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Camila Pereira

Verified Expert  in Marketing

Marketing Expert

Madrid, Spain
Toptal Member Since
September 7, 2023

Camila is a seasoned professional with 13+ years of experience in marketing and analytics. She has worked for agencies like Omnicom Media Group and companies like Just Eat, managing budgets of over £7 million globally. With a master's degree in advertising and multiple certifications, Camila excels in agency transitions and establishing in-house teams. She is an innovative thinker who thrives on pushing boundaries, leveraging analytics and digital strategies to drive outstanding performance.

Project Highlights

Best Landing Page of 2018 Nominated by Unbounce
Reduced CPA from £60 to £30 by leading the design and data analysis of CRO strategies across paid media, especially PPC and paid social ads.


Work Experience

Marketing & Analytics Director

2016 - PRESENT
CP Digitally
  • Collaborated with investors to build a company brand identity, personal branding, and a performance marketing plan with KPIs and goals, including social media optimization, AI marketing, and AI writing.
  • Created an investor presentation and investigated the use of Kickstarter.
  • Executed traffic for a new startup and reduced monthly costs per acquisition (CPAs) from over 100€ to 30€ in the B2B and B2C sectors.
  • Directed sales strategies, demand planning, customer segmentation, ad optimization (including AdMob and Amazon advertising), on-page SEO, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) across multiple brands to improve conversion rates by up to 5%.
  • Used Mixpanel to track, analyze, and improve user interactions with websites.

Head of Marketing and Data Analytics

2019 - 2023
KNN Digital Media
  • Automated reporting using Supermetrics API, SQL for big data assessment, GTM tracking for GA/GA4 and Google AdSense setups, funnel analysis, and GDPR-compliant segmentation for custom audiences.
  • Directed a team of 15 digital marketers dedicated to PPC, paid social, affiliates, CRM, and display advertising. Spearheaded analytics, product marketing, and customer service, increasing profits by 140% YoY in the health and technology sector.
  • Headed branding, content calendar, Shopify SEO, Etsy, integration and management, competitor research, funnel analysis, and CRO site optimization for an eCommerce product. Led its entire lifecycle, including roadmaps, rationalization, and launches.
  • Executed brand identity and business planning, handling P&Ls, pricing, share of voice, reviews, promotions, growth expansion, market research, and web research.
  • Administered sales growth across digital marketing by conducting yearly and monthly channel forecasting to strategize, test, and expand digital marketing efforts.

Head of Performance Marketing

2018 - 2019
Blow Ltd
  • Led omnichannel digital marketing and sales strategies across PPC (Google Shopping), SEO, display (VOD TV ads, rich media, mobile advertising), affiliates, paid social, influencers, analytics, and CRM, working with senior stakeholders and agencies.
  • Achieved online sales growth by 58% and app downloads by 292% while reducing CPA by 42%.
  • Connected SQL and Excel 365 Power Pivot to link to the database and generate comprehensive reports alongside marketing data.
  • Designed creative and landing page testing and set up marketing attribution, gathering data insights with Unbounce, Hotjar, Adjust, Firebase, and Google Analytics.
  • Oversaw daily tracking of targets and forecasts, P&L analysis, monthly budgeting and forecasting, and weekly reporting.
  • Promoted the iOS app in Apple Search Ads and YouTube Ads, using top PPC keywords to lower cost per install (CPI) and analyze if the installs resulted in app opens and bookings or product purchases. Featured the app in a Spotify Ads audio commercial.
  • Created after in-person event feedback using SurveyMonkey and analyzed how customers perceived our brand. Engaged in crafting the questions, design, and branding, including sending the survey via email marketing.

Senior Consultant for Digital Marketing and Analytics

2016 - 2018
  • Headed a project for the Irish National Lottery. Delivered best practices to enhance PPC performance, improving the conversion rate from 7.38% to 7.75%, and offered CRO optimization recommendations and support, increasing revenue by €3 million.
  • Coordinated with Sky Bet in migrating to the Google Marketing Platform for programmatic display and facilitated platform-specific training workshops.
  • Created 3rd-party audiences to target prospects on Meta Ads. Reduced CPA by 77% and accomplished a 4-fold growth in sales.
  • Pioneered the affiliates program for The Wall Street Journal EMEA. It involved researching, negotiating CPA deals, analyzing and testing creatives and landing pages, and communicating with stakeholders.
  • Boosted the App Store and web rankings through SEO and ASO, adding meta tags and descriptions, optimizing page content, and improving the URL structure.
  • Promoted the iOS app using top PPC keywords on Apple Search Ads—aiming to reduce CPI and analyze if the installs resulted in app opens and bookings or product purchases.
  • Handled SMS marketing and email and push notifications by testing optimal timing and incorporating emojis, captivating headlines, compelling body content, engaging imagery, and effective CTAs. Analyzed the customer cycle and leveraged Klaviyo.
  • Analyzed channel interactions, devices, behaviors, and more, using Mixpanel to track activity and KISSmetrics for data analytics.
  • Trained staff members on basic marketing techniques and advanced data analysis.

