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Aleksandar Simic, Software Developer in Niš, Serbia
Aleksandar Simic

Software Developer in Niš, Serbia

Member since June 16, 2015
Aleksandar has over seven years of experience developing Android applications and complex algorithmic systems. He has worked in various teams, while he's most proud of being part of Microsoft, Nike and Circle Medical startup funded on TechCrunch. He believes that the software and code he’s creating tells a story about him, that each project represents a part of his life; he puts his best into making that story as eloquent as possible.
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  • Android, 6 years
  • Dagger 2, 3 years
  • Retrofit 2, 3 years
  • Model View Presenter (MVP), 3 years
  • Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), 2 years
  • RxJava, 2 years
  • Test-driven Development (TDD), 2 years
  • iOS, 1 year
Niš, Serbia



Preferred Environment

Android Studio, Java, Git

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a distributed system for PDF/DOC conversion which runs over dozen different test types in parallel with the server in full control.


  • CEO, Android Team Lead

    2014 - 2016
    Singularity Software
    • Developed very complex systems for custom UI generation based on instructions from server for SeeForge application.
    • Developed one of the biggest apps in the fitness world, MyDietCoach.
    • Utilized material design, improving skills with new elements such as RecyclerViews, v7 app compact library, etc.
    • Improved communication skills in various business areas such as business development, estimations, team leading, and organizational skills.
    • Developed various custom components, very complex communication, and synchronization for Epicuri PoS system.
    • Utilized sensors on Android, such as NFC scanners.
    Technologies: Java, PhoneGap, Android
  • Android Developer

    2014 - 2014
    • Improved architecture design approaches.
    • Utilized and developed reusable codes for asynchronous tasks and threads.
    • Developed tools for faster development, such as an image resizer for Android's graphic rules and a dimensions resizer.
    • Utilized PhoneGap and various APIs such as, JustGivin API, SOAP web services, and UI tests.
    Technologies: Java, PhoneGap, Android
  • Android Developer

    2014 - 2014
    Scopic Software
    • Created reusable custom controls for the Android system.
    • Learned NDK integration in Java and took made an Android application in it.
    • Improved architecture skills through MVC and MVP approaches during the various application development cycles.
    • Created template methods for various purposes, from bitmap loading, bitmaps scaling, assigning custom fonts, and other boilerplate parts of code.
    • Utilized many Google Play and other libraries, such as location clients, Google Payment, Google Analytics, support libraries, Picasso, Retrofit, Volley, GreenDao, Espresso, etc.
    Technologies: Java, PhoneGap, Android, C++
  • Software Developer Engineer in Testing

    2013 - 2014
    Microsoft Development Center Serbia
    • Developed the main distributed test system for a PDF to DOC conversion Word plugin.
    • Wrote test tools for different software applications in the Word team.
    • Tested the PDF rendering engines and measured their performance.
    • Defined and implemented automated test tools for full control of tested software and test scenario executions for it.
    • Learned fundamental and advanced test techniques.
    • Learned and experienced a top-notch Agile software development paradigm through this period.
    Technologies: C#, C++
  • Android and Web Developer

    2011 - 2013
    • Learned the basics of Android development and paradigms of its development.
    • Implemented various beginner-level applications in JAVA for Android, utilizing various Android system methods from validations, animations up to widgets, and asynchronous tasks to threads and services.
    • Implemented various websites, pages, and systems in different technologies.
    Technologies: Java, Android, Eclipse, PHP, HTML, CSS, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery


  • Circle Medical (Development)

    Circle Medical is a doctor-on-demand startup based in San Francisco, USA. Circle Medical's goal is to provide a service that can used as a regular part of your life, not just in emergencies or last-minute situations.

    Featured on Medium, Forbes, Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, and Y Combinator.

    Worked for more than two years as Android Lead developer with full responsibility of developing and testing the product. Being part of product development process, I worked on feature design, use cases, and user experience.

    Note: Application is not accessible in countries outside the USA

  • Nike Tech Book (Development)

    Application developed for Nike, showcasing new upcoming seasonal clothes and sneakerboots. Featured in Mashable and in "Top Developers" section on Google Play.

    Included heavy development of custom controls, animations, user interaction, big file system handling, and optimization.

    Note: Product is not accessible nor visible in all countries

  • PDF to DOCX test system (Development)

    Distributed system for PDF to DOC conversion which runs multiple different test tools on worker machines on different threads.

    The entire system supports saving and restoring state; detection of number of workers online; priorities of different tests; automatic generation and emailing of test results, asserts, and performance to the developer who requested the test; and optimizing bucket size based on workers' CPU speed, number of available cores, overload, etc. Tests were doing comparison, stability, rendering checks, and more.

  • Plickers (Development)

    Plicers is a system for assessing tests provided to the students. Its main key lies within communicating between mobile clients, website, and projectors during tests and its synchronization so that the entire assessment can go smoothly.

    Lead Android developer for a year now, currently implementing additional features and completely new UI and UX design. Full code refactoring and assuring stability.

    Note: Project is still under development and new updated version is not live yet.

  • My Diet Coach (Development)

    Continuous development of new features and bug fixes. Implementation of avatar customization, material design, and refactoring

  • Epicuri (Development)

    Part of development team of "Epicuri" waiter and client applications. Full PoS system for restaurants, which utilizes .NET back-end API. It allows restaurant owners and waiters to do full management, payment, printing, ordering, managing reservations, takeaways, generating and emailing bills and cashups, and status updates through the app. The client on the other side is able to search for nearby places, and make reservations, orders, takeaway orders, rate restaurants, etc.

