Aakash Kumar Das, Back-end Developer in Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Aakash Kumar Das

Back-end Developer in Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Member since August 15, 2017
Aakash is a seasoned software engineer currently specializing in back-end development with Python. He has eight years of experience architecting and developing products for startups and established companies across the globe. These include eCommerce, real estate, foodtech, energy efficiency, and healthcare solutions. Aakash has a deep passion and enthusiasm for software development and enabling businesses to succeed and grow through technology.
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  • ServiceNow
    Algorithms, JavaScript, ServiceNow, Java, Python, Software Engineering
  • Loyalty Juggernaut
    Python, Django, AWS, React, Docker, PostgreSQL, REST, Serverless, Redshift...
  • ReportGarden Inc
    Django, Python, React, AWS, Docker, PostgREST, Redshift, Data Engineering...



Hyderabad, Telangana, India



Preferred Environment

Linux, MacOS, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The most amazing...

...experience was single-handedly developing a marketplace platform from scratch, using Django and React on AWS, that raised pre-seed funding of $100,000.


  • Senior Software Engineer

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Architected new service portal features and collaborated with product managers and designers to develop them.
    • Played a key role in the development and release of a new integration with Facebook.
    • Shipped full-stack features related to the universal request that serves as the single source of contact for employees/requesters.
    • Reduced the code for notification by 40% by refactoring the existing notification logic and eliminating redundant records.
    • Early-adopted Seismic, an internal JavaScript framework for ServiceNow.
    Technologies: Algorithms, JavaScript, ServiceNow, Java, Python, Software Engineering
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2018 - 2019
    Loyalty Juggernaut
    • Architected and implemented the OTP delivery and verification service for accrual of membership points using AWS Lambda.
    • Set up and managed GitFlow processes and managed sprint releases for the. back-end team.
    • Debugged and resolved a critical failure during a production deployment and. prevented a significant loss in revenue.
    • Reduced the load time of the analytics dashboard by ten seconds by optimizing SQL queries.
    • Implemented a QR code generation module for vendors using Python.
    Technologies: Python, Django, AWS, React, Docker, PostgreSQL, REST, Serverless, Redshift, Django REST Framework, AWS Lambda, OTP, GitFlow, Sprints, Software Engineering
  • Software Engineer

    2016 - 2018
    ReportGarden Inc
    • Architected and implemented an internal tool, using Django and AWS, to make the organization GDPR-compliant.
    • Set up data pipelines and ETL workflows from scratch using Python and Redshift. These provided metrics on consumer behavior that led to improved sales. I did this as a member of the data engineering team.
    • Migrated a newly acquired product from Express.js to Rails and React and then improved the API performance by 10x by optimizing slow queries.
    Technologies: Django, Python, React, AWS, Docker, PostgREST, Redshift, Data Engineering, REST, Data Pipelines, ETL, GDPR, Software Engineering
  • Software Engineer

    2015 - 2017
    Josh Technology Group
    • Designed and implemented a subscription model for the application using Stripe.
    • Implemented a custom authentication system for interservice communication.
    • Designed UI components for a healthcare app using AngularJS.
    Technologies: Django, Python, Django REST Framework, AngularJS, Stripe, Authentication, Software Engineering
  • Web Developer

    2013 - 2016
    • Maintained a loyal client base via an online freelance platform while completing my bachelor's degree.
    • Received 85+ 5-star reviews from my clients on the platform.
    • Delivered projects in fintech, foodtech, and edtech domains.
    Technologies: Algorithms, Python, Django, Linux, Web Development, PostgreSQL, REST, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Software Engineering


  • HS Sales GmbH

    HS Sales GmbH (alias Toredo Trading), based in Munich, is an eCommerce company specializing in consumer electronics products, such as smartphones, tablets, and smart home products. The HS web application is an inventory management platform that enables admins to list and sell products on multiple platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten. It also enables integrations with various marketplaces to generate sales and inventory analytics.

  • The Good Trends

    The Good Trends is a marketplace that connects buyers to sellers and local store owners that sell healthy food. The purpose is to increase access and affordability to healthier, more local food products for US consumers by reinventing food wholesale and making it more transparent and streamlined.

  • E Crawl

    E Crawl was a distributed system-based crawling engine that was used to crawl 40,000+ products in under 20 minutes on a recurring basis. The engine had a built-in retry mechanism and sent notifications for products with low inventory.

  • Homesy

    Homesy is a German real estate marketplace platform that allows users to list properties for sale or rent to multiple marketplaces by registering the property details on the Homesy platform. The platform takes care of pushing the property details to multiple real estate platforms and streamlines the queries received on multiple real estate platforms to Homesy’s mailbox.

  • Inibii

    Inibii Technology is changing the way building owners and facility managers visualize, monitor, and manage their energy usage. Customers can use Inibii’s easy-to-use energy management platform to take control of their consumption data and, ultimately, impact the planet. Inibii’s cloud-based energy management platform is a no-cost, comprehensive tool that combines electricity, water, and gas data. After an initial setup, building owners can see their energy consumption, reduce operating expenses, monitor trends, and achieve sustainability goals.


  • Languages

    Python, JavaScript, JavaScript 6, HTML, Java, CSS
  • Frameworks

    Django, Django REST Framework, AngularJS, Redux
  • Paradigms

    REST, Agile, Compiler Design, DevOps, ETL
  • Platforms

    Docker, Linux, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS Lambda, OTP
  • Storage

    Databases, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Database Structure, Redis, Data Pipelines
  • Other

    Web Development, Software Engineering, AWS, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Computer Networking, Serverless, Data Engineering, Data Structures, ServiceNow, GitFlow, Sprints, GDPR, Authentication
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, PostgREST, Stripe
  • Tools

    Celery, Docker Compose


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
    2012 - 2016
    Kiit University - Bhubaneswar, India


  • React: Testing and Debugging
    JULY 2020 - PRESENT
    LinkedIn Learning
  • Docker Essential Training: Storage and Volumes
  • Docker Essential Training: Networking
  • AMCAT Certified Software Engineer - Product
    JULY 2015 - PRESENT
    Aspiring Minds

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