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Justine Stanley

Verified Expert  in Marketing

Marketing Expert

London, United Kingdom
Toptal Member Since
August 16, 2023

Justine is a brand and marketing expert with 15+ years of experience leading brand development, positioning, and refreshes and brand and digital marketing for B2B and B2C iconic and startup brands. This includes brand strategy, architecture, identity, tone of voice guides, and guidelines. With solid experience across the breadth of marketing, Justine operates strategically and operationally, translating strategy into tactical-level plans to deliver impactful campaigns.

Project Highlights

Brand Refresh for EDF Energy-acquired Company (B2B)
Led the digital brand refresh for Imtech, an EDF-acquired company, including brand audit, customer data analysis, KPI and brand metric development, key messaging, website copy, images, and brand design with designers.
Brand Repositioning and Guideline Development for Healthtech Startup
Spearheaded the brand repositioning of a healthtech startup to gain first-mover advantage in the sexual health and technology industry. Developed brand guidelines detailing brand identity, tone of voice, brand key messaging, and narrative.
Rebrand, Brand Strategy, Brand Guidelines, and TOV Development
Led the brand development and strategy for a sports management company seeking to rebrand.


Work Experience


2024 - 2024
Hoag - Main
  • Developed SEO article content to support the launch of a new preventative healthcare and wellness platform in California.
  • Created a series of healthcare articles (10 long-form blogs) based on various healthcare topics and search trends. Fully fact-checked and created with journalistic principles.
  • Provided research on content trends, searches, and trending topics.
  • Worked with key healthcare experts in the field to develop subject matter expert content on leading health issues for patients.

Content Expert

2024 - 2024
Conant Solutions, LLC
  • Led the personal branding project for the company founder, creating personal branding collateral to position the founder as an expert and thought leader in digital transformation and emerging technologies in Silicon Valley, California.
  • Led the development of key messaging and content for the company website.
  • Worked with designers to suggest content flow and creativity for the website.

Brand and Content Expert

2024 - 2024
Cadence Group Software Inc.
  • Worked with seven company directors to develop a clear brand position for an innovative AI solution to disrupt the legal sector, primarily with subsequent application to other sectors, such as healthcare in California. This project was put on hold.
  • Led the development of brand guidelines, brand narrative, positioning, key messaging, and brand voice.
  • Led the branding process, including naming the creative for the product launch and creating recommendations for a global brand strategy approach.

Brand Marketer (via Toptal)

2024 - 2024
Vantage Tech Investments AS
  • Worked with the company founder and CEO to develop brand identity, leading a brand audit with recommendations for improving verbal and visual brand.
  • Developed the brand tone of voice with guidelines and application examples, setting a guide and style for future content marketers.
  • Created content aligned with brand pillars for application on the company website, including value proposition, key messaging, brand story, and optimized content for service pages.

Sales Deck Copywriter

2023 - 2023
Summit Nanotech Corporation
  • Developed the sales deck and pitch for a nanotech company for a specific product and business line (B2B marketing).
  • Created compelling copy, translating complex technical information into engagement content—complete with key messaging and value proposition.
  • Provided advice on design and layout—the content flow of the pitch deck and sales sheets—liaising with the design team.

Brand Strategist (via Toptal)

2023 - 2023
Closeview Limited
  • Led rebranding to align with the new market position, confirming brand position and value proposition development.
  • Led the development of the verbal brand and collaborated with the designer to provide strategic and creative direction on the visual brand identity.
  • Developed brand guidelines and style guide, including the tone guide and key messaging.

Head of Brand and Creative

2022 - 2023
Helios Interactive
  • Led the digital marketing strategy and customer segmentation, developing all brand communication and ad copy for four pharma brands with differing demographics and tone of voice requirements. Increased organic impressions by 65% within three months.
  • Handled corporate communications with the group brand director and senior leadership to create a brand strategy. Repositioned four pharma brands and led data insights analysis to refresh digital brands—creating a consistent customer brand experience.
  • Led the development and execution of brand guidelines and tone of voice guide in alignment with the new brand position, supporting a consistent visual and verbal brand across the entire customer journey. Increased brand trust scores by 45%.
  • Refreshed all content online and across social media channels in line with new brand voice, brand position, and SEO strategy. Increased conversions across key category pages by an average of 2.4%.
  • Increased online conversions by 4% on the homepage and key product pages, refreshing the online brand and conducting A/B testing with UX designers and growth teams.
  • Worked with product managers to develop product marketing and GTM strategy to support the launch of nine new products across four medical categories across UK and US markets, compliant with MHRA and CDC regulations.
  • Developed all brand KPIs to measure brand growth and customer sentiment, led Metabase analysis, segmented trust and credibility scores, and developed a roadmap to improve brand reputation by product category.
  • Partnered with the head of organic growth (SEO expert) to devise a content marketing strategy across all channels to align content and branded content with SEO strategy. Increased share of voice in key categories by 15%.
  • Developed all product launch marketing communications collateral, including key messaging, content, visuals, video screenwriting, and campaign collateral. Established campaign KPIs.