  • FitzApp (Development)

    FitzApp is a fitness application that allows users to buy certain workout fitness programs that they should complete in the following 90 days. All workouts consist out of exercises that should be done on given and defined dates. Besides that user's have their own log so they can see detailed insights in this process.

    Worked as Android development team lead of five persons, communicated feature development with project managers, planned sprints and phases of development and bug fix iterations, and designed architecture for modules of the app.

  • SeeForge (Development)

    An Android application used for enterprise companies which have a big need for report generation. Each report is downloaded as JSON, parsed, and dynamically created for the user, who is able to fill them, create and assign tasks, and manage reports and activities with continuous syncing.

  • Winggit (Development)

    An easy way for users to share opinions about anything and everything. It’s really simple! Its a social network where users asks questions, provide responses, and let the people vote and have their say.

  • Million Beats (Development)

    An iOS and Android application in PhoneGap which utilizes JustGivin API for charity donations and Parse for registrations. It allows users to register and start collecting money for their disease-awareness causes where people are able to fund for the project using JustGivin API.

  • FunHouse (Development)

    Part of the development team for "FunHouse" iOS and Android app implemented in C++ which allows user to apply various filters and effects on their photos and share them on social networks.

  • Royal Children's Hospital (Development)

    Android application for Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne which allows users to make a list of patients using a barcode scanner. It allows them to have an overview of future appointments, check in for an appointment, and make reminders and notes with SOAP API.

  • HDSereneScapes (Development)

    An Android application which utilizes Amazon Web Services as its back-end API. It's an alarm application which streams M3U8 videos as the alarm and various HD pictures as the screensaver. Implemented payment through Google Play and sync services with AWS.

  • Heart Rate Monitor (Development)

    An Android application which uses complex algorithms for detecting and approximating heart beats. Implementation of heart beat graphs and detailed statistics.

  • Gorilla Weight Lifting (Development)

    Developed Gorilla Weight Lifting, an Android fitness application which supports multiple fitness plans, payment systems, custom controls, different visual styles, and effects for tablets and mobile phones.

  • NFC Scanner (Development)

    Implementation of an application which is used for conference recording of attendees. It utilizes for storing attendees and conference timelines.

  • ThoughtFI (Development)

    An Android application which is essentially a social network with Parse back-end API. Users are able to post photos of places with location tags, comment, and preview nearby places on the map.

  • Everyday Wallpaper (Development)

    An Android application which utilized different wallpapers for each day in a year. Implemented syncs with REST API, downloading of files, live wallpapers, and payment.

  • Elder Pilot (Development)

    An Android application which represents quick checklist and compare for medical care houses for old people. It aims for the average user in order to optimize various user criteria and being able to choose the best one for them.

  • Notifly (Development)

    An Android widget application in which the user can connect their Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts. The user gets visually notified on their home screen widget for each new notification, message, or mail on social networks, on SMS, and missed calls. Utilized Facebook Graph API, Twitter API and Gmail content providers.

  • Personal Movie Prioritizer (Development)

    A cross-platform application in PhoneGap which utilizes API to store lists of users and movies. Each user is able to create multiple lists for watched movies, movies to watch, and movies to skip. They are also able to do complex sorting based on formulas where parameters are the ones which are most relevant to them.

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame (Development)

    Developed new features for this Android application utilizing Google Analytics, Google Maps, cluster pin rendering based on zoom level, and number of stars present on a defined area.

  • BookingApp (Development)

    A cross-platform application in PhoneGap which allows business owners and regular users to register. It utilizes as back-end for the API. Business users are able to add lists of services that they provide, their full staff and positions, promotions, accepting online reservations, assigning/reassigning slots, CRUD all bookings, clients, staff, and promotions. Clients on the other side are capable of making bookings and searching businesses near them. Full chat implementation.

  • Learn to Develop (Development)

    A desktop C# application for generating C code based on a user algorithm drawing or vice versa from C code to visual algorithm, as well as UML diagrams to C++ classes. Aims at students who are starting with programming and learning its basics.

  • Alphabet (Development)

    An Android word maze game in which users are required to link the letters in their orders on a board. The entire app consists out of ten different matrix sizes (from 5x5 up to 15x15). Generation of the entire table was done by implementing the Dancing Links algorithm.

  • Letrz (Development)

    A simple Android word trivia game where the user has a few levels for each game. Once the user starts a game, he "spins" for the letter and then has exactly 1000 seconds to guess 5 words starting with that letter where each word belongs to one of specific categories. All words and levels are saved on a RESTful API where the entire communication is done in the background.

  • ECM (Development)

    An implementation of the website in HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript.

  • PayPal Order and Payment System (Development)

    A PayPal cart system implemented for ordering and paying for sweets from iLoveSweet in PHP and JavaScript.

  • CountourMap (Development)

    Part of the development team for this desktop application in C# which renders complex graphs based on JSON input files with parameters and user settings inside the app.


  • Languages

    Java, Kotlin, Swift
  • Frameworks

    Dagger 2, PhoneGap
  • Libraries/APIs

    Android Support Library, Retrofit 2, Butterknife, Picasso, Retrofit, RxJava, RxJava 2, Volley Android Library
  • Tools

    Android Studio, Eclipse IDE, Xcode, Sketch
  • Paradigms

    Manual Testing, Model View Presenter (MVP), Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Unit Testing, Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Model View Controller (MVC), Concurrent Programming
  • Platforms

    Android, Parse, Firebase, iOS
  • Other

    UI Testing, Retrolambda, Regression Testing
  • Storage

    SQLite, MySQL


  • Master of Science degree in Software engineering
    2007 - 2014
    Faculty of Electronic Engineering - Nis
  • Erasmus Mundus student exchange as part of my degree in Computer science and management
    2011 - 2012
    Wroclaw University of Technology - Wroclaw
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