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Terrance Holbrook

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Toptal Member Since
June 3, 2019

Terrance is a tenacious and curious problem solver with 25+ years in solution development, servicing many industries, including manufacturing, fintech, insurance, life sciences, and healthcare. He aspires to find the simplicity hidden within the complex. Skilled in user experience research, new product launches, process control, and automation, Terrance has overseen global deployments, launched enterprise solutions, and successfully scaled solutions into large-tier clients.

Project Highlights

Conversational AI Bot, SMS, and Live Chat
Launched a conversational AI platform tools set for the healthcare industry across multiple delivery methods, industries, and data systems.
Manufacturing Excellence in Data Collection Low-Code/No-Code
Developed and launched the industry's first truly paperless system, with a revolutionary implementation process.
Product Life-cycle Cross-platform Insights and AI
Researched, designed, and implemented a multi-platform analytics system with integrated ML into the user experience.


Work Experience

Product Owner | Manager

2022 - 2023
HUB International - Transaction Lines
  • Worked with partners and internal IT teams to launch the VIU by Hub, integrated the insurance website, and developed the launch strategy for strategic partners' white labeling of VIU.
  • Partnered with product development executives to hire, train and mentor product owners for the scale and expansion of VIU.
  • Developed sales-staged contracting for beta partnerships for private and white-label SaaS product launch.

Digital Solutions Director

2019 - 2022
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Worked with Anthem, Sydney app, and provider platforms to produce strategies aligning with blue-chips and corporate OKRs that are data-based and relevant to 80 million members.
  • Launched the Sydney AI persona and accompanying SMS, live agent chat, and live care on mobile and web applications.
  • Set up the service's new live agent chat tools and integrated them into mobile and web, with end-to-end effectiveness measures.

Principle Director of Product Management

2014 - 2020
MasterControl Research Labs
  • Launched the manufacturing data collection, a connected enterprise SaaS platform solution with a successful sales and financial model realization.
  • Developed and patented the risk-based SaaS upgrade and installation machine learning solution, leading the platform to move to a SaaS model.
  • Launched the upgraded SaaS supply chain quality solution with a connected platform approach.
  • Created the model, return on investment (ROI), and achieved investment for the new startup labs division of MasterControl.
  • Pioneered the user persona revamp and the user experience centrist development process.
  • Moved a convoluted and extensive backlog to a new simplicity, prioritized, and organized backlog flow.
  • Led and designed the new Agile development process from a Waterfall-based process.
  • Designed, led, and delivered a successful implementation of a BETA reference program.

Contractor for Systems Implementation

2015 - 2017
Pyrexar Medical
  • Developed the automated and paperless work instructions solution.
  • Updated the financial data collection system and completed the automation of international registration.
  • Reviewed, procured, and planned the implementation of the quality management system.
  • Configured and implemented an enterprise SaaS ERP system.


2014 - 2017
  • Led corporate expansion planning for data collection systems.
  • Contributed to business development for new market expansion.
  • Provided hardware acquisition, sourcing, and validation testing.
  • Modeled and implemented the process design, flow, and execution.

Senior Product Development Manager | Systems Senior Manager

2010 - 2016
Ultradent Products & Oratech Medical
  • Led automation solutions for removing data complexities and improving executive insight and reporting.
  • Sourced, implemented, and created the PLM SaaS system.
  • Led development, sourcing, and production expansion through Brazil, Japan, China, and Korean markets.
  • Directed large capital expansion and supply chain capabilities.
  • Led contract negotiations to reduce supply chain time and cost, automated through system tools and technology.

Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations

1997 - 2016
Carr Packaging Inc.
  • Developed the production automation system and information data transfer to clients.
  • Served as a member of the board of directors from 2015 to 2016.
  • Designed the architecture and implemented the CRM data collection and feedback system.
  • Led the ISO certification process. Designed and implemented MFG data systems.

Conversational AI Bot, SMS, and Live Chat

Launched a conversational AI platform tools set for the healthcare industry across multiple delivery methods, industries, and data systems.