Senior Brand Creative and Content Strategist

2022 - 2023
Healthy Pleasure Group
  • Led and executed the development of all brand guidelines, including brand design, tone of voice, narrative, and storytelling, to support the launch of brand awareness campaigns across digital.
  • Developed all corporate and personal branding communications—content, website, articles, and ad copy for healthcare/women's health brands.
  • Collaborated with company directors and founders to reposition the group brand and pivot the company in a new strategic direction. Led the entire brand refresh, resulting in a 100% penetration rate in new customer segments (B2B).
  • Managed the product launch of the first-in-market bedding product, supported with all brand guidelines, key messaging, tone of voice, and digital marketing campaign (branded content) and KPIs. Developed brand IP for innovations.
  • Led marketing strategy, GTM, and product marketing strategies for three new product innovations in women's healthcare (fertility, menstruation, and hormones and menopause sectors). Developed product marketing campaigns to support the launch.

Brand and Content Strategist

2018 - 2022
Independent Contractor
  • Led the brand strategy and repositioning of an EDF-acquired company in the energy sector. Developed brand guidelines, key messaging, and verbal and visual identity. Led the refresh of all blog postings and digital content, improving customer NPS.
  • Spearheaded the development of digital, SEO-optimized content for an online magazine in the property, lifestyle, and travel sectors, increasing time on the page from two minutes to three minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Led the redesign of digital marketing campaigns and branded content for a digital agency, increasing client win rate by 35% within four months.
  • Improved branded content and digital marketing campaigns for higher education colleges, increasing impressions from 200 to 500 per ad.
  • Led go-to-market (GTM), brand, and product marketing strategy for a global fertility and genomics company for a new-to-market fertility testing kit (microbiome testing), successfully launched in the US and UK.
  • Collaborated with strategy and logistics team to reposition Waterstones as an online retailer in the COVID-19 pandemic, leading key messaging and spearheading entry into the 2020 Business Excellence Awards in the national finalist category.
  • Oversaw brand and marketing strategy for national higher education colleges, developing omnichannel brand guidelines and tone of voice guide covering adaptations for varied demographics. Refreshed digital content and developed marketing campaigns.
  • Updated all web content for a higher education college group to improve traffic to the site and customer journey, time spent on a page, aligned with the SEO strategy.
  • Ran through-the-line campaigns for clients in travel and tourism, entertainment, energy, and professional services in the UK, US, Europe, and Africa—including outdoor advertising on billboards, public transport, bus depots, and airports.

Head of Marketing

2009 - 2018
  • Reengineered the GTM strategy and repositioned the company brand with founders and directors to carve out a stronghold in the market and sustainable competitive advantage with a new offering in the management consultancy sector.
  • Led advertising management, including all B2B digital marketing and brand marketing campaigns that increased client win rate and appointment signup by 37%.
  • Teamed with product developers and subject matter experts to create a new line of business in the training sector, with a first-in-market product merging next-gen psychology and traditional training techniques. It's the best-performing product yet.
  • Developed company brand guidelines for an umbrella brand and subsidiary suite of brands and products. Supported a successful product launch in Francophone and Anglophone African countries with a 94% penetration rate.
  • Provided a series of consulting projects to major brands, including Xerox, BNP Paribas, Orange, L'Oreal, and Atos. Led marketing recommendations for specific client growth and brand architecture objectives.

Head of PR and Communications

2006 - 2009
Intandem Films Media Group
  • Led brand and marketing campaigns to position the company as the leading player in independent film finance and production, increasing bottom-line growth through new investment.
  • Managed press and buyers investment junket at the Cannes Film Festival for the Tommy Lee Jones film. Managed press releases and press and investor relations. Attracted multiple offers of investment for film production.
  • Spearheaded digital PR campaigns, increasing share of voice by 25% across film finance and production.
  • Led brand and product promotion for a slate of films in the Asian market, increasing revenue by 18% per title within six months. Created all marketing campaigns to reposition products for new customer segments.
  • Managed crisis communication efforts, mitigating potential reputational damage and maintaining investor confidence during industry-related challenges.

Brand Refresh for EDF Energy-acquired Company (B2B)


Led the digital brand refresh for Imtech, an EDF-acquired company, including brand audit, customer data analysis, KPI and brand metric development, key messaging, website copy, images, and brand design with designers.

Imtech (now Dalkia) needed a brand refresh to align the company with its parent company, EDF Energy, and to position it as a mid-market technical services leader. The existing site was cumbersome, outdated, and suffering from a high bounce rate. Its mission was unclear, and no value proposition existed. As a group of companies, there was little group cohesion which was apparent online and within the company culture.

Working with the CEO and SLT, I developed a clear positioning, value proposition, and brand key messaging. This informed a verbal and visual onsite brand refresh together with documented brand guidelines. We achieved buy-in to the new brand across the group, which also presented a united front to the customer. The website was easier to navigate, and the customer was able to enjoy a consistent brand experience across all touch points. NPS score grew by two points within three months, and the bounce rate decreased by 18%.

Brand Repositioning and Guideline Development for Healthtech Startup


Spearheaded the brand repositioning of a healthtech startup to gain first-mover advantage in the sexual health and technology industry. Developed brand guidelines detailing brand identity, tone of voice, brand key messaging, and narrative.

Healthy Pleasure Group is a female-founded health startup. It needed to realign its brand strategy to capture a new B2B customer segment and confirm its position as the first mover in the sexual health and technology industry, a sub-sector of healthtech.

This required a complete brand repositioning, brand design refresh, and the development of brand key messaging and brand guidelines, including a tone of voice guide. Within four months, the client win rate is 100%.

As part of this extensive project, I worked with the directors and founders to carve out an independent brand and business entity for their innovation lab, pivoting the GTM strategy to develop new lines of revenue and investment for the lab. This brand is due to be launched in late 2023.

Online Brand Refresh for Higher Education College Group


Led the digital refresh of a higher education college group. Ensured visual and verbal brand aligned with new positioning. Developed key messaging, web content, and SEO optimization and worked with designers to refresh the visual brand.

Truro & Penwith College is a higher education establishment and part of Dartmoor University. It is the 4th highest-ranking higher education group in the UK. As the college group had evolved significantly and was achieving increasing notoriety, it needed to refresh its brand to reflect its changing status and to continue to grow its customer base to an even wider audience, including businesses and adult education.

There was a need to reposition the brand and ensure that the verbal and visual tone aligned with five differing demographics. In supporting this, the college group needed a cohesive tone of voice and brand guidelines. As such, brand guidelines and tone of voice guides were also set up to align all stakeholders.

Traffic to the website increased by 30%, time on the page increased by 15%, and the bounce rate decreased by 12%.

Rebrand, Brand Strategy, Brand Guidelines, and TOV Development

Led the brand development and strategy for a sports management company seeking to rebrand.

Company directors felt that the brand no longer represented their position in the market.

I led brand discovery sessions with the directors to define brand position and strategy, followed by developing brand identity, tone of voice guide, key messaging, narrative, and documented brand guidelines. I worked with a designer to provide strategic oversight on brand colors, typography, the logo, and visual guidelines.

Brand Audit, Verbal Brand Development, and Content Creation

Led the brand audit with recommendations for improving the verbal and visual brand identity. Led the creation of branded content for use on multiple marketing channels.

Vantage is a European-based tech and software consulting startup. The CEO needed brand fundamentals to set the brand identity, confirm market positioning, audit and develop the tone of voice, and create the content for the website that would also be adapted to other marketing channels.

Copywriter for Digital Brand


Developed key brand pillars for an online brand for a luxury caviar company with two months of captions, aligned with key messaging and text overlays for reels.

The client is a luxury artisan caviar company that ships globally and was struggling to grow on Instagram with the little online brand and content strategy present. The brand's pillars and content pillars were created to align with key messaging, providing a consistent verbal brand presence.
1998 - 2002

Bachelor's Degree in International Business and French

Henley Business School - Reading, UK

2000 - 2001

Master's Degree in Marketing

Paris Dauphine University - Paris, France


Brand Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Communications (MarCom), Brand Marketing, Copywriting, Content, Public Relations (PR), Digital Marketing, Blogging, Writing & Editing, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Branding, Market Research & Analysis, Audience Targeting, Social Media Management, Social Media Content, Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Posting, Product Positioning, Customer Segmentation, Omnichannel Marketing, Landing Pages, Marketing Collateral Development, SEO Content, Google Ads, Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Lead Generation, Marketing Leadership, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Go-to-market Strategy, On-page SEO, Ad Campaigns, Instagram Growth, Paid Advertising, Marketing

Business Models

Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Market Positioning, Software as a Service (SaaS)

Platforms & Tools

Google Ad Manager, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Microsoft 365


Brand Building, Digital Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Guidelines, Branded Content, Content Writing, Web Content, Professional Services, Product Branding, SWOT Analysis, Rebranding, Marketing Plans, Pitch Decks, Blogs, Creative Direction, Direct to Consumer (D2C), Messaging, Visual Storytelling, Creative Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Books, Screenwriting, Personal Branding, Crisis Communication, Value Proposition, Sales Pitches, Instagram, Reputation Management, Brand Management, Naming, Digital Brand Identity, Product Launch, B2B Lead Generation, Market Entry, Project Management, eCommerce, Market Segmentation, Technical Writing, Management, Advertising, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Media Relations, Business Development, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Metabase, Braze, Google, Slack, Brand Design, Brand Architecture, Brand Development, Product Development, Consulting, Press Releases, Content Production, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Storytelling, Blog Posting, Outdoor Advertising, Startup Marketing, Startups, Publication

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