Digital Marketing Manager

2014 - 2016
ETX Capital
  • Decreased 1st deposits CPAs from £4,000 to £1,500 across various ad networks and paid media, including PPC, paid social, and display strategies.
  • Expanded business cost-effectively from 3 to 19 countries in 6+ languages. Used the Baidu, WeChat, and Seznam marketing platforms to excel in other territories.
  • Orchestrated the transition from agency management to building an in-house team of three people and indirectly managed six professionals.
  • Implemented custom marketing attribution modeling and ROI analysis by integrating data from Salesforce CRM and Google Marketing Platform (DoubleClick).
  • Aided the rebranding by running £1+ million campaigns—including outdoor advertising in public transport, newspapers, and radios. Analyzed attribution and spikes in Analytics, supporting digital media by evaluating the impact of these channels.

Digital Acquisitions Manager for the UK and Spain

2012 - 2014
Just Eat
  • Executed and reduced CPA for the Spanish market from €9 in September 2012 to €3.50 in November 2012 across paid media, primarily PPC.
  • Advertised the Just Eat app to number one in the iOS and Android stores, leveraging a multi-channel paid approach and PPC, programmatic advertising, partnerships, paid social, and ASO, and working closely with the offline marketing team.
  • Leveraged account planning and strategic PPC campaign management to develop and expand the non-brand account, resulting in a 125% uplift in non-brand orders year-over-year (YoY).
  • Ran €1+ million campaigns to aid rebranding—including outdoor advertising in taxis, newspapers, and radios. Supported digital media by analyzing the impact of these channels online.
  • Became the winner of the Digital Marketer of the Year 2013 award for Just Eat for implementing and executing the paid media strategy, exceeding sales and reducing CPA.

Search Marketing Associate

2011 - 2011
Omnicom Group
  • Conducted SEO research and launched top-ranking pages for Eurostar and Eurotunnel to increase website traffic.
  • Managed and established weekly PPC and SEO reporting for brands such as Renault, Virgin Media, Virgin Games, Sony Pictures, and HMV.
  • Spearheaded Sony Pictures brand campaigns using PPC strategies and YouTube platforms to promote trailers of new movie premiers and raise brand awareness.
  • Utilized Adobe Analytics tools as a part of this engagement.

Best Landing Page of 2018 Nominated by Unbounce

Reduced CPA from £60 to £30 by leading the design and data analysis of CRO strategies across paid media, especially PPC and paid social ads.

Blow LTD, the UK's Uber-for-beauty brand, creatively solves a genuine problem by providing affordable and professional at-home beauty services conveniently accessible through their app and website.

Paid media was one of the avenues to increase app downloads and sales. Landing pages were an essential factor in rising conversion rates. After weeks and months of testing content, imagery, CTAs, promo codes, and reviews, I found a winning formula. Smartly, the campaign strategy emphasizes landing pages, exemplified by the clever promotion of in-home eyelash extensions showcased here.

Marketing Agency to In-house Management

Established an in-house marketing team to quickly respond to marketing financial news campaigns, achieving a 63% decrease in CPA and international expansion from 3 to 19 countries.

The project began with a comparative assessment of the costs of managing two agencies versus building an in-house team, plus negotiating the Google Marketing suite (DoubleClick) license, which was managed with the agency.

Leveraging data from Google Marketing (DoubleClick), I calculated media costs and people resources expenses and integrated the DoubleClick suite with Salesforce CRM to gather ROI for keyword-level and customer data. I later hired and trained two junior professionals and a senior executive to oversee campaigns and retain expertise internally.

Key insights included identifying the most effective audiences, targeting strategies, and creative elements for optimal performance. These insights can also be applied to broader business strategies.

ECCO Shoes Paid Media Audience Optimization

Drove a four-fold increase in purchases and a 77% decrease in CPA using Meta Ads audiences to target prospects.

At CACI Ltd, I used ECCO Shoes CRM data to perform customer profiling. It comprised several key data partners, which have been able to append its core data products, including Acorn, to over 300 million UK cookies and 30 million grid squares. This profiling data was used to select Facebook partners' audiences and target prospecting users.

I worked closely with ECCO Shoes to optimize Facebook ad copy, creative images, and CTAs. Combining audiences with other targeting methods, such as interests, resulted in a 24% performance improvement.