Led the collaborative development and release of a conversational AI chatbot on a healthcare mobile app, followed by concurrent releases to the secure web portal, SMS, and provider/broker market. The solution utilizes personalized data feeds, contextual recognition and intelligently transfers seamlessly to a live chat agent. The platform release included the services internal chat base tools, two different NLU’s, upgrading APIs across many data sources, SMS services and tools, and secure authentication methods.

The conversational AI platform is now a key player in cost reduction, user satisfaction, and a series of feedback methods for improving users' ability to self-serve for data and insight needs.

Manufacturing Excellence in Data Collection Low-Code/No-Code

Developed and launched the industry's first truly paperless system, with a revolutionary implementation process.

Developed the vision, architecture, implementation, scale-up, and planning for a truly paperless data collection system for production and manufacturing environments. The solution balanced quality systems and manufacturing systems while harmoniously collecting data from equipment, systems, and human elements. The new Mx solution drove information into a fully connected enterprise experience where data that has rarely been acted upon is now a robust and integral part of the enterprise environment. This new data merger between systems collectively provides a new environment of reporting, management, and control of product quality and customer satisfaction. The solution was the first to put the power of implementation into the client's hands through a patent-pending template builder and data collection builder while utilizing a patented installation and upgraded risk-based machine learning tool.

The data collection system also included a user-defined API system configurable to iPaaS systems or directed to other enterprise systems such as ERP, MRP, CRM, SCM, equipment systems, etc.

Electronic Data Collection Production Pilot Low-Code

Developed an electronic data collection system for client order management, scheduling, production process, and more.

Designed, developed, and implemented an in-house solution for a large international corporation to solve a communication and production information void by defining user needs, service expectations, and information-gathering requirements to meet international regulations.

Implemented into a single division as a pilot test, successfully reduced information errors and cost and enabled analytics into the process, allowing for continual improvement projects to improve results and focus on the highest priority successfully.

Product Life-cycle Cross-platform Insights and AI

Researched, designed, and implemented a multi-platform analytics system with integrated ML into the user experience.

Developed the researched strategy and user experience testing methods for the new cross-platform machine learning system. The system utilized correlations across the seven solutions and API integrations to other systems to identify and create analytics to drive executive and leadership daily decisions. The insights also provided a unique user experience based on the needs of the information and placement of processes within the organization. This provided a unique dashboard and daily interactions for users to help improve business process management and quality throughout the organization.

The insights planning utilized in-depth studies of users' daily information use, consumption, and disbursement to pinpoint the optimum points to interject process information and analytics to drive a lower rate of errors, non-conformances, and schedule interruptions.

Waterfall to Agile Conversion

Developed a set of teams funded by the parent company to find new ways to develop, grow, and improve the organization.

With a goal to drive innovation, new processes, and faster delivery, I was assigned as the general manager and senior product manager over a new startup division. I led the new division and set out to build a new connected data information system and help define the new processes and development procedures for MasterControl's legacy labs division. A new Lean-Agile process was implemented with immediate and direct client involvement in the build process. This led to a continual loop of client feedback and delivery, promoting a steadily increasing velocity, a less than .001% defect rate, and high team morale.

A successful beta program and reference program led to adoption of the processes into a formal proposal. The Labs divisions successfully moved from a Waterfall environment with low client feedback to a high-velocity value-driven development process.

Live Chat with a Doctor

Partnered and launched a healthcare-based live chat with a physician digital platform, an MVP for a new lower-cost marketplace for digital healthcare integrated into health plans.

Developed and integrated the live chat marketplace for primary care physicians across digital integration, payments, billing, claims, legal, and compliance. Integration included an AI symptom checker tool used to narrow down to preserve the time with the physician and enhance user experience, storing member profiles, payment methods, and history, and integrating with SMS and device-level notifications.

Quality Management System Implementation

As a contract developed a quality management system for the regulated nutraceutical company Nutrix USA.

As a startup company, Nutrix USA contracted me to design and implement a low-cost quality management system to satisfy both the ISO 13485 and FDA regulations. During the implementation, a successful document management system, training system, auditing, and quality events management system were implemented.

