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Akselevich Aleksey

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Herzliya, Israel
Toptal Member Since
August 17, 2021

Akselevich is an expert in software development and passionate about working with server back ends, React front ends, and mobile client sides. Akselevich is more than competent in many areas, but his real specialty lies in leading teams in the planning and execution of projects with an eye for scalability, often involving software and server architecture, database schema design, product design methodology, CD, load-balanced solutions, mobile/web app development.


Christopher Smith
Node.js, Game Development, NoSQL, Multiplayer, WebSockets, MongoDB, Creativity...
Travel, C#, .NET Core, Monoliths, Hospitality, Software QA, Team Leadership...
Trilo Group LTD
Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS AppSync, Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript...




Preferred Environment

WebStorm, Slack, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, React, React Native, Back-end, APIs, Swagger

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed was the Mytopia gaming service that served hundreds of thousands of daily active players participating in various casual games.

Work Experience

Back-end Game Architect

2023 - 2023
Christopher Smith
  • Developed a game architecture and major APIs and created the back end, all from scratch.
  • Added a database layer with PostgreSQL and Azure. Added a testing web app client to test the game engine progress.
  • Added game components such as locations, in-game items, and NPC behavior.
  • Contributed to the execution of the project on Node.js, Azure, PostgreSQL, and WebSockets.
Technologies: Node.js, Game Development, NoSQL, Multiplayer, WebSockets, MongoDB, Creativity, Real-time Systems

Engineering Manager

2021 - 2023
  • Managed two teams that developed extranet applications of Agoda. I was tasked with code reviews and hiring, serving as a scrum and tech lead.
  • Led the process of breaking the monolith of a 12-year-old legacy app and made it a modern, microservices-based one.
  • Helped the teams deal with ambitious expectations and transformed the most annoying and boring team that supported legacy projects into the most popular Agoda team that everyone wanted to serve in, using the most cutting-edge technologies on a big scale.
Technologies: Travel, C#, .NET Core, Monoliths, Hospitality, Software QA, Team Leadership, React Navigation, React Router, Creativity, Apache Kafka, System Design

Back-end Developer

2021 - 2021
Trilo Group LTD
  • Built back-end components of the finance app and used Node.js, TypeScript, lambda functions, and Next.js for the front end.
  • Helped with the MVP for the mobile version of the app.
  • Worked directly with the CTO and helped make AWS ACT work properly for team-based development of serverless functions and lambda functions.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS AppSync, Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, Data Lakes, APIs, MacOS, Twilio, AWS Amplify, Gatsby, Creativity

VP of Engineering

2014 - 2021
  • Worked for Exploros, a company that empowers the teaching of various subjects in many schools in the US, serving teachers and students. Helped students learn in a modern, interactive, and measurable way.
  • Led the company's R&D organization, implementing mission-critical components.
  • Managed a distributed remote team using Agile methods and made major back-end contributions while helping with front-end development on demand.
  • Joined the Exploros solution with Vonave Video API to allow video conferences within the lesson, which enabled Exploros to provide remote education functionality.
  • Integrated the Exploros application with the Canvas LMS using the Canvas API.
  • Did hands-on work with Node.js, Angular, AWS SDK, and the Serverless Framework.
Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, MySQL, Amazon API, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Sign-in, Canvas LMS, Redis, ETL, Full-stack, CTO, Solution Architecture, TypeScript, Docker, User Experience (UX), SQL, Microservices, GraphQL, CSS, HTML, Next.js, Amazon DynamoDB, Web Development, Full-stack Development, Marketplaces, Refactoring, REST APIs, Software Architecture, Business to Government (B2G), Software Design, Cross-platform, Startups, Express.js, Redux, AI Programming, API Integration, OpenAI GPT-4 API, RDBMS, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Back-end Development, Web Scraping, Data Lakes, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Video Players, SEO Tools, UI Components, Design Systems, Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, Jira, Chatbots, OpenAI, Google Ads API, Bootstrap, Vue, Front-end, WebSockets, Integration, ChatGPT, Data Encryption, REST, HTML5, Expo, App Store, Expo.io, Google Play Store, AngularJS, Reports, Vonage Video API, TokBox, OpenTok, Code Deployment, WinRT, AWS SDK, Linux, Kubernetes, Cloud, Data Science, Git, Test Automation, DevOps, GitHub, Leadership, Trading Systems, Flutter, Mobile Apps, Mapbox API, Finance, Technical Leadership, Fintech, JSON, Deployment, Single Sign-on (SSO), Large Language Models (LLMs), Cloud Infrastructure, Front-end Development, AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Amazon Aurora, Amazon EC2, Game Design, Monorepos, Tailwind CSS, BigQuery, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Xcode, Swift 4, Strapi, Software QA, Team Leadership, Project Management, React Router, Google Pay, Camera API, Chrome Extensions, Data Scraping, Creativity, Generative AI, Real-time Systems, Critical Thinking, System Design