Valuable client insights were gained regarding the most effective audiences, targeting strategies, and creative image and copy. These learnings can be applied to enhance other aspects of the business.
2009 - 2010

Master's Degree in Advertising and Marketing

ESERP | Business & Law School - Barcelona, Spain

2004 - 2007

Bachelor's Degree (Honors) in Business Management with Psychology

University of Surrey - Surrey, United Kingdom


Intro to AI Strategy



Intro to ChatGPT



Productivity Tips: Taking Control of Email



Coaching Virtually Online Class



Public Speaking: Find Your Confidence



Marketing Strategy: Competitive Intelligence



Advanced Branding



SiteFinity 7x Developer Training Certificate

KRS | Agile Software Development


Search Certification



Rich Media Certification



Marketing Campaign Manager Certification



DoubleClick Bid Manager Certification



Digital Analytics Fundamentals



Bing Ads Accredited Professional



Search Advertising Advanced Certification



Marketing, Advertising Campaigns, Pay-per-Click (PPC), Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Advertising, Paid Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Performance Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Facebook Video Ads, TikTok Ads, YouTube Ads, Marketing Leadership, Marketing Budgeting, Google Tag Manager, B2C Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Google Paid Ads, Digital Marketing, Go-to-market Strategy, Omnichannel Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Content, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Product Marketing, Product Positioning, Customer Segmentation, On-page SEO, Email Campaigns, Cold Emailing, Video Ads, Content Strategy, Funnel Optimization, Funnel Marketing, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Technology (MarTech), Social Media, Funnel Analysis, Media Buying, Market Research & Analysis, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Automation, Growth Hacking, Account-based Marketing (ABM), Content Marketing Strategy, Google AdWords, Lead Generation, Local SEO, Social Media Advertising, Branding, Brand Marketing, Email Marketing, App Store Optimization (ASO), ASO, Pinterest Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing Automation, Influencer Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Google SEO, SEO Tools, Brand Strategy, Apple Search Ads, Google AdMob, SMS Marketing, Social Media Optimization, AI Marketing, TV Advertising, Account Planning, Competitive Intelligence, Financial Marketing, eBay Listings, Mobile Strategy, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Platforms & Tools

Facebook Ads Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, Instagram Ads, Meta Platform, Amazon SEO, HubSpot, Acquisition Channels, Content Management Systems (CMS), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Klaviyo, Marketo, Mixpanel, CRM Systems, Amazon Advertising

Business Models

B2B, Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Software as a Service (SaaS), SaaS Product Marketing


Management, Strategy, Media, Programmatic Marketing, Display Ad Delivery, Google Display Network, Paid Media, Paid Search, Marketing Attribution, Analytics, Native Ads, Analysis, Data Reporting, Marketing Reports, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Facebook Pixel, Reporting, YouTube Marketing, Remote Team Leadership, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Team Leadership, Leadership, Thought Leadership, Web Analytics, Looker, Jira, Productivity, Competitive Strategy, Competitive Analysis, Advertising, Product Launch, Launch Strategy, Product Strategy, eCommerce, B2B Lead Generation, Marketing Plans, Go-to-market Optimization, Demand Generation, Google, Semrush, Kickstarter, Brand Positioning, Competition Research, Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Go-to-market Plans, Team Development, Growth Marketing, Project Management, B2B Partnerships, Integrated Marketing, Integration, Affiliate Programs, Growth Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Channel Management, Product Growth, Scaling, Startups, SurveyMonkey, Affiliate Management, Statistics, Financial Management, Corporate, Web Content, Salesforce, Tracking, Google Shopping, Data, ChatGPT, Agile Project Management, Education, Market Entry, Product Roadmaps, Content Writing, Franchises, Marketplaces, Amazon, Email Delivery, Market Segmentation, Sales Funnel, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Data Strategy, Business Development, Drip Email, Brand Identity, Business Law, Employment Law, Economics, Psychology, Graphic Design, Seos, Sales & CRM Platforms, Data Privacy, Shopify, Chatbots, Coaching, Email, Public Speaking, Cars, Consumer Services, Travel, Sales Strategy, Customer Experience, Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ad Optimization, Shopify SEO, Google AdSense, Ad Networks, Personal Branding, Outdoor Advertising, Programmatic Advertising, Spotify Ads, Demand Planning, Etsy, Adobe Analytics, Web Research, Customer Service, Sales Presentations, Bid Management, Media Sales, Shopify Marketing, MarTech Solutions, Attribution Modeling, Advertising Copy, Lifecycle Marketing, SEO with AI, AI Social Media Content Creation, Marketing ROI Optimization, Media Training, Social Selling, Yahoo Ads, AI-based Content SEO, SEO Consultant, Slogan Writing, CX Strategy

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