Later, I was again contacted to assist in the upgrade to a larger and more robust system which would now include a paperless manufacturing data collection system. I helped source, design, and implement the new solution sets successfully reducing errors, production and batch release time, and enabled analytics insights into their processes.

Class III Medical Information Systems and Manufacturing Process

Led the development of the start-up division for a contract manufacturer in the Medical Device Class III environment.

Worked with the FDA, international suppliers, and manufacturing experts to develop a lean manufacturing and information handling system, to enter into the medical device implantable market for Pedicle Parts manufacturing. Sourced materials, equipment and personnel while developing an electronic data management system for adherence to the FDA CFR’s and international standards.

Drafted contractual agreements for all suppliers, third-party processing, and client quality and services agreements.

Successfully launched the initial product line on-time, under budget, and up to the client’s expectations and specifications.

Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation

Sourced and implemented an upgrade to a legacy CRM system into a cloud-based retail solution.

Worked with a 125-year-old company to upgrade a legacy CRM into an on-line order-based system. Developed pricing and discount model for frequent shoppers which increased loyalty and re-order by over 500%.

Crafted an automated pricing method based on market inputs, client patterns, internal direct costs, and suppliers’ contracts.

Enterprise PLM launch and Expansion

Launched Agile PLM, QMS, and Forecasting system integrated into the enterprise ERP.

Led the procurement, partnership, and implementation of Agile PLM for an international ERP’s sister system. Collected supply chain, inventory, procurement, pricing, forecasting, development, scheduling, production, billing, and reporting requirements. Defined the MVP, and led the launch, scale-up, and expansion to Brazil, China, Germany, and Japan facilities.

AI/ML Robotics Warehouse

Led the development, launch, and scale-up of a fully autonomous warehouse distribution facility for a multi-billion dollar international eCommerce company.

A major international supplements manufacturer, distributor, and white label company converted a prototype warehouse robotics system into a new, fully autonomous, large-scale facility.

Self-developed robots, firmware, software, and intelligent belt systems.
2011 - 2013

Master of Business Administration Degree in International Business

Westminster - Salt Lake City, UT

2008 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in International Business

Purdue University Global - Florida


EQ Trainer

Talent Smart


SAFe Agile Trainer



Lean Six Sigma Black Belt



Oracle ERP, Balsamiq Mockups, Jira


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Infor, Adobe Suite


Agile, Agile Product Management, Agile Workflow, Scrum, Total Quality Management (TQM), Agile Project Management, Six Sigma, Design Thinking

Industry Expertise

Industrial & Manufacturing, Dental Care, Nutraceuticals, Marketplaces, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products


Quality Management, Quality Management Systems (QMS), Continuous Integration (CI), Product Vision, Medical Devices, ISO 13485, ISO 9001-2015, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Medtech, Product Ownership, Product Owner, Product Management, Business Analysis, Requirements, Product Strategy, Product Roadmaps, Go-to-market Plans, User Research, Business Models, Product Design, Product Marketing, Product Frameworks, Innovation, Product Discovery, Product Delivery, Technical Product Management, Product Development, Artificial Intelligence Product Manager, Healthcare Product Manager, Product Development Manager, Prototyping, Partner Management, Process Improvement, Process Mapping, Consulting, Product Launch, Growth Strategy, FDA & EPA Regulations, Lean Manufacturing, Portfolio Management, eCommerce, Personalization, Go-to-market Strategy, Healthcare Software, ISO 14971, Team Leadership, Cross-functional Collaboration, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Process Flows, PMI, Lean Development, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), SAP, Injection Molding, Microsoft, iOS, Windows, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Agile Transformation, Scrum Master, Production Management, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Web UX, App UX, NLU, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Teamwork, B2B Partnerships, Forecasting, CRM Design, Strategy, IT Strategy, Data Strategy, Business, Robotics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Healthcare Services, Analytical Thinking, SaaS Design, CX Strategy, Strategic Partnerships, Beta Programs, Modeling, Chatbot Conversation Design, Chatbots, Live Chat, Big Data, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT)

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