Alumni CRM Developer

2017 - 2020
Technion alumni association
  • Worked directly with a non-tech client and built a CRM system to help the alum association collect new members and payments and make public events.
  • Contributed to the integration of the alum system with a payment gateway and helped telemarketers.
  • Empowered the alum system of one of the biggest universities in Israel.
Technologies: JavaScript, Web, PHP, Databases, Distributed Systems, Project Management

CTO | Lead Engineer

2011 - 2013
  • Rearchitected and converted a legacy C# and Microsoft SQL infrastructure to a scalable solution capable of supporting the required load.
  • Moved, for the above-mentioned project, mission-critical components from SQL to MongoDB and led the implementation of the Appoxee Android SDK.
  • Ensured that Appoxee provided the desired quality of service to existent customers while going forward with new features and capabilities implementation.
  • Applied my design and implemented the service properly which resulted in enabling the Apooxee server to handle billions of push notifications per day in a scalable and manageable way.
Technologies: PHP, Apache, Scalability, Architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), MongoDB, Full-stack, CTO, Solution Architecture, SDKs, SDK Development, User Experience (UX), Python, SQL, PostgreSQL, CSS, HTML, MERN Stack, Web Development, Full-stack Development, Mobile, Kotlin, Swift, Google Maps, Refactoring, REST APIs, Software Architecture, Product Management, Software Design, Cross-platform, Mobile Development, Startups, Android Studio, API Integration, RDBMS, Back-end Development, FFmpeg, Mobile Web, Firebase, SEO Tools, Design Systems, Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Jira, Google Ads API, Front-end, Integration, Bluetooth, Data Encryption, REST, HTML5, App Store, Expo.io, Google Play Store, iOS SDK, MEAN Stack, Heroku, Reports, Code Deployment, AWS SDK, Network Drives, WinAPI, Linux, Angular, Azure, Azure Table Storage, Cloud, Data Science, C#, Git, GIS, DevOps, Design, GitHub, Leadership, Mobile Apps, Technical Leadership, JSON, Deployment, Cloud Infrastructure, Front-end Development, AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Stripe API, Amazon EC2, Monorepos, BigQuery, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Engineering, Xcode, PayPal, Distributed Systems, Concurrent Programming, Software QA, Team Leadership, Project Management, React Navigation, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Real-time Systems, Apache Kafka, System Design

Director of Server Technology | VP of Engineering

2005 - 2011
  • Led the company server team which implemented key software modules and architected and designed the server-side gaming back-end.
  • Oversaw a team in the development of a Texas hold 'em poker server-side game engine and the build of the admin dashboard for Tournaments for Poker.
  • Architected the company's back-end software such as Java game servers and web front-end.
  • Led the company's IT team which was responsible for the entire infrastructure which hosted hundreds of thousands of daily active players (all enjoying our games).
  • Guided the teams involved with back-end scaling, database scalability, and hardware resource optimization.
  • Managed directly a team of server-side developers and an IT team and was responsible for ensuring that all Mytopia games were 100% up-time and available.
Technologies: Java, Java EE, WebApp, MySQL, Full-stack, CTO, Solution Architecture, User Experience (UX), SQL, CSS, HTML, Eclipse SWT, Java 11, JavaFX, Sockets, Web Development, Payment APIs, REST APIs, Software Architecture, Product Management, Software Design, Cross-platform, Mobile Development, Startups, API Integration, RDBMS, Data Warehousing, Back-end Development, SEO Tools, Design Systems, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Jira, Game Development, Multiplayer, Integration, Data Encryption, REST, HTML5, App Store, Reports, Code Deployment, AWS SDK, WinDbg, Linux, Hibernate, Spring, Cloud, Data Science, Git, Games, Test Automation, DevOps, Design, GitHub, Leadership, Mobile Apps, Technical Leadership, JSON, Deployment, Cloud Infrastructure, Front-end Development, Poker, Amazon EC2, Game Design, Game Production, MMORPGs, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Engineering, PayPal, Distributed Systems, Concurrent Programming, Team Leadership, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Data Scraping, Real-time Systems, Apache Kafka, System Design

Senior Software Engineer

1994 - 2002
  • Developed modules in code CAD/CAM system which included bug fixes and legacy system support.
  • Helped the Asian team to onboard after the acquisition by guiding them through the internal coding styles and techniques.
  • Ensured the high performance of a remote team of Indian developers from the Singapore office which included performing as a team lead for 12 programmers.
Technologies: C++, C, CAD, 3D CAD, Software Design, Linux, Technical Leadership, Image Processing, Distributed Systems, Concurrent Programming, Mathematics, Team Leadership

Samizdat Book Reader for iOS

A free reader for the Samlib.ru book library; basically a Russian free book collection native iOS reader application.

