, Design Patterns, Agile Software Development, Unit Testing
  • Other

    Web Development, APIs, Back-end, DOM, Algorithms, Software Architecture, Styled-components, Storybook
  • Storage

    MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Platforms

    Docker, Kubernetes, Firebase


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
    2012 - 2016
    Selçuk University - Konya, Turkey

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