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Bots for Finance: How to Increase Back-office Efficiency Through Automation

By Miklos Lukacs, CFA

Automating basic financial functions can save your company time and money and free your employees from tedious rote tasks. Toptal finance expert Miklos Lukacs explains how building a simple Python bot can streamline your business.

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Investing in Cryptocurrencies: The Ultimate Guide

By Raphael Rottgen, CFA FRM

So, you’ve decided to get exposure to cryptocurrencies. In this newer space, a personal financial advisor may not be of great help. Neither will your banker, unless you are a customer of a limited number of progressive Swiss private banks, which facilitate crypto trading. What now? This article provides practical information and resources around passive vs. active cryptocurrency investing, how to buy, sell, store, and monitor cryptocurrencies, as well as tax regulations in the space.

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Exploring the Bear Case of the Cryptocurrency Bubble

By Jonathan Sterling

The arguments for a cryptocurrency revolution can tend to sway toward appearing more like get-rich-quick schemes than balanced debates. The regulatory risk overhang, constant scams, and technological immaturity of the movement mean that long-term success is far from certain. In this article, Jonathan Sterling addresses the other side of the argument: the bear case for a crypto future. He shines a light on the problems blighting cryptocurrencies and some remedies for them, drawing upon comparisons with historic bubbles, some centuries old.

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