All books are free to read!

• Author profiles are displayed conveniently
• Ability to adjust the reading screen
• Bookmark favorite authors and books

MS Windows Miner App for Monero

I created a native Windows desktop application for mining the cryptocurrency Monero. This work included porting open-source code, creating and a UI according to customer requirements.

The app supported authentication, analytics collection, and different levels of complexity.

React Native TikTok Clone

A React Native-based clone of TikTok for a stealth mode startup, including the back end on Node.js, with videos hosted on AWS S3, and the server hosted in AWS EC2. The project also included customization for Android and iOS clients.

Finance Platform Using Open Banking API

A Node.js and TypeScript application. I helped with the back-end functionality of the finance project using the Serverless Framework, lambda functions, AWS SDK, and GraphQL. I also did some tasks with UI, mobile UI, and Next.js. I took responsibility for monorepo development and the open banking API.

Multiplayer Back-end Game Architect/Developer

A multiplayer adventure game MVP that I built from scratch. I added main game mechanics implementation, APIs, real-time communication, game components design, and database layer design. I used Node.js, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, and Azure.
1988 - 1994

Master's Degree in Computer Science

"LETI" (ETU) | Electrotechnical University - Saint Petersburg, Russia


Node.js, React, Amazon API, Eclipse SWT, Sockets, REST APIs, Passport.js, WinAPI, Google Maps, Google Ads API, Mapbox API, Web3.js, AWS Amplify, React Navigation, React Router, Camera API, FFmpeg, Vue, Stripe API


Auth0, Apache, AWS SDK, TokBox, Jira, GitHub, AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Xcode, WebStorm, Slack, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Canvas LMS, WinDbg, Android Studio, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Bitbucket, ChatGPT, Expo.io, Git, GIS, BigQuery, CAD, Expo, AWS AppSync


React Native, Swagger, WebApp, Express.js, Android SDK, Spring, Angular, AngularJS, Hibernate, Next.js, Redux, Bootstrap, iOS SDK, Flutter, Unreal Engine, Tailwind CSS, .NET Core


C, JavaScript, HTML, TypeScript, SQL, C++, Java, Objective-C, HTML5, CSS, GraphQL, Python, Java 11, Swift, Swift 4, PHP, Kotlin, C#


Microservices, Refactoring, Cross-platform, Mobile Development, REST, MEAN Stack, Concurrent Programming, Real-time Systems, ETL, Data Science, Test Automation, DevOps, Business Intelligence (BI)


iOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenTok, Mobile, Amazon EC2, Android, Java EE, Blockchain, Linux, Docker, JavaFX, Firebase, AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Twilio, Apache Kafka, Ethereum, WinRT, Heroku, Kubernetes, Azure, MacOS, Web


MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, RDBMS, JSON, Amazon Aurora, Databases, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Data Lakes, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon DynamoDB, Azure Table Storage

Industry Expertise

Trading Systems, Project Management


Back-end, APIs, Software, Programming, Architecture, Applications, Scalability, Code Deployment, API Integration, Vonage Video API, Full-stack, Solution Architecture, SDK Development, Web Development, Full-stack Development, Payment APIs, Software Architecture, Software Design, Startups, Back-end Development, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Mobile Web, Amazon RDS, Game Development, Multiplayer, WebSockets, Integration, Reports, Cloud, Games, Leadership, Mobile Apps, Technical Leadership, Deployment, Single Sign-on (SSO), Cloud Infrastructure, Front-end Development, Poker, Game Design, Game Production, MMORPGs, Monorepos, Distributed Systems, Team Leadership, Data Scraping, Creativity, Critical Thinking, System Design, Google Sign-in, Crypto, CTO, SDKs, User Experience (UX), MERN Stack, Marketplaces, Geospatial Data, Product Management, Business to Government (B2G), OpenAI GPT-4 API, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Warehousing, Video Players, SEO Tools, UI Components, Design Systems, Chatbots, OpenAI, Front-end, Data Encryption, App Store, Google Play Store, Finance, Fintech, Image Processing, Large Language Models (LLMs), Data Engineering, Machine Learning, PayPal, Mathematics, Software QA, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Chrome Extensions, Generative AI, Mining, MSVS, Porting, Monero, Network Drives, 3D CAD, Cryptocurrency Wallets, AI Programming, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), Web Scraping, Hospitality, Bluetooth, Design, Travel, Monoliths, Strapi, Gatsby

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