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Dedicated developers

We offer a rapid team extension to your project within 1-2 weeks of up to 20-30 developers. If you need 1-2 developers – that is not an issue at all. We always have available developers. The most common issue is a perfect match for your case. Lets talk and see if we fit each other.

Meet our founders:


” Hi, we guess you are a professional, or at least familiar with the High-Tech industry, as you are looking for a dedicated team. You, as nobody else understands how crucial is to have The Team, which gets the job done. Hiring people is of the highest importance in any business and can cost a fortune. Besides money, hiring wrong people will cost you time that you can’t get back. The Market is not waiting for anyone. “

Max and Alex, owners of VironIT.

What customers say

” They staffed us with 18 developers (10 iOS, 8 Android) within
3 weeks’ time. “

Alex Zudin,
CEO of Paragon Software Group

” We had to upgrade 80 Drupal sites from Drupal6 to Drupal7.
Our customer needed 20 Drupal developers and we were lucky to find VironIT who helped us staff our project with a professional team.”

Ben Engber,
CEO of Thumbtack

Dedicated developers model

In fact, you hire a developer into your staff but only become free of any expenses and financial responsibilities. The only payment you do is a monthly transaction to our company, and the controlling center is located inside the customer’s office. Your project managers coordinate dedicated developers themselves, or you can also hire our project manager. Choosing dedicated developers, you get all their work time and can charge them up to 100 percent.



  • Recruiting / staffing expenses;
  • Payment for vacations, sick leaves, parental leaves;
  • Extra office space rental costs;
  • Hardware costs;
  • Compensation fee;
  • Process setup.

Your office:

  • Scalability;
  • Faster time-to-market;
  • Tech expertise;
  • Flexible budget management;
  • Free time for business development.

Our location

We are located in Georgia and have enough convenient periods of time to collaborate and adapt to your work schedule for meetings. Actually, we have had the collaborations with California, NY, Sydney, London. So, you are welcome!


Despite our timezone difference, we can find the common hours to work together. Take a look at the next picture to match the time.

Achievements of our dedicated team

600+ projects icons_-achievements_experience

done by our dedicated developers

100+ customers icons_-achievements_customers

from USA, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Norway,

seniors with 4+ years’ experience icons_-achievements_projects

constitute our dedicated team

Contact us to get a fresh list of available developers:

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