Micah Johnson

Micah Johnson

Nashville, TN, United States
Member since July 29, 2019
Micah is a versatile product manager who loves building B2B products that solve real problems. With 18 years of experience, Micah is adept at breaking down barriers between engineers and executives. His background spans B2B, automotive, and SaaS. Micah has led cross-functional teams with as many as 35 people and clients that include Penske Auto Group, radio groups, and large auto manufacturers.
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Project Highlights
  • Took a client's vision and converted it into a working piece of software within eight months.
  • Led the initiative to combine a huge mix of solutions, into a single platform, post-merger.
  • Led all aspects of the product from concept to completion. Garnered interest from over 400 dealerships in its first two days.
  • Business Coaching
  • Lean Startups
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Product Strategy
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
Select Certifications
  • Fractional CTO
    2019 - PRESENT
    Drum Ambition
    • Brought on to help improve overall subscription and conversion rates.
    • Drove increased conversions through new product features and marketing improvements.
    • Provided a technical background to an already successful operation that needed an outside perspective.
    • Spearheaded a new engagement by adding channels to the marketing mix.
    • Added new product lines while expanding current ones.
    • Implemented tracking from start to finish to determine where conversions were falling off and where they could be improved.
    • Created new opportunities with remarketing, and marketing automation for additional touch points.
  • Fractional CTO
    2018 - PRESENT
    • Developed and deployed an entire software platform from idea to launch, within one year.
    • Responsible for requirements docs, wireframes, prototypes, development teams, QA teams, and everything in between.
    • Launched on time, and continue to focus on iterative improvements.
    • Utilized Scrum and Agile teams to complete development. Sprints were kept to two weeks.
    • Provided weekly updates and supported communication, prioritization and organization from start to finish.
  • CTO
    2017 - 2018
    • Merged GoFanbase and Friendemic in 2017.
    • Supported all departments, as we worked to execute the overall vision of producing a full suite of social media products for the automotive industry.
    • Scaled the product team from four to 22.
    • Implemented processes to enable cross-department communication.
    • Oversaw the teams that developed the suite of products, prototypes, customer discovery, internal development, deployment, outside teams, and security.
  • CEO
    2011 - 2017
    • Scaled company to nearly $3.5 million in revenue.
    • Expanded into the automotive industry, gaining nearly 600 clients across dealerships, auto groups, and manufacturers.
    • Built a completion solution for auto dealerships to dramatically increase their online positive reviews.
    • Leveraged both mobile applications as well as desktop online solutions.
    • Found our perfect product and market fit with companies that have multiple locations, such as auto groups.
  • CEO
    2007 - 2011
    Chief Ingredient
    • Bootstrapped company and scaled from one to 20 employees.
    • Created a profitable managed services revenue stream.
    • Developed an online contest and giveaway builder from the ground up.
    • Identified new market segments and expanded into radio and automotive markets.
    • Leveraged growth and expanded to over $2 million in revenue.
  • VP of Product
    2005 - 2007
    Juice Media
    • Scaled the product from concept to demo.
    • Created a demo solution that helped raise a seven-figure seed round.
    • Scaled teams across the organization.
    • Identified key opportunities through customer research and discovery.
    • Supported teams through important product pivots.
  • Director of Operations
    2004 - 2005
    Knowledge Marketing
    • Managed a team of 20 people.
    • Built communication across multiple departments.
    • Supported teams across multiple locations.
    • Scaled teams for sales, marketing, support, and development.
    • Supported the direct execution of the company vision.
Project History
  • DOTReady
    Took a client's vision and converted it into a working piece of software within eight months.

    DOTReady provides its users with a paperless solution to become and stay DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant.

    The solution effectively replaces four other applications, and eliminates the need for hiring a six-figure safety manager that most small fleets cannot afford.

  • Friendemic Dealer Tools
    Led the initiative to combine a huge mix of solutions, into a single platform, post-merger.

    The product mix consisted of both internal tools and external B2B solutions created by two different companies and multiple different teams. The objective was to turn them into a single platform, with shared data, UI, UX and billing.

  • Catalyst
    Led all aspects of the product from concept to completion. Garnered interest from over 400 dealerships in its first two days.

    Catalyst was a simple tool that empowered marketing and sales teams with automated customer engagement that led to increases in online positive reviews.

    This was later rolled up into the Catalyst Suite of products.

  • Blazon
    Led the project from concept to completion in less than 12 weeks. Scaled to over $20,000 MRR within 12 months of launch.

    Blazon was an extremely powerful contest and giveaway builder. Eventually rebranded as SurveyScout and made part of the Catalyst Suite.

  • Gigtide
    Online resume builder, built in Flex, that scared its competitors.

    In 2006, Gigtide was built using a framework for Adobe Flash, called Flex. This allowed us to build quickly and provide the same experience to all users. At the time, the experience was revolutionary, and I later found out that our competitors had formed teams to specifically figure out how to compete with Gigtide.

  • Newsmata
    Harvested over 2,000 news sources, grouped them by story, and highlight the differences between publications.

    Developed between 2000-2001. Newsmata was a working prototype that provided people with a way to get to the truth behind any news story. We collected data via RSS, grouped the data by story, and then highlighted the differences created by each publication.

  • Asana Certified Pro
    AUGUST 2019 - AUGUST 